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This Web resource contains an archive of the results of historical research into the applications of new technology in a variety of unusual areas. Science and Technology can, and does, play a large part in the development of society! We need to find more quantitative ways to understand the long term impact of technology, not only its use but the effect on those who contribute to its development.

The following are independent, but related, Web sites.

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History of Computing at Daresbury Laboratory
With historical photographs from the STFC archives, including Seymour Cray, designer of the world's first supercomputer. This material is used for regular exhibitions provided at Daresbury Laboratory and supporting public outreach of science.

The English Free Reed Organ
Did you know that the famous scientist Sir Charles Wheatstone introduced the Free Reed to England and invented the Concertina?

Rootes Archive Centre Trust
History of the one-time 3rd largest British car manufacturer. This is now a registered charity with patron Lord Nick Rootes.

Mercia Area Centre
History of classic cars and related specials using novel technology. The Mercia group have provided exhibitions for Daresbury Laboratory.

Future software technology for research developed at STFC (project material archived).

e-Research, from Portals to Science Gateways.
A new book, see

Linux: hints and tips related to Gentoo Linux on various platforms


Information for these Web pages is from STFC staff and from volunteers who are un-payed. The sites have been designed by Rob Allan.

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