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Negatives Dunstable

I've named this the Dunstable Collection, but maybe it should more properly be the Luton Collection as most of the items are pre-1960.

Some highlights of this set include:

A Karrier BR100 was the first motorised PSV to climb Porlock Hill with a load of 21 passengers. The 50HP Char-a-banc, owned by Staddon & Sons Ltd., Minehead, climbed the hill on 3/6/1914. Note condition of road surface.
One of the earlier Karrier models, believed to be of 1912 manufacture, and at that time comsidered a revolutionary development. Of the forward control A-type this vehicle seated 20 passengers. Forerunner of many Karrier passenger models.
1928 Karrier trolley buses, introduced in 1928 and dis-continued in 1948 have proved most popular with operators, the ``E6'' model still giving excellent service with many municipalities. This photograph of an ``E6'' with BT-H electrical equipment, placed in service by Doncaster Corporation in 1929. Of this opperator's present fleet of 46 trolley buses 40 are Karriers.
1908 Karrier B/50 with detachable van body. Net load 2 tons. Roller chain drive. 22HP 4-cylinder engine. ... Steel frame chassis and artillary style wood wheels.
1912 catalogue extract: Commer 4 ton with trailing wagon. The best results from a van or lorry required to draw a trailing wagon cannot be obtained with ordinary gearing and gearbox. To meet the requirements of the double duty we have designed a Commer Car 5-speed gearbox that provides the correct gearing for use when the van or lorry is running under its load only, or when loaded and drawing a loaded trailer.

An album of photographs taken by Harry Harle, 15 Biscot Rd., Luton. Commer Cars official photographs from 1908-1944.

Page No Description Date Model Notes
1 Commer Cars   tipper Billington and Newton Ltd., Longport
2 Commer Cars   lorry Brown Brothers flour, Luton
3     6-cylinder fire tender London Fire Brigade
4     brewery drays fleet Benskins, Watford
5 Commer Cars   lorry BM9140 Camwall Table Waters
6 Commer Cars   lorry BM??? Johnnie Walker Whisky
7 Commer Cars   lorry XB8123 Johnnie Walker Whisky
8     fire tender L9673? London Fire Brigade
9     lorry fleet LN9897 and others Hammerton
10 Commercial Cars   lorry A.E.Kempster fruitier
11     lorry John A.Hunter and Co.
12 Commer Cars   van Parke Davis and Co.
13     van Southampton Gas and Coke Co.
14 Commercial Cars   char-a-bancs  
15 factory   machine shop  
16 factory   shaft machining  
17 Commer Cars   char-a-bancs fleet XH4914 and others outside works
18 Commer Car   van Plaistowe and Co. cakes
19 Commer Car   van James Hunt Ltd. Fulham printers
20 Commer Car   brewery van J.W.Green Luton
21 Commer Car   laundry van Steam Laundry Co. Ilford
22 Commer Car   char-a-banc  
23 Commer Car   char-a-banc with hood up
24 Commer Car   tanker  
25 Commer Car   tanker  
26 Commer Cars   tipper  
27     bare chassis  
28     engine  
29 Commer Cars   tipper box lowered
30 factory   machine shop  
31     engine  
32     2x chassis  
33 factory   machine shop  
34 factory   machine Newark gear cutting

Some negatives are on 6-1/2'' x8-1/2'' glass plates.

Negative No Description Date Model Notes
K6299 3-wheeler Karrier chassis   Cob Junior  
  Karrier   Cob with trailer  
C2138 chassis 3/4 front low level   Commer  
K7136 3/4 front   Commer CBM900 Luton Electricity Supply tower truck
  chassis drawing      
K6202 trolley bus 23/5/1937   CU3591 Marston Bay, South Shields
  6 wheel military chassis c.Feb'1952    

Negatives on film.

Negative No Description Date Model Notes
(a)     Commer new truck delivery to Whipsnade Zoo, showing elephants and other animals. Prints made.
(b)     Commer new truck delivery to Whipsnade Zoo, showing elephants and other animals. Prints made.
      Commer Civic Defense Fire Pumper No.1 Canada
C1203     Commer JYY12 and 10 more Royal Mail delivery vans
410 or K50 Karrier   Cob? BVP323 City of Birmingham high wagon with trailer
325 Commer   4-wheel chassis  
C1269 Commer   EDV? Craven ``A'' van
170 Commer Car     LH8935 Fred Davis and Sons, London removers
171 Commer   van BYV191 Fred Davis and Sons, removers London
180 Commer   van  
C1209 Commer     KAR851 Artistes Transport coach
595       empty wallet
351 Commer   covered wagon BXV456
364 Karrier   4-wheel lorry  
683 or 8532B   23/10/1942 trolley bus Eastbourne
321 Karrier   Cob? DLT227 GWR Paddington
128 Commer   coach MAN83 Moerzone Coaches
166 Karrier   refuse collector JA6463 City of Stockport
C1465 Commer   fire engine KAD765 Gloucestershire
C1466 Commer   fire engine KAD765 side view
13 (223 on print) Commer   station wagon  
50/52 Commer   fire engine LWT154 Rawdon West Riding
69/52 Commer   cattle truck  
C1668 Commer   coach KAB650 Renown Road Cruiser
359 Commer     LN9535 Gas Light and Coke Co., Westminster
303     Cob? DJ6070 tractor with trailer, Pilkingtons St. Helen's
53/52 Karrier   van NTV751 Borough of Lambeth
C1452 Commer   4WD truck  
C1220 Commer   25cwt van  
C1059 Commer   EDV?  
C1052 Commer   flat bed truck  
C1384 Commer   EDV? Burgess Minerals van outside W.H.Cullen
C1675 Commer   EDV?  
356 Karrier   Cob with ARP tanker  
C1207 Commer   ambulance County of Bolton
677 Karrier   refuse collector Helmsley RDC
C1354 Karrier   RSC Karrier-Yorkshire RSC
588 Karrier   RSC  
337 Karrier   Cob tractors line up with BNK874 etc.
560 Karrier   Cob tractor unit CNK875 LMS
562 Karrier   Cob tractor CNK875 LMS
C1637     van PZ142 Karrier-Transport Loadmaster
96 Karrier   Cob with 4 ton trailer  
1067     Walk-thru van 559BM
C1226 Commer   Superpoise 3-4 ton lorry  
64 Commer 1935 ambulance Red Cross Jubilee Nyasaland
592 (A.12.692 on neg)     6-wheel lorry mil. spec. ?
389 (K6254) Karrier   Cob Senior I.Spencer and Co. Fleetwood salt
150 Commer   van Luton Co-Operative
172     2-deck 6-wheel trolley bus BVK811 Newcastle Corporation
783 Karrier   refuse collector Hayes and Harlington UDC
152 Commer   van  
  Karrier   flat bed lorry Corona
C1222 Karrier   refuse collector Greenock Corporation
C1639 Karrier   RSC Glasgow Corporation
C1146 Commer   4-wheel lorry  
C754 Commer   4-wheel tractor unit  
1091 Commer   4-wheel chassis  
570 Karrier   Cob tractor  
1085 Commer   4-wheel short chassis  
C1490 Commer 1953 large van KVP362
1098 Commer   4-wheel short chassis  
C1232 Commer   cab drawing  
C719     empty wallet  
C1430 Commer   4-wheel single deck bus  
168 and 1842/N5 Commer     CKL237 C.Cuckney, Strood, lorry
352 Karrier   4-wheel lorry UJ9708
C1061 Commer   EDV? outside A.Anscombe and Sons
1022     EDV? FTM250, R.G.Leaf, Secretary, Humber Ltd.
223 Commer   4-wheel lorry  
45 Commer   Centaur artist shot
  Karrier     3x styling drwgs
178     4-wheel tipper  
C1244     4-wheel tipper Borough of Ilford
C1234 Commer   open truck  
C1606 Commer   4WD mil. spec.?
1607 Commer   4-wheel long chassis, no cab  
147     4-wheel tractor unit  
791 Commer   long lorry BUH729 Denny, Mott and Dickson timber, Cardiff
806 Commer     BM2856 Earl of Lonsdale
796 Karrier   drain cleaner GR8090
C1246 Karrier   4-wheel chassis  
1056 Karrier   refuse collector Congleton Hidhways Dept.
C1640 (YCP96) Karrier   drain cleaner Glamorgan CC
C1514 Karrier   drain cleaner Borough of Tottenham
C1133 Karrier   4-wheel tractor w- brewery dray  
191 Commer   van Howells, Cardiff
1231 Commer   cabb styling  
1622 Commer   4-wheel lorry  
1014 Commer   4-wheel lorry  
451 (452 on neg) Commer   large van  
65/52 Commer   fire engine chassis  
46/52 Commer   articulated lorry  
C1499 Commer   van de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield
1045 Commer   lorry 327NM on Porlock Hill
  Commer   cab styling  
788 Karrier   van  
C334 Commer Cars   lorry with baskets  
C335     char-a-banc DM233
C726 Karrier   RSC City of Aberdeen
1097     short chassis showing engine behind cab
C675 Biscot Rd.?   factory buildings  
583 Commer   mil. spec 6-wheel lorry  
491       lorries on line
C132 Commer   tractor unit RAF
      covered truck RAF
106 Commer   chassis artists view
118 Commer   factory chassis final checking
232     covered truck mil. spec
489     factory cab installation
C1604 Commer   truck mil. spec
130     truck DMC75 mil. spec side view
136     truck DMC75 mil. spec
520 Luton   artists aerial view Corzon Rd. Biscot Rd.
583     6-wheel covered lorry mil. spec
587 Commer   mil. spec 4-wheel lorry  
C598     covered wagon military
600     armoured gun carrier  
610     4WD chassis engine at rear mil. spec
C618     armoured car  
C636 Karrier   4WD covered lorry  
C635 Commer   covered lorry with soldier
644 personnel   staff photo in uniform with rifles
C652 personnel   2 operators Wadking milling machine
c654 personnel   operators building lorry bodies on line
655 personnel   gear shafts women machinists
657 personnel   gear machining woman operator
C658 personnel   gear shop machinists
C659 personnel   gear shop shows women machinists
C662 personnel   gear box assy men and women
C667       lorry finishing end of line
C668 personnel   gear box assy shows 2 men at work bench
C673 personnel   notice board Commer-Karrier war fund etc.
C674 Commer Cars Ltd   factory main entrance
C687   1943 Shuff cartoon  
698 personnel   total board War savings
C671 Karrier   Cob w- strange trailer and people BMJ539 Highways Dept.
C692 Commer   4-wheel chassis  
C694 1461     armoured car  
C695 1581?     armoured car  
C696     armoured car  
C713     chassis mil. spec with winch
C792 personnel   Mr.Struller ?  
C1176 personnel   Mr.Cousins  
C1090 personnel   no name  
C1247 personnel   Cumberland  
C1092 personnel   Quinn  
C1079 personnel   Mr.Smith  
C734 personnel   Mr.Ackroyd  
C1167 personnel   Smith passport
C722 personnel   Mr.Bragg  
C1525 personnel   Mr.Grovew  
C1284 personnel   Mr.Lawrence  
C1071 personnel   Sharratt  
C1172 personnel   no name  
C1451 personnel   Mr.Newsome passport
C1528 personnel   Mr.Terrance  
C1461 personnel   Mr.Faulkner  
C1478 personnel   Mr.Wigginton  
C1230 personnel   Howard  
C1603 personnel   Lewis  
4778 personnel   Cooper  
64/52 personnel   Miss Dyson  
55/52 personnel   Sherwin  
765     FV  
766     FV  
776 Commer   articulated covered lorry Cunliffe-Owen Aircraft
C1089 Commer   BLSP articulated lorry  
1095 personnel   presentations?  
124/54 Commer   TS3 diesel engine cut-away drawing
682     trolley bus GHN322 Eastbourne


Print No Description Date Model Notes
  Karrier char-a-banc     Y2478 outside the Ship Inn prior to journey to Lynmouth
  Char-a-banc on Porlock Hill 3/6/1914 Karrier Y2478
  Karrier 1914 BR110 23-seat Y2478 descending a hair-pin Lynmouth
  Karrier (2 copies) 3/6/1914 BR110 Y2478 front view
  Karrier c.1912 Karrier A-type char-a-banc  
K19276 Karrier 1929 E6 trolley bus DT1146 Doncaster
3774 Commer     DT1146 trolley bus Doncaster
  Karrier 1936 WL6 6-wheel 40-seat single deck No29 Wigan Corporation Tramways
  Karrier 1908 B/50 CX1173 Mundin Bros., Northampton
  Karrier 1908 B/50 ditto post card
    Commer 1919 NB6992 Char-a-banc used by Messrs. Topping outside Warrington Ales in Liverpool
  Karrier 1908 B/50 ?? AJ1869 Brewers lorry outside Cayley Arms, Scarboro and Whitby Brewers Ltd.
post card Karrier 1908 A/60 ?? AJ1869 Brewers lorry outside Cayley Arms, Scarboro and Whitby Brewers Ltd.
  Karrier   CY CXC420
  Commer Mar'1937   X7636, Currie and Co., Newcastle upon Tyne
Parrott 14/55 Karrier 1915 RSC book print
3454/A   1910 rail vehicle Commer converted for shunting, Bedfordshire, general view
3454/F   1910 rail vehicle engine and radiator
  Karrier 1912 ``CC'' type 5-ton fixed tilt van J.Knight soap, Silvertown, from catalogue
  2x Karrier 1914-18 Subsidy type CXC417 CXC420 military vehicles
  Commer   RC type? BM7114 J.W.Green's Luton ales and stout
  Karrier Apr'1935   L and SWR collection and delivery vans
  Karrier     CX987 Bransbury, Stratton and Co., brewers, Redhill
  Karrier     CXC409 Tocia coach
1045 Commer     327NM lorry on hill
  Karrier     CXC407 lorry on hill with people
  Karrier     CXC407 lorry front view
  Karrier     ASC No131 lorry side view
BR60 Karrier     lorry, lined finish, Cape Town
32 ??     view of bare cab w- fuel tank behind
  Karrier   A/110 Co-Operative
  Commer   military truck WD 61194
  Karrier   B/80 30HP 3-stage tower wagon with revolving top
  Karrier   B/80 omnibus CX1013? Abersoch Motors
AR50 Karrier     Bolckow, Vaughan and Co. Ltd.
  Karrier c.1931 E4 single deck trolley bus City of York fleet of 32
  Commer 1909 MC type 2-ton Walker and Sons, for Ceylon tea plantations
  Karrier 1908 B/30 22 cwt 16HP  
  Karrier 1910- B/30 1-1/2 ton 16HP Great Horton confectioners and caterers
  Karrier     4-wheel chain drive chassis outside offices
  Karrier 1909   C3248 Walshaw-Drake Co. Ltd., yarn dryers, Rastrick
  Karrier card 8/12/1930 Cob ? UR7470 cake delivery
1316     RAF long trailer  
  Commer c.1910 BC Gleniffer Laundry, Catford, SE, No4
AR160 Karrier     NA1067 Great Central railway
  Karrier   char-a-banc CX1212
  Karrier issued May 1945 c.1930 GN9072 LNEr 5420 mechanical horse
  Karrier   A/80 Rochdale Equitable truck
AR50 Karrier     CX1633 Amos and Smith Ltd.
  Commer c.1912 4 ton with trailing wagon Warings Removals, London
7299 Karrier 30/5/1935 A110 ? Lockwood and Elliott, Wakefield tipper
02497     trolly bus FTD453 Atherton
  Karrier 1908 B/30 22cwt  
7 Karrier 6/12/1930 Cob LMS
  Commer Cars 1912 catalogue CC 5-ton lorry Co-Operative Manchester
  Commer Cars 1912 catalogue 6-ton Lever Bros. Port Sunlight fleet (26) BM1138 etc.
375/64 Commercial Cars   char-a-banc BM2156 decorated
373/64 Commercial Cars   char-a-banc  
1788TI Commer 1931 Centaur first to leave the assembly line
  Luton 1912 main erecting shop  
R8019 Luton 1/4/1949 machine shop from East  
        Commer-Karrier Club members
601 K6526 K6532 Karrier   KT4 FWD Gun Tractor supplied to Indian Army
148/53 Luton     family open day?
        armoured cars in factory
        armoured cars in factory
        part of factory
  Commer   Q4 3ton 4x2 general service Ministry of Supply
?6871?       man and woman opening door
        factory lathe shop
        factory machine shop
R9224 Luton     general view of machine shop
C2835 Commer 1939-45 Superpoise 3 ton carrier  
        machine shop gearbox
  Commer Cars 1912 4 ton carrier Russian military trials 1910
R5935 Luton   factory aerial shot artist enhanced
  Stoke-Aldermoor   Commer assy plant artists proposal?

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