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Book 1

A second album from 1925 was probably issued to commemorate the opening of the hew headquarters in Devonshire House. It is introduced as follows.

In 1895 the business of Rootes Ltd. occupied premises of a total floor
space of 850 square feet. In 1925 the total floor space necessary to
carry on the business amounts to over five acres. In 1895 the staff
consisted of two, in 1925 nearly 500.

In the following pages will be found illustrations of our various
Depots, and we think that we may rightly say that in every instance
these are of the most up to date character, and are so spaced as to
ensure the adequate operation of the territories we hold from various
Manufacturers. Elsewhere in this Album, for instance, will be found a
map showing our Clyno territory, comprising 14 counties and the County
of London, with a total population of seventeen and a half million. 

In order to successfully administer this territory, the Rootes
organisation is split up into four administrative sections: London,
Birmingham, Maidstone and Dorking. These four main depots consist

In addition to these main Depots, are the two service stations, the
main station being that situated at Lodge Place, St. John's Wood,
which is the finest services station in England, the other situated at
Wrotham Heath, Kent.

There is also in addition a Retail Depot at Rochester, operating in
the local area.

In addition to the above a large bay of Messrs The Austin Motor
Company's Works at Birmingham, is utilised by Rootes Ltd. for the
expeditious distribution of Austin Cars.

Illustrations of all these will be found in the following pages.

This index lists the page numbers in the Album.

  1. New Devonshire House
  2. London Showrooms - 141 New Bond Street
  3. London Service Station - Lodge Place, St. John's Wood Road, NW8
  4. Midland Headquarters - John Bright Street
  5. Midland Showrooms - Temple Street
  6. Maidstone Depot - Len Engineering Works, Maidstone
  7. Stores Depot - Len Engineering Works
  8. Kent Service Station - Wrotham Heath
  9. Rochester Depot - The Motor House and Star Hill.
  10. Dorking Depot - Dorking, Surrey
  11. Rootes Ltd. Delivery Bay - at Messrs. The Austin Motor Co's Works, Birmingham
  12. Records Department - Bond Street Headquarters
  13. Clyno Home Distribution
  14. A Remarkable Clyno Test
  15. A corner of the Stores at the London Service Station

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