Bibliography on Rootes Cars

This page is based on a list originally compiled by Rex Funk, 4/1995. The Imp Club has its own "Index" which can be purchased from them. Please send any updates to Bob Allan.


Magazine Articles: Alpine and Harrington Alpine

JSM Bladon JSM "The Road Trip To Athens: 2 000 Miles in a Sunbeam Alpine" The Autocar vol115 no3415 pp122-125 28/7/1961

Pete Brio "Competition Tuning Sunbeam Alpine" Sports Car Graphic vol1 no12 pp24-27 and 68 4/1962

Giles Chapman "Close Couple" (Harrington Le Mans and MG Berlinette coupes) Classic and Sports Car vol7 no 9 pp36-41 12/1988

John Christy "Road Test: Sunbeam Alpine" (Series II) Sports Car Graphic vol1 no4 pp32-35 and 72-73 8/1961

John Christy "Road Test: Sunbeam Le Mans" Sports Car Graphic vol1 no12 pp36-39 and 78 4/1962

Brian Cox "Buyers' Guide: Sunbeam Alpine" Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol14 no1 pp78-75 5/1993

John Craft "Vintage Views: Sunbeam" Auto-X (Grassroots Motorsports) vol4 no10 pp66-69 11/1987

Mark Dixon "Alpine Trial" (Series V Restoration) Practical Classics vol15 no12 pp32-35 4/1995

Mark Dixon "Back to Reality: Sunbeam Alpine Mk V" Popular Classics vol 5 no5 p88 1/1994

Tony Dron "The Truth Will Out" (cutaway of Alpine) Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol21 no4 p5 1/1994

Alex Gabbard Sunbeam Alpine The Rootes Group's Refined Answer to BMC British Car no54 pp28-32 4/1995

Alex Gabbard Sunbeam Alpine Series I-V Vintage Motorsport p 25 9-10/1989

Alex Gabbard Harrington Le Mans: Alpine at its Best Vintage Motorsport pp30-31 9-10/1989

Gregor Grant The Harrington Alpine (Stage III) Autosport April 21 1961

Chris Horton Ray of Hope (Sunbeam Alpine III) Classic and Sportscar vol10 no4 pp74-79 7/1991

Mark Hughes Best Buy: Sunbeam Alpine Classic and Sportscar vol14 no2 pp58-69 5/1993

Richard M. Langworth M Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans Roots Builds a Faster Fastback Special Interest Autos no76 8/1983

Tom McCahill The Sunbeam LeMans (road test) Mechanix Illustrated vol 58 no411 pp74-76 8/1962

Graham Robson Alpine Classic Choice Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol18 no9 pp40-47 6/1991

Lance Rockefeller Restored Sunbeam Alpine Sports and GT Market pp 13-15 4/1988

Bob Russo Sunbeam Alpine Road Test (Series I) Motor Life vol10 no 8 pp46-51 3/1961

Barney Sharratt Alpine Design Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol20 no2 pp80-85 11/1992

Bill Sirun Sunbeam Harrington LeMans GT Sports and GT Market pp 16-18 6/1988

James Taylor Restorer's Guide: Sunbeam Alpine Restoring Classic Cars pp42-49 6/1989

Wayne Thomas Preview: Personality Plus the Alpine Motor Trend pp 38-39 8/1960

Wayne Thomas Race Tuning the Sunbeam Alpine Car and Driver vol7 no11 pp117-119 5/1962

Jerry Titus Project Sunbeam Sports Car Graphic vol2 no3 pp 56-57 and 78 7/1962

Jerry Titus Project Sunbeam Sports Car Graphic vol2 no5 pp 62-65 9/1962

Jerry Titus Road Test: Sunbeam Alpine Series V Sports Car Graphic 2/1966

Mick Walsh Rootes Racer: (Works Le Mans Alpine) Classic and Sportscar vol10 no11 pp76-81 2/1992

Gordon Wilkins Sleek and Snug Sunbeam Alpine Motor Trend vol11 no 9 pp32-33 and 73 9/1959

Ad for Alpine Factory Performance tuning Equipment Road and Track vol13 no5 p4 1/1962

Classic Sports Cars: 1959-1968 Sunbeam Alpine Road and Track pp69-70 6/1991

Miscellaneous Ramblings: Sunbeam Alpine Road and Track vol11 no1 pp46-47 9/1959

Miscellaneous Ramblings: Sunbeam Alpine II Road and Track vol 12 no12 p15 8/1961

Miscellaneous Ramblings: Alpine Modification Road and Track vol13 no4 p15 12/1961

Newsletter from Europe (Alpine Prototype spotted) Sports Cars Illustrated (Car and Driver) vol5 no4 p16 8/1959

Newsletter from Europe: Sunbeam Alpine Sports Cars Illustrated (Car and Driver) vol5 no6 10/1959

Newsletter from Europe: Sunbeam Alpine Sports Cars Illustrated (Car and Driver) vol5 no9 pp10 and 11 1/1960

Owner's View: Sunbeam Alpine Classic and Sportscar 3/1985

Readers' Restorations: Sunbeam Alpine Mk IV Robert Alcock Your Classic p6 2/1994

Road Research Report: Sunbeam Alpine Sports Cars Illustrated (Car and Driver) vol6 no7 p 34-39 and 74-76 2/1960

Road Test: Sunbeam Alpine Series II Car and Driver vol6 no 12 pp56-59 and 63 6/1961

Road Test: Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans The Autocar vol116 no 3444 pp259-263 February 16 1962

Road Test: Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans Car and Driver vol7 no10 pp27-29 4/1962

Road Test Sunbeam Alpine GT (Series III) Car and Driver vol9 no4 pp25 and 34-36 10/1963

Road Test: Sunbeam Alpine (Series I) Road and Track pp35-39 5/1960

Road Test: Sunbeam Alpine (Series II) Road and Track pp38-41 10/1961

Road Test: Sunbeam Le Mans GT Road and Track vol13 no10 pp32-35 6/1962

Road Test: Sunbeam Alpine Series III Road and Track pp26-29 9/1963

Road Test: Sunbeam Alpine IV Road and Track pp32- 33 11/1964

Road Test: 1725 cc Sunbeam Alpine Road and Track pp25-27 3/1966

Road Test: Sunbeam Alpine Series I Today's Motor Sports (?) 1959

Sports Car Review: Sunbeam Alpine Motor Trend vol12 no1 p72 4/1960

Spotlight: Sunbeam Alpine Owners' Club Your Classic p77 9/1991

For Your Information Rootes Notes (Sunbeam Alpine 1725cc) Car and Driver vol11 no7 p81 1/1966

Six Sports Roadsters (Alpine V) Car and Driver vol12 no3 pp30-35 and 84-88 9/1966

Sunbeam Alpine: It Pays to Buy A Winner (Jack Brabham in S II Alpine) The Autocar vol116 no3455 Cover May 4 1962

Sunbeam Alpine Road and Track vol11 no3 pp21 November 1959

Sunbeam Alpine Road and Track pp22 2/1961

Sunbeam Alpine (Picture on inside front cover) Sports and GT Market 2/1987

Mini Tests Sunbeam Alpine MkV Car and Driver vol13 no7 p69 1/1968

Sunbeam Alpine Automatic Road and Track p 86 5/1964

Sunbeam Alpine Mark III Sampler Car and Driver vol8 no2 pp34-36 8/1962

Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans Car and Driver vol7 no8 pp 30-32 and 64 2/1962

Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans 1962-1963 (Buyers Guide) British Car no48 p54 4/1994

World's Best Sports Cars: The Best of the Rest [Alpine I] Sports Car Graphic vol3 no3 p25 5-6/1960

Magazine Articles: Talbot Alpine (1953-55)

Lee Beck The Gentleman's Roadster: The Original Sunbeam Alpine British Car no47 pp16-17 2/1994

Gunther Molter European Newsletter [Sunbeam Talbot Alpine] Motor Trend vol5 no7 p55 7/1953

Arnold Wilson Alpine Trials: Restoring Sunbeam (Talbot) Alpine Popular Classics vol4 no2 pp55-58 10/1992

Alpine Star (Talbot Alpine) Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol 16 no12 pp138-141 9/1989

Sunbeam (Talbot) Alpine Motor Trend vol6 no2 pp46-47 2/1954

Sunbeam (Talbot) Alpine Road and Track vol4 no7 p7 3/1953

Sunbeam (Talbot) Alpine Road and Track vol4 no11 pp 24-25/7/1953

Sunbeam (Talbot) Alpine Road and Track vol5 no4 Cover and p 44 12/1953

Magazine Articles: Rootes Sedans and Alpine GT

Brian Cox Linwood's Little Imps Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol14 no12 pp74-79 4/1994

Brian Cox The Snipe is Super Buyers Guide to Humber Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol13 no2 pp81-85 6/1992

Eric Dahlquist Filtered Sunbeams (Alpine GT and Arrow Road Test) Motor Trend pp118-120 10/1969

G. Thather Darwin Sunbeam Talbot Sports Trial Motor Trend vol3 no 7 pp24 33 46 and 49 7/1951

Dave Destler Magnificent Minx British Car Magazine no43 pp38-39 and 42-43 6/1993

Logan Fitche Chamois Converted to Tally Specification Practical Classics vol15 no12 p14 4/1995

Zoe Harrison Super Hillman (Super Minx restoration) Your Classic pp 8-11 9/1993

Peter Hayward Back to His Rootes (Rapier restoration) Your Classic pp60-63 3/1993

Greg Haskin Sunbeam 3 Litre Super Sports British Car and Bike pp 22-23 8/1987

Kim Henson Family Favourites (Rootes sedans) Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol14 no8 pp78-82 12/1993

Chris Horton Naughty but Nice: Buyers and Restoration Guide to Hillman Imp Your Classic pp48-59 7/1992

Nick Larkin Family Picks (Hillman Super Minx and Vauxhall Victor FB) Popular Classics vol4 no 3 pp24-30 11/1992

Nick Larkin Hillman Minx Mark VII Convertible Popular Classics vol5 no5 pp20-23 1/1994

Nick Larkin Three of a Kind: Roots Super Minx Vogue and Septre Popular Classics vol4 no6 pp6-11 2/1993

Mike McCarthy Porridge With Oats Hillman Avenger Classic and Sportscar vol13 no5 pp78-81 8/1994

Brian Palmer Crossed Swords (Sunbeam Rapier) Popular Classics vol3 no5 pp108-112 1/1992

David Parrott Sunbeam's American Racer Works Rapiers Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol21 no6 pp62-67 3/1994

John Pressnell Learning to Love the Imp Classic and Sportscar vol12 no5 pp92-97 8/1993

Bob Rolfson Sunbeam Rapier Motor Trend vol10 no7 pp42-43 and 56 7/1958

John Simster Sharpening the Sword Classic and Sportscar pp87-90 8/1991

Robert Skelski My Family Rootes: A Portrait of a Hillman Minx' British Car Magazine no43 pp32-35 6/1993

J. Whipple Spotlight on the Hillman Husky Popular Mechanics vol20 pp80-85+ 7/1960

John Williams Classic? The Hillman Hunter and its Derivatives Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol13 no1 pp142-143 5/1992

Gordon Wilkins Drive Report: Rootes Automatic Transmission [Easidrive] Motor Trend vol12 no1 1/1960

John Williams Sunbeam Talbot 80 and 90 Buyer's Guide Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol13 no 1 pp74-77 5/1992

Worthington Roots Zimp (Zagato Imp) Auto Week January 29 1990

Michael Michael Avenger Motor Trend vol22 no5 4/1970

Case Histories: Sunbeam Talbot 90 Convertible Classic and Sportscar vol12 no7 10/1993

Dark Horses: Driving the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus Popular Classics vol2 no12 pp106-110 8/1991

Driver's Report: Sunbeam Arrow Sports Car Graphic vol7 no 4 pp52-53 4/1967

Floating Palaces Buyers Guide to the Series Humbers Popular Classics vol2 no12 pp71-75 8/1991

Hillman Imp Motor Trend vol16 no9 p 69-71 6/1964

Hillman Minx Motor Trend vol10 no6 pp52-53 6/1958

Readers' Restorations: Sunbeam Talbot Mk III Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol15 no1 p18 5/1994

Readers' Restorations: Sunbeam Imp Sport Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol14 no10 pp 14-17 2/1994

Readers' Restorations: Hillman Avenger Practical Classics and Car Restorer vol14 no10 pp 14-17 2/1994

Road Research Report: Hillman Imp Car and Driver November 1963

Road Test: Alpine GT Road and Track vol20 no11 p 65-67 7/1969

Road Test: Hillman Imp Sports Car Graphic pp54-57 8/1963

Road Test: Hillman Minx Car and Driver vol9 no8 pp 30-32 2/1964

Road Test: Hillman Super Minx Car and Driver vol8 no1 pp 70-71 7/1962

Road Test: Roots New Auto Trans Sports Cars Illustrated (Car and Driver) pp50-57 1/1960

Road Test: Singer Series II Convertable Sports Cars Illustrated (Car and Driver) vol5 no14 pp58-59 and 82-86 8/1959

Road Test: Sunbeam Alpine GT Car and Driver vol15 no2 pp 62-64 and 81 8/1969

Road Test: Sunbeam Arrow Car and Driver vol12 no10 pp 57-60 4/1967

Road Test: Sunbeam Arrow Station Wagon Road and Track pp 35-42 6/1968

Road Test: Sunbeam Imp Road and Track p 69 6/1964

Routes to Rootes: Buyer's Guide to Rootes Saloons Popular Classics and Car Restorer vol2 no8 pp75-79 4/1991

Singer Vogue The Autocar vol115 no3415 pp117-121 July 28 1961

Sunbeam Imp Road and Track p35 2/1967

Sunbeam Imp Sport Saloon Road and Track p58 1/1967

Sunbeam Rapier: 1955-1967 British Car no54 p54 4/1995

Sunbeam Rapier Series IIIa: Readers' Restoration Popular Classics vol3 no10 p 89 6/1992

Sunbeam Rapier Sports Cars Illustrated (Car and Driver) vol2 no9 pp44-47 and 63-66 3/1957

Sunbeam Rapier Car and Driver vol8 no6 pp65 October 1962

Sunbeam Rapier Road and Track p54 1/1968

Sunbeam Rapier Hardtop Road and Track vol10 no4 pp28- 29 12/1958

Sunbeam Rapier Sedan Road and Track vol8 no7 pp36-37 3/1957

Sunbeam Rapier Sedan Road and Track vol8 no8 pp46-47 4/1957

Sunbeam Rapier Series II: Coupe de Sport Sports Cars Illustrated (Car and Driver) vol4 no1 pp42-45 7/1958

Sunbeam Talbot 90 Road and Track vol3 no1 p9 8/1951

Sunbeam Venezia Road and Track p80 12/1963

Take a Hillman Into the Family The Autocar vol114 no3407 Cover art June 2 1961

Technical Correspondence: Hillman Easidrive Transmission Road and Track p19 3/1961

Magazine Articles: Tiger

Dean Batchelor Retrospect: The Prototype Sunbeam Tiger Motor Trend pp108-111 12/1990

Geoff Bewley Tiger Le Mans Vintage Motorsport pp32-36 September- 10/1989

Bick Brittan Tiger Tale Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol15 no12 pp56-59 (?) 1988

Martin Buckley The Barons of Beefcake Tiger vs Cobra Classic and Sportscar vol13 no3 pp52-57 6/1994

Mark Dixon Muscle Tone: (Tiger Stag and MG V8) Popular Classics vol 2 no12 pp71-75 8/1991

Dave Freidman "The First Racing Tiger" Vintage Motorsport pp28-29 9-10/1989

Alex Gabbard "Terrible Tigers" (letter to editor) Sports Car Illustrated vol3 no10 pp6-7 11/1987

Alex Gabbard The Sunbeam Tiger Vintage Motorsport pp26-29 9-10/1989

Alex Gabbard Tiger Car Exchange pp44 48 7/1983

Alex Gabbard Tiger Tango British Car pp25-28 10/1990

Alex Gabbard Tiger the Forgotten Cat Fabulous Mustangs and Exotic Fords pp60-65 9/1989

Alex Gabbard Vintage Racing- Mystery of the Tiger Sports and GT Market pp5-6 7/1987

Cliff Gromer Save the Tiger High Performance Cars pp10-15 March 1981

Wm. S. Jackson Retrospect: Sunbeam Tiger and Sunbeam Tiger II Motor Trend pp103-109 3/1977

Dick Lyons The Tiger's Worrisome Tale Car and Driver pp117-120 5/1990

Henry Manney A Tiger for Rallying Road and Track p90 5/1965

Larry Moyer Living with a Tiger British Car Magazine pp29-31 10/1990

Ian D. Smith The Beefy Sunbeam Tiger (Le Mans Coupe) Sports Car World 11/1969

Mike Taylor Sunbeam Tiger: Success in the Shadow of the Cobra Automobile Quarterly volXXII no1 1984

Jerry Titus Red Hot Sunbeam Tiger Sports Car Graphic December 1 1964

John Tipler Earning His Stripes (Tiger Restoration) Restoring Classic Cars vol2 no4 pp78-83 4/1987

Mick Walsh They're Grrreat! Tiger Classic and Sportscar pp89-93 Buckley Martin 9/1986

Dick Wells Tiger Tiger Burning Bright Hot Rod vol18 no1 pp44- 47 1/1965

Gregory Wells Drive Report: Sunbeam Tiger a Bloomin' Quick Hybrid Special Interest Autos p 46-53 4/1987

Gregory Wells The Car Collector's Crystal Ball The Sunbeam Tiger Car Collector pp38-44 1/1978

Michael Wood It's Grrreat! (Tiger restoration) Your Classic pp58-63 5/1993

Wallace Wyss A Tiger with Fangs Super Ford pp24-25 1/1985

Miscellaneous Ramblings: Sunbeam Thunderbolt Road and Track p 15 3/1964

Road Research Report: Sunbeam Tiger Car and Driver vol10 no 5 pp31-36 and 60 and 76-77 11/1964

Road Test: Ford Makes a Tiger out of the Sunbeam Motor Trend 2/1965

Road Test: Sunbeam Tiger Road and Track vol16 no3 pp 6-29 11/1964

Road Test: Sunbeam Tiger II Road and Track p82 September 1967

Road test: Sunbeam Tiger Sports Car Graphic 11/1964

The Tiger Connection Shelby American Cobra/Mustang Guide Hot Rod Magazine pp52-55

Sleeper of the Month: Sunbeam Tiger Motor Trend p107 July 1988

Sunbeam Tiger Road and Track vol16 no5 pp80-81 January 1965

Sunbeam Tiger Automatic Road and Track p111 7/1967

Technical Correspondence: Sunbeam Tiger Cooling Road and Track p97 1/1966

Tigerrr Super Fords pp28-33 1/1985

The Tiger Story Thoroughbred and Classic Cars pp12- 15 2/1983

Magazine Articles: General

Peter Bohr How to Buy Classic Sports Cars Road and Track vol42 no 10 pp58-75 6/1991

John Bullock Rusty Memories (Former Rootes PR Director) Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol21 no4 p127 1/1994

John Bullock Scoop! (Former Rootes PR Director) Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol21 no4 pp100-105 1/1994

Thomas Bryant Used Car Classics: Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger Road and Track pp45-50 7/1978

Jeremy Coulter Classic Motoring Years (photos from 1960s showing Rootes cars) Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol18 no 9 pp104-109 6/1991

John Craft Vintage Views: Sunbeam Grassroots Motorsports vol4 no 10 pp66-69 11/1987

Dave Destler Sunbeam `61 British Car Magazine no31 pp36-38 6/1991

Mark Dixon Fast Lady (Interview with Rosemary Smith) Popular Classics vol5 no12 pp66-71 8/1994

Tony Dron Just Another Girl Called Smith? Rosemary Smith interview Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol21 no11 pp48-55 8/1994

Eric Dymock Sharp Looks: Interview with Roy Axe (Rootes Designer) Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol21 no10 pp45-48 7/1994

Alex Gabbard Rapiers Alpines and Tigers Sunbeams of Old Car Collector pp10-14 6/1985

Alex Gabbard Rootes Group Competition Manager Norman Garrad Vintage Motorsport pp21-24 9-10/1989

Harry James The Sunbeam Also Rises Automobile Quarterly vol3 no2 pp206-216 1964

Bruce Johnson Sunbeam International United VIII Car Collector and Car Classics pp43-45 8/1987

Graham Robson 1953 to 1968 Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger Superauto Illustrated pp14-25 4/1987

Lance Rockefeller The Cinderella Sports Car Sports and GT Market pp 22-24 9/1984

Lance Rockefeller Saving a Sunbeam Sports and GT Market pp14-16 4/1985

Barney Sharratt Back to His Rootes Interview with Pip Manning (Quality and Reliability Director for Rootes) Popular Classics vol5 no6 pp88-91 2/1994

Barney Sharratt Roy of the Rootes (Interview with Roy Axe) Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol20 no8 pp62-66 5/1993

Mike Taylor Quality Control (Interview with Peter Ware) Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol15 no12 pp62-67 1988

John Williams Buying an Alpine or Perhaps a Tiger Practical Classics and Car Restorer 1/1983

Jonathan Wood Sunbeam Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol13 no1 pp112-117 10/1985

100 Top British Sportscars (includes Alpine and Tiger) Your Classic pp99-106 10/1989

Miscellaneous Ramblings: Chrysler-Rootes Merger Road and Track p18 September 1964 and p17 10/1964

Rootes Models Road and Track p31 12/1967

Soft Option Classic and Sportscar (?) 3/1985

Sunbeam 1901-76: Nostalgia Popular Classics vol3 no6 p 104 2/1992

What's The Matter With England? (British car industry) Automobile Quarterly vol10 no5 pp18-33 1st Quarter 1972

Magazine Articles: Competition

Pete Brio Race Report: Laguna Seca Sports Car Graphic pp24-25 9/1962

Bernard Cahier Race Report: Le Mans (Alpine Index winner) Sports Car Graphic vol1 no5 pp10-15 and 70 9/1961

Henry Manney III Les 24 Herus du Le Mans: Spectacle on the Sarthe (Alpine Index winner) Road and Track vol13 no2 pp20-24 10/1961

Peter Miller The Good Old Days (Alpine Rally 1954) Thoroughbred and Classic Cars vol19 no8 5/1992

Allen Stockton 3 Hours for an Alpine (1961 Riverside Enduro) Motor Trend vol14 no1 pp64-66 1/1962

Sherrie Zuckart Race Report: Bridgehampton (SCCA) Sports Car Graphic vol1 no5 pp54 78 and 81 September 1961

Sherrie Zuckart Race Report: Bridgehampton (SCCA) Sports Car Graphic vol2 no5 pp68-69 and 74 9/1962

Sherrie Zuckart Race Report: Lyme Rock (SCCA) Sports Car Graphic vol 2 no6 pp60-61 and 74 10/1962

Sherrie Zuckart Race Report: June Sprints (SCCA) Sports Car Graphic vol2 no6 pp66-67 and 73 10/1962

Sherrie Zuckart Race Report: Road America (SCCA) Sports Car Graphic vol2 no8 pp62-63 and 78 12/1962

Sherrie Zuckart Race Report: Thompson (SCCA) Sports Car Graphic vol 2 no8 pp71 and 73 12/1962

Race Report: Le Mans 1962 Car and Driver vol8 no 3 pp 23-27 9/1962

Race Report: Riverside 3 Hr Enduro Car and Driver vol8 no 7 1/1962

Race Report: Sebring 1963 Car and Driver vol8 no12 6/1963

Scottish Rally (John Melvin in Alpine wins outright) The Autocar vol114 no3407 pp899-900 June 2 1961


Books: Rootes Cars

R.J. Allan "Geoffrey Rootes Dream for Linwood" (Imp factory in Scotland) (Bookmarque Publishing, UK)

John Bullock "The Rootes Brothers: Story of a Motoring Empire" available through Classic Motorbooks 256 pp

W. Carrol "Tiger: Exceptional Motorcar" Auto Press Books 1978

R.M. Clarke "Sunbeam Tiger and Alpine Gold Portfolio 1959-1967" Brooklands Cobham Surrey England 1989 184 pp il

Tony Freeman Humber Illustrated History 1868-1976 Available through Classic Motorbooks 128 pp il

ALex Gabbard Cars of the Rootes Group

Anthony S. Heal The Racing Sunbeams 1910-1930 Available through Chater's Motorbooks Middlesex UK 384 pp

DAvid Henshaw Apex: The inside Story of the Hillman Imp Bookmarque UK

David T. Johnson (ed) SUNI `89 Guide Sunbeams International Gathering Snowmass Colo 1989

Richard M. Langworth Tiger Alpine Rapier: Sporting Cars From the Rootes Group Osprey Publishing England 1982 il

Chris McGovern Alpine: The Classic Sunbeam Gentry Books London 1980 250 pp il

Norman Miller The Book of Norman (Tiger registry and production information) Published by the Author Available through Sunbeam Specialties Campbell California

Chris Minors and Bill Barrot Wolverhampton Sunbeams available through Classic Motorbooks 288 pp

Ian Nickols and Kent Karslake Motoring Entante: The Story of Sunbeam Talbot Daracq and Sunbeam Talbot Cars Cassell and Company Ltd London 1956 520 ppil

Practical Classics Magazine Sunbeam Rapier Restoration Brooklands 72 pp 1987 il

Mike Taylor Tiger The Making of a Sportscar Gentry/Haynes 1979 il

Graham Robson Cars of the Rootes Group Motor Racing Publications 1991 240 pp

Sheila Van Damme No Excuses (Rootes race and rally history)

Rally Go Round (Rootes rally competition history)

Anders Ditley Clausager Sunbeam-Talbot and Alpine In Detail 1935 - 1956

Books: General

Batchelor and Poole The Great Book of Sports Cars Portland House New York 1988 420 pp il

Peter Bohr Road and Track Used Car Classics John Muir Publications Santa Fe NM 1985 256 pp il

Tim Brownell How to Restore your Collector Car Motorbooks International Osceola Wisc 1984 318 pp il

D. Culshaw and P. Horrobin Complete Catalogue of British Cars Morrow 1974

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G.N. Georgano A History of Sports Cars EpDutton and Co Inc New York 1970 320 ppil

Hemmings Vintage Auto Almanac Hemmings Motor News Burlington Vt

Terry Jackson Vintage Racing British Sports Cars Robert Bently Cambridge Mass 1990 200 pp il

Jay Lamm How to Restore British Sportscars Classic Motorbooks Osceola Wisc 1992 242 pp il

Richard Langworth New Complete Book of Collectable Cars 1930-1990 Publications International Ltd Lincolnwood Ill 1992 576 pp il

Burt Mills Budget Auto Restoration Motorbooks International Osceola Wisc 1990 240 pp il

Spence Murray ed Auto Restoration Tips and Techniques Brooklands Books 1985 256 pp il

Anthony Pritchard Competition Cars of Europe Bobbs-Merill New York 1970 208 pp il

Graham Robson The Encyclopedia of the World's Classic Cars Chartwell Books Inc 1977 248 pp

Joe Saward The World Atlas of Motor Racing Mallard Press New York 1989 224 pp il

Jonathan Stein British Sports Cars in America 1946-1981 Kultztown Publishing Company Inc (Distributed by Automobile Quarterly) 1993 144 pp il

Ralph Stein The Treasury of the Automobile Golden Press New York 1970 249 ppil

Encyclopedia of Motor Sport Viking 1971 il

The World of Automobiles an Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Motorcar Orbis Publishing London 22 vol1974


California Association of Tiger Owners Shop Notes 4th Ed CAT Los Angeles Cal 1987

Tim Millington "Hillman Imps Tuning Overhaul Servicing" (re-print, Bookmarque Publishing, UK)

S.F. Page "Sunbeam and Singer: Alpine I to IV Workshop Manual" Haynes 1987 216pp il

P. Olyslager "Motor Manuals 45 for Alpine Series I and II Harrington Alpine Harrington Le Mans from 1959" Piet Olyslager MSIA MSAE Sunday Times Publications London 1963

Rootes Motors Workshop Manual: Rapier and Alpine Series I to IV Rootes Service Division Coventry England 1964 il

Rootes Motors Workshop Manual: Light Car Range with 1725 cc Rootes Service Division Coventry England 1967 il

Rootes Motors Owner's Handbooks: The Sunbeam Alpine Series I-V Rootes Coventry England 1959-1965 il

Rootes Motors The Sunbeam Alpine Series II: Special Tuning Rootes Coventry England 1961 il

Rootes Motors Parts List for the Sunbeam Alpine Series I II and III Rootes Service Department Coventry 1963 il (Parts lists for other Rootes cars were also published)

Rootes Motors Other Publications: Sales Brochures optional equipment brochures owner's manuals bulletins updates etc were published regularly

TE/AE The Sunbeam Survivor: Service and Maintenance Help for the Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger Owner Tigers East/Alpines East 1992