Service Bulletins

This report focuses on the Rootes Private and Confidential Service Bulletins which were issued to service agents to update them with important information on the passenger car range. They were to amend the workshop manuals used in maintaining customers' cars and also provided advice on changes to the specifications of vehicles and accessories. The numbers of the bulletins therefore follow the section numbers of the Rootes workshop manuals. Note this is not the same as the sections in the separate parts lists.

A large quantity of engineering change requests exist in the Archive, and we have yet to check through these. It is likely that they contain substantial information about when and why the production specifications were altered which could explain a lot about the models we have today and the process by which they evolved to be durable and reliable. Some of these change requests would also have resulted in service bulletins so that changes could be retro-fitted to cars already sold. Updated parts were also made available.

The issuing of bulletins is therefore probably the most important manifestation of the Engineering Change Request process, as you can see the immediate effect upon car production, parts available, servicing and ultimately your own car.

Some abbreviations are listed here.

Built Up
Borg Warner
Completely Knocked Down
Chrysler UK
Express Delivery Van
Grand Luxe
Gran Turismo
Heavy Duty
Light Car Range
Left Hand Drive
Right Hand Drive

Rob Allan 2018-03-12