List of Service Bulletins

The following lists are for years 1964-Aug'66 plus years Sep'1966-68, 1969-73 and some to the 1982 period. It seems the numbers in each section were re-used as the information was re-released, but original release dates were kept when lists were re-issued. This makes it possible to list all bulletins issued during the period in section and date order.

I originally said that this list covers all contemporary cars produced. We have other lists, but I was only doing the ones which cover the Imp production period. I was expecting other Club members to help to complete this on-line catalogue. This is still true, but by now I have listed everything to which I have had access.

Unfortunately we do no have the equivalent lists for commercial vehicles.

Some of my personal highlights are listed here.

Imp and Chamois rally conversion 998, cylinder head gasket
Imp, excessive rear tyre wear showing alignment of cross-member
Fitting trim to Imp coupé front and rear screen seals with an improvised tool
Weathershields Sun-Way folding roof was approved for Imps
Imp MkIII dashboard electrical connections

Number Date Description
General Data
Data 1 8/60 Light car and light commercial, general description of changes
Data 2 10/60 Sunbeam Alpine SII, general description
Data 3 10/60 Humber Super Snipe SIII, general description
Data 4 10/60 Humber Hawk SIII, general description
Data 5 11/60 Light car and light commercial, general description of changes
Data 6 10/60 Sunbeam Rapier SIII, general description
Data 7 8/61 All models, Hylomar SQ.32M sealing compound
Data 8 8/61 Hillman Minx SIIIC, general description
Data 9 8/61 Commer EDV MkVIIIB, general description
Data 10 10/61 Hillman Minx MkI, general description
Data 11 11/62 Hillman Minx MkII, general description
Data 12 4/63 Hillman Imp, tightening of nuts and bolts, torque figures and procedure
Data 13 10/63 Hillman Imp, rec.lamation of tapped holes in engine and transaxle
Data 14 10/63 Sceptre I and Alpine II, changes to specification
Data 16 5/64 Hillman Imp, torque loadings
Data 17 9/64 Hillman Imp, torque loadings
Data 18 9/64 Hillman Super Minx MkIII, general description
Data 19 9/64 Cob and Husky III, Minx V, Sceptre I, Rapier and Alpine IV, model improvements
Data 20 9/64 Super Minx I and II, Minx V, Rapier IV, Sceptre, Husky III and Cob III, front suspn, steering and propshaft
Data 21 10/64 Super Minx III, general description
Data 22 11/64 Super Snipe SV and Humber Imperial, general description
Data 23 11/64 Humber Hawk SIV, general description
Data 24 11/64 Light car range, engine/ transmission harshness
Data 25 2/65 Sunbeam 260, general description
Data 26- 5/65- =Numbers from Data 13 below-
Data 27 7/65 Sunbeam 260, man hour schedule advance information
Data 1 3/64 Hillman Imp, Vehicle storage, difficult starting and gear selection
Data 7 9/64 Singer Vogue I and II, Gazelle V, front suspension steering and propshaft
Data 8 9/64 Gazelle V, model improvements
Data 9 9/64 Singer Vogue Series III, general description
Data 10 9/64 Singer Chamois, general description
Data 11 11/64 Light Car Range, engine/ transmission harshness
Data 12 3/65 Singer Chamois, reclamation of tapped holes in engine and transaxle
Data 13 5/65 All Models, caravan towing
Data 14 7/65 Imp/ Chamois, revised torque loading of steering unit/ track rod attachment bolts
Data 15 9/65 All Models, self centralizing sealing washers
Data 16 10/65 Imp and Chamois Mk II, service information
Data 17 10/65 1725 Light Car Range Models, service information
Data 18 6/66 All Models, chassis number code
Data 1 10/66 Imp new models, service information
Data 2 11/66 All models, vehicle storing
Data 3 2/67 Hunter, New Vogue, etc. LHD, brake hydraulic pip foul and foot dip switch wiring
Data 4 4/67 Imp, Hunter, Hawk, Snipe, Tiger petrol octane requirements star rating
Data 5 2/68 All models, ParCo luberised parts
Data 6 5/68 All models, continental touring car preparation
Data 7 9/68 Hunter, Imp gearbox oil change frequency
Data 8 5/69 All models, selling service
Cooling System
A1 10/61 All models, Shell Donax C anti-corrosion fluid
A2 7/63 Hillman Imp, modified fan and cowl
A3 12/63 All models (except Imp), anti-freeze
A4 1/64 Hillman Imp, cooling system
A5 9/65 Imp/ Chamois, cylinder block heater
A5- 1/64- =from A2 below-
A6 1/64 Imp w-pump green or brown spot identification
A7 7/64 All models, thermostats
A2 1/64 All Models, cylinder block heater
A3 7/64 All Models, thermostats
A4 1/65 Light Car Range except Alpine, cooling fan blade fracture
A5 5/65 Imp and Chamois, revised bleeding procedure, modified cooling and heater system
A6 5/65 Imp and Chamois, water hose by-pass assy to pump
A7 9/65 Imp/ Chamois, water pump noise
A8 9/65 Imp/ Chamois, cooling system
A9 12/65 All Models, antifreeze
A10 8/66 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, water pump noise
A1 5/67 Imp and Chamois Sport, by-pass cooland hose fouling
A2 6/67 All models, wax type thermostat
A3 10/67 All models, anti-freeze
A4 12/67 New Sceptre and Rapier,coolant loss from induction manifold hose
A5 12/67 All models, anti-freeze
A6 2/68 Imp and derivatives, gaiter clips on radiator inlet cowl and fan cowl
A7 10/68 All models, anti-freeze
A8 9/69 All models, anti-freeze
B1 4/61 Minx Special and de-Luxe SIIIB and Commer EDV, crank larger b/e journals
B2 4/61 Commer EDV, crank larger b/e journals
B3 9/61 Light car range, loosening of crank jaw nut
B4 10/61 Minx OHV, Commer EDV, Husky, Cob, Rapier and Alpine, Rootes oilmaster ring set
B5 12/61 Light car range, loosening of crank jaw nut
B6 1/62 Minx, Alpine, Rapier, Singer, Husky, Cob and EDV, cork joints front and rear main brg caps to sump
B7 1/62 Light car range, slow oil pressure build-up under starting
B8 2/62 Rapier SIIIA, Alpine SII and Super Snipe SIII, Champion sparking plugs
B9 2/62 Rapier III and IIIA, manifold air leaks
B10 3/62 Light car range, timing chain noise
B11 8/62 Super Snipe III, Alpine II and Rapier IIIA, sparking plugs
B12 3/63 Rapier III and IIIA, fan failure
B13 5/63 All models, KLG sparking plugs
B14 5/63 Hillman Imp, cam box cover removal, torque loading of clutch, cylinder bore 68mm gauge
B15- 2/64- =continued at B9 below-
B17 4/64 Super Snipe SIV, valve seals, control of oil consumption
B18 5/64 Hillman Imp, oil pump driven and driving gears, replacement of oil pumps
B19 7/64 Hillman Imp, oil filter
B20 7/64 Hillman Imp, ignition setting
B21 7/64 Super Snipe SI-IV, sparking plug fouling
B22 10/64 Sceptre, Rapier IV and Alpine IV, sparking plugs
B23 11/64 Hillman Imp, oil leak from rear main brg
B24- 4/65- =from B11 below-
B25 7/65 Tiger LHD, oil filter pipes fouling steering column u.j.
B28 8/65 Hawk I-IV, deletion of crank oil thrower
B34 1/66 Imp, Chamois, Van, con rod assy b/e bolts
B35 1/66 All models, sealed crankcase breathing system
B36- 2/66- =contd. from B21 below-
B38 3/66 Tiger 260, fan blade clearance
B39 4/66 All models with alternator, fan belt adjustment
B40- 5/66- =contd. from B24 below-
B41 5/66 Tiger 260 LHD, oil filter pipe fouling strg column
B42 6/66 Alpine V, oil cooler pipes fouling engine mtg bkt
B43-   =B25-
B45 8/66 Commer Imp Van, engine and exhaust fume entry
B46 8/66 Tiger 260, oil filter element kit part no. 6100448
B47 8/66 Sceptre II, Rapier V, Vogue IV and Super Minx IV HP, running on
B48-   =B28-
B9 2/64 Gazelle Series V, Vogue II, sparking plugs
B10 3/64 Gazelle Series V, Vogue II, additional timing marks on crankshaft pulleys
B11 4/65 Light Car Range, sump oil leaks
B12 8/65 Imp/ Chamois, engine oil filter felt sealing rings
B13 7/65 Light Car Range, oil filter canister throw away type
B14 9/65 All Models, Champion sparking plugs
B15 11/65 Minx and Gazelle VI, change of camshaft and carb
B16 12/65 Light Car Range 1725cc, crankshafts
B17 3/66 Light Car Range 1725cc, oil sump capacity
B18 1/66 Light Car Range 1725cc, crankshaft spigot bushes
B21 2/66 Light Car Range, 1600cc cylinder blocks
B22 3/66 Light Car Range 1725cc Husky and Cob II, rotation and re-griding of cast iron crankshafts
B24 5/66 LCR 1600 and 1725cc, oversize gudgeon pins
B25 8/66 Imp and Chamois, engine oil leaks
B26 8/66 All Models, reconditioned and short engines
B27 8/66 Sceptre II, Rapier V, Vogue IV and Super Minx IV, running on
B28 8/66 Light Car Range 1725cc, oil pressure relief valve
B1 10/66 Light car range, cast iron head, oil leak from push rod tubes
B2 10/66 Imp II etc. exhaust valve clearances
B3 10/66 Imp range, cambox cover oil leaks
B4 1/67 Light car range, engine unit oil leaks
B5 2/67 Alpine V, throttle linkage vibration
B6 2/67 LCR 1725 engines, oil leak from relief valve washer
B7 3/67 Light car range, high oil consumption
B8 5/67 Imp and Chamois rally conversion 998, cylinder head gasket leaks
B9 4/67 Hunter range, sparking plugs - change in recommendation
B10 5/67 Minx and Gazelle 1500 engine, misfire
B11 5/67 Imp range, rear main brg scroll clearance
B12 6/67 Hunter range, insulator exhaust tail pipe hanger
B13 7/67 New Minx, transmitted engine noise
B14 8/67 Hunter range, spark plug spanner
B15 8/67 All LCR engines 1955-67, cylinder head bolt tightness
B16 8/67 Hunter range, creak/ knock from front cross member
B17 8/67 All models, radiator cooling fan damage
B18 8/67 Hunter range, loosening of manifold ``hot bolts''
B19 9/67 Imp range, exhaust silencer failures
B20 12/67 Imp range single carb, high oil consumption and oil leaks
B21 12/67 All models, Shell X 100 20W/50 oil
B22 1/68 Alpine V, alternator support bkt failure
B23 2/68 Hunter range, alternator/ dynamo adjusting strap failure
B24 3/68 Hunter range aluminium cyl head, exhaust valve failure
B25 3/68 Imp range, cam follower and camshaft carrier wear
B26 5/68 Hunter range aluminium cyl head, stellite tipped exhaust valve
B27 5/68 Imp and derivatives Police spec, ignition oil pump timing and oil pressure warning light switch
B28 6/68 All models, ``throw away'' oil filter elements
B29 6/68 Hunter range, excessive valve gear noise
B30 8/68 Imp range single carb, pistons and gudgeon pins
B31 10/68 Hunter range 1500 engine, pre-ignition (pinking)
B32 10/68 Hunter range, oil leaks from rocker cover gasket
B33 12/68 Rapier H120, engine noise
B34-B35 7/69 Hunter range, engine lifting bkts
B36 9/69 LCR Hunter and Imp range, checking cylinder head bolt tightness
B37 11/69 Imp range, crankshaft spigot bush
Fuel System
C1 4/61 Rapier SIII, slow running instability
C2 10/61 Super Snipe III/, correct fitting of air cleaner top
C3 1/62 Super Minx, std and Easidrive, unstable carburation
C4 2/62 Husky and Cob SII, carburettor and transmission changes
C5 8/62 Vogue and Super Minx, saloon and coupé, water entry to fuel tank, petrol fumes entering car
C6 11/62 Light car range except Alpine, petrol pipes fouling brake pipes
C7 2/64 Super Minx estate, deletion of petrol cap
C8 8/63 Hillman Imp, carburettor throttle controls (pneumatic)
C9 8/63 Sceptre I, Super Minx SII saloon and coupé, fuel tank gauge units knocking
C10 9/63 Super Minx I, petrol consumption
C11 10/63 All models, safety precautions, plastic fuel links
C12 2/64 Rapier IV, Alpine IV, Sceptre I, compound carb, poor performance and loss of petrol from float chamber
C13 5/64 Hillman Imp, throttle actuator unit
C14 7/64 Hillman Imp, carb air cleaner filter
C15 7/64 Hillman Imp, mechanical throttle controls
C16 10/64 Hillman Imp, carb cable operated: (i) sticking throttle, (ii) inability to obtain full throttle
C17 10/64 Alpine, Rapier and Sceptre, compound carb whistle
C18 12/64 All Minx and Vogue, petrol fumes
C19 1/65 Hillman Imp, petrol pipe, pump to carb
C20 1/65 Imp auto choke carbs
C26 8/65 Super Snip V and Imperial, difficult warm starting
C33 12/65 Super Snipe V and Imperial, carb air bos drainage
C34 12/65 Imperial, Snipe V and Alpine V, flat spots and poor acceleration
C36 3/66 Imperial, Super Snipe and Hawk, petrol filler cap reflectors cracking or leaking
C37 4/66 Imp/ Chamois, manual overrids for auto choke carbs
C38 4/66 Solex B32, loosening of secondary throttle diaphragm unit
C39 4/66 Sceptre, S.Minx, Vogue..., nylon petrol pipes
C40 6/66 Tiger 260, carb flooding
C9 1/65 Imp and Chamois, auto choke carburettors
C10 2/65 Super Minx, Vogue and Sceptre, petrol tank gauge units knocking
C11 4/65 Imp/ Chamois, 200 mesh fuel filter screen AC fuel pump
C12 6/65 Imp/ Chamois petrol tank leaks
C13 8/65 Super Minx, Vogue and Sceptre, petrol tank gauge unit knock
C14 8/65 Super Minx, Minx, Vogue and Gazelle, foreign matter entering float chamber
C15 11/65 LCR 1725cc, difficulty starting and idling instability
C16 11/65 Imp and Chamois, Super Imp and Commer Van, difficult cold drive away and hesitancy
C17 11/65 Super Minx, Vogue and Sceptre, sticking throttles
C18 11/65 Imp, Chamois and Van, summer and winter air cleaner position
C19 11/65 Light Car Range 1725cc, carburettor icing
C20 12/65 LCR Solex PSEI carb, main spraying assy retaining screw
C21 3/66 Imp, Chamois, Van, accelerator cable failures
C25 6/66 Sceptre, Rapier, Vogue and Minx, heavy fuel consumption
C26 8/66 Imp, Chamois, Van, accelerator cable failures (rear end)
C1 11/66 Sceptre II, Vogue IV and Rapier V, throttle sticking, Solex compound carb 32 PAIAS
C2 11/66 Hunter and Vogue, carb hot air intake
C3 12/66 Hunter and Vogue, carb type 150 CDS loose on manifold and loose throttle spindle nuts
C4 1/67 Hunter range, CDS carb choke fast idle gap
C5 5/67 Hunter range, failure of accel cable pedal end
C6 6/67 Hunter range, petrol tank breather hole blocked
C7 6/67 Alpine V, Hunter and Imp/ Chamois Sport, Zenith Stromberg CD and CDS carbs change of float material
C8 6/67 Tiger I RHD, brake pipe fouling petrol pipe
C9 9/67 All models with nylon petrol pipes, pipes and end fittings
C10 9/67 All models, loss of oil from dash pots Zenith CD carbs giving insufficient damping
C11 10/67 Hunter range, air cleaner fouling bonnet winter position
C12 11/67 New Sceptre, petrol feed pipe T-piece connector
C13 12/67 Imp range single carb, rough idle/ heavy fuel consumption
C14 12/67 Imp/ Chamois Sport and Stiletto, throttle cables
C15 5/68 Imp single carb, choke/ fast idle relationship
C16 10/68 Sunbeam Rapier, petrol loss from filler cap
C17 10/68 Imp range, stiff choke cables
C18 10/68 Rapier H120, carburettor tuning
C19 12/68 Hunter, Sceptre and Rapier, loosening of carb to manifold fixings
C20 12/68 Rapier H120, petrol pipe pump to carb fouling fan blade
C21 12/68 Hunter range, oil leak from petrol pump
C24 5/69 Hunter range estate, petrol loss from filler pipe breather
Clutch and Prop Shaft
D1 9/60 Sunbeam Alpine, sealed propshafts
D2 3/61 Hawk SI-II, clutch slip
D3 4/61 Light car and commercial, clutch slave cylinder changes
D4 5/61 Super Snipe and Hawk, clutch withdrawel lever failure
D5 9/61 Humber range, prop shaft centre brg support
D6 11/61 Rapier III, IIIA, and Gazelle overdrive, BRD propshafts, greaser inaccessibility
D7 1/62 Light car range except Alpine, hydrostatic slave cylinder
D8 8/63 Super Snipe IV, Hawk III, diaphragm spring clutch
D9 5/64 Hillman Imp, clutch driven plate and pedal return spring
D10- 4/65- =See D4 below-
D11 8/65 Hawk SI-IV std, Super Snipe SI-V o/d, propshaft cplg bolts
D12- 9/65- =D5 below-
D14 1/66 Imp, Chamois and Van, clutch judder slip and noisy
D15- 5/66- =D8
D4 4/65 Imp and Chamois, judder and noies ex-stock clutch units
D5 9/65 Super Minx, Vogue and Sceptre, clutch master cylinder
D6 12/65 Light Car Range, clutch drive rattle
D8 5/66 Minx, Super Minx, Gazelle, Rapier etc., flexible hydraulic clutch pipe
D9 6/66 Imp, Chamois, Imp Van, failure of clutch slave cylinders
D10 8/66 Light Car Range, clutch drive rattle 7 1/2'' diaphragm
D1 10/66 LCR models except Hunter and New Vogue, loss of clutch 5/8'' diameter master cylinder
D2 11/66 Hunter and Vogue, insufficient clutch pedal travel
D3 12/66 Light Car Range, noise from clutch on initial engagement
D4 3/67 All models fitted with 7 1/2'' diaphragm clutch except Hunter, wear of clutch carbon release brg
D5 3/67 LCR range except Hunter, clutch drive or over-run rattle 7 1/2'' diaphragm clutch
D6 12/67 Hunter range, over-run clutch rattle
D7 12/67 New Sceptre, shudder on take up of drive
D8 3/68 Hunter range, correct diagnosis of clutch hydraulic complaints
D9 5/68 Imp range, oil contamination of clutch driven plate
D10 5/69 Humber Sceptre, Sunbeam Rapier and H120, prop shaft centre brg noise
Gear Box and Overdrive
E1 8/60 Minx Easidrive, complaint and test diagnosis
E2 8/60 Rapier, Laycock de Normanville D-type o/drive, hyrdaulic knock
E3 10/60 Easidrive transmission, gearshift solenoid overhauls
E4 11/60 Easidrive, part lock
E5 11/60 Minx SIIIB, Commer EDV, Rapier SIII, Alpine SI, Hawk SII, gearbox main shaft with locking nut
E6 12/60 Light car range, gear lever rattle
E7 1/61 SIIIB Easidrive, possibility of choke cable fouling throttle operating shaft lever
E8 4/61 Light car range, gear lever rattle
E9 6/61 Easidrive, differences between existing system and stage 2
E10 8/61 Easidrive stage I and II, coupling trimming resistors and linkage adjustments
E11 9/61 Light car range and Hawk, gearbox main shaft with locking nut
E12 9/61 Easidrive stage I and II, removal of resistances R15, R16 and TS4
E13 11/61 Easidrive stage II, gearshaft solenoid overhauls
E14 11/61 Easidrive stage II, park lock and low drive control
E15 2/62 Easidrive transmission, selector switch overhauls, stage I and II
E16 3/62 Hawy SIA and II, first speed, reverse idler and layshaft cluster gears
E17 3/62 Hillman Special SI and II, Husky and Cob MkI and SI, gearbox top cover fracture
E18 3/62 Super Snipe SIII automatic, throttle/ governor control cross shaft icing up
E19 11/62 Super Snipe SIII, A-type o/drive units 28/3058, fierce engagement of o/drive
E20 12/62 Light car range, seizure of gearbox rear cover bushes
E21 12/62 Rapier and Alpine, D-type o/drive solenoids
E22 12/62 Rapier and Alpine, Laycock de Normanville D-type o/drive hydraulic knock
E23 1/63 Sunbeam Alpine, gearbox noise
E24 1/63 Super Snipe SI, II and III, gearbox mainshaft with locking nut
E25 3/63 Hillman and Singer, Easidrive transmission diagnosis stage I and II
E26 6/63 Alpine III, rear engine mounting rubbers
E27 8/63 Rapier and Alpine, D-type o/drive solenoid failure
E28 9/63 Humber Hawk, change speed lever fouling steering column cowl
E29 11/63 Minx IIIB and IIIC, Minx MkI, Easidrive, correction of excessiv slip and stall speeds
E30 11/63 Hawk and Super Snipe, Borg Warner auto fault diagnosis
E31 1/64 Hillman Imp, gear shift control
E32- 2/64- =E21 below-
E34 6/64 Hawk SI-III, Super Snipe SI-IV, gearchange linkage
E35- 6/64- =E23-
E36 5/64 Super Snipe, manual, take up shudder, lowered engin mtg rear
E37 7/64 Hillman Imp, transaxle units
E38 7/64 Hillman Imp, transaxle lubrication oil
E39   =E24-
E40 9/64 Super Minx, Vogue, Minkx V, Gazelle V, ALpine IV, Borg Warner transmission gear shaft controls
E41   =E25-
E43 11/64 Hawk SIV all synchro plus o/drive, mainshaft assy
E44   =E27-
E46 4/65 Humber Sceptre, gearshaft lever foul
E47   =E29-
E48 5/65 Light car range and Hawk, all synchro g/box first speed end float
E49   =E31-
E53 8/65 Humber Sceptre, gear lever fouling console
E54   =E36-
E55 9/65 Snipe II-V and Imperial, Borg Warner DG auto
E56   =E35-
E65 6/66 Hawk IV, Super Snipe V and Imperial, BW35 models, engine/ transmisison boom
E66   =E44-
E21 2/64 Easidrive Transmission, fitting of stage II gearshaft solenoid
E22 3/64 Gazelle and Vogue, Borg Warner 35 transmissions linkage adj
E23 6/64 All LCR Models with floor gear change, gear lever sizzle
E24 7/64 Vogue and Gazelle, automatic transmission fluid, Shell Donax T6
E25 10/64 All Models except Hillman Imp, gearbox lubricants
E26 11/64 Light Car Range, gearbox weak synchromesh
E27 12/64 Light Car Range, Hawk, 4 speed all synchro gearbox sel shaft axial loading
E28 2/65 Imp and Chamois, transaxle oil leaks
E29 5/65 Light Car Range, Hawk, all synchromesh gearbox baulk ring ident
E30 7/65 Light Car Range, Hawk, all synchromesh gearbox first speed wheel end float
E31 7/65 Light Car Range, all synchro gearbox difficult engaging of 3rd and 4th
E32 8/65 Imp and Chamois, transaxle unit lubrication
E33 8/65 Light Car Range, Borg Warner 35 transmission sump magnets
E34 8/65 Imp/ Chamois, transaxle diff shaft locknuts
E35 10/65 Light Car Range, Borg Warner 35 outer clutch plates
E36 9/65 All Models, Borg Warner automatic transmission
E37 11/65 Imp/ Chamois, transaxle roller brg part no 9192132
E38 12/65 Light Car Range all synchro gearboxes change in gearbox casing etc.
E39 11/65 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, transaxle diff crown wheel bolts
E40 12/65 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, transaxle rear mtg cover
E41 3/66 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, high pitched noise from transaxle in neutral
E42 4/66 Light Car Range, Borg Warner 35 convertor drive plate bolts
E43 5/66 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, transaxle diff output shafts
E44 6/66 All Models, Borg Warner 35 transmission
E45 6/66 All Models, Borg Warner 35 oil leak from front pump
E46 6/66 Imp and Derivatives, gear control shaft vibration
E47 5/66 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, transaxle mounting cover oil leaks
E1 9/66 All models, Borg Warner 35, roll out thump
E2 9/66 Imp, Chamois and Van, diff shaft circlip and oil seal
E3 10/66 Imp, Chamois and Van, transaxle reverse selector shaft
E4 11/66 Hunter range, BW35 gear shaft linkage stiff or loose and incorrect engagement of ``L''
E5 11/66 Hunter and Vogue auto, lack of kickdown
E6 12/66 All models with Laycock OD, failure or slow to disengage
E7 12/66 Imperial, Super Snipe MkIVB, SI-V Hawk SI-III, Borg Warner DG transmission loss of top gear
E8 1/67 All models with BW35, failure of front clutch
E9 2/67 Hunter range, transmission boom
E10 3/67 Imp, Chamois Sport, Californian, Van, transaxle synchro hub sleeve assy
E11 3/67 Imp and derivatives, gear change flex coupling alignment
E12 4/67 Imp range, transaxle end mtg cover
E13 10/67 Super Imp, transaxle ``in gear'' detent
E14 12/67 Super Imp, transaxle ``in gear'' detent correction
E15 12/67 Hunter and Vogue auto, lack of kickdown
E16 12/67 Imp range, diff thrust washers
E17 3/68 Imp and derivatives, intro of transaxle breather and spring ring synchro
E17 5/68 Imp and derivaties, additional information to above
E18 5/68 LCR with D type OD, overdrive replacement
E18 5/68 LCR with D type OD, overdrive replacement correction
E19 6/68 LCR and Hunter range synchro box, gear lever sizzle
E20 6/68 Minx, Gazelle VI BW35, fitting of gear lever grommet
E21 8/68 Imp range, transaxle unit
E22 10/68 Hunter range with BW35, BW35 w/selector positions 1-2-D-N-R-P
E23 22/68 All models fitter with 4-speed synchro box, LCR and Hunter, modified 3/4th selector assy
E24 12/68 All models fitter with 4-speed synchro box, locating studs, clutch housing to box
E25 12/68 Hunter range, BW35 oil cooler kit
E26 1/69 Rapier H120, gearbox mainshaft locking nuts
E27 3/69 Auto transmission models, checking of downshift valve cable adj and change speeds
E28 11/69 Imp range, transaxle main selector shaft oil seal
E29 3/70 Avenger GL, jumping out of 3rd gear
E30   Hunter and Avenger, torque converter identification
E31   Avenger, BW transmission, difficulty in operating P and 1
E32   Avenger, checking of auto transmission fluid level
E33 6/70 Hunter and Avenger, BW35 auto transmission fluid temp gauge
E34 8/70 Avenger, checking of auto transmission fluid level
E35 10/70 Avenger, gearbox extension hsg oil seal
E36 3/71 Avenger, gearbox main and input shafts
E37 4/71 Avenger, damage to BW gear indicator strip
E38 5/71 Avenger, tailshaft oil leaks
E39 7/71 Chrysler 180 auto, disengagement of selector rod at lever on box
E40 7/71 Chrysler 180 auto, transmission venting
E41 1/72 Avenger, Cricket, Sunbeam 1500, checking auto transmission fluid level BW35
E42 4/72 All models with BW35, inhibitor switch self setting
E43 5/72 All models with BW auto, approved fluids
E44 8/72 Avenger, rear cover gearbox
E45 9/72 All models with BW35, one piece governor, auto transmission
E46 10/72 Hunter, speedometer drive wheels, manual g/box non-o/d transmission
E47 10/72 Arrow and Avenger ranges, ident of gearbox parts
E48 11/72 Avenger, gearbox oil transfer tube
E49 1/73 Chrysler 180 auto, delayed upshift from 1st to 2nd gear
E50 1/73 Hunter, rear engine cross member (g/box)
E51 1/73 Avenger, rear g/box mtg
E52 1/73 Chrysler 180, Simca 1301/1501, gear lever bias spring
E53 1/73 All models with BW35, selector mechanism adj
E54 1/73 Avenger swingle carb auto, BW35 transmission
E55 1/73 Hunter BW auto, torque convertor and governor assy changes
E56   Chrysler 180, auto transmission kickdown link adjustment
E57 2/73 Imp, transaxle 2nd speed and 1/2 synchro hub assy
E58 3/73 Chrysler 180, new gear lever gaiter
E59 3/73 Avenger with BW35 auto, rod control mechanism
E60 3/73 Avenger, gearbox rear oil seal
E61 4/73 Avenger, gearbox noise
E62 4/73 Hunter (Arrow) range, speedometer drive wheels, manual g/box non-o/d
E63 6/73 Hunter with J-type o/d, Laycock overdrive
E64 6/73 All models with BW auto, converter cleaning
E65 7/73 All models with BW auto, checking fluid level
E66 8/73 Chrysler 180/ 2l, modification to the torque flite transmission
E67 8/73 Avenger with BW transmission, rod control mechanism adj
E68 11/73 Arrow and Avenger, drive plate BW35
E69 11/73 All CUK models with BW35 and 45 transmissions, transmission fluid
E70 11/73 Aventer, Hunter, governor BW35
Front Suspension
F5 10/63 Imp, suspension checks
F6 7/64 Hillman Imp, front suspension knock
F7 8/64 Hillman Imp, king pins and bushes
F9   =F4-
F4 5/65 Super Minx, Minx and Vogue, front axle carriers
F5 8/65 Light Car Range, front coil spring insulators
F6 11/65 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, greased front suspension steering swivels
F7 1/66 Light Car Range, front coil spring insulators
F8 11/65 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, front hub bearing end float
F9 8/66 Imp/ Chamois Mk I, swivel pin kit
F1 11/66 Imp and Chamois MkI, swivel pin kit and stub axle carriers
F2 1/67 S.Minx and Vogue I-IV, Gazelle V-VI, Rapier IV-V and Venezia, Scepter I-II, Husky and Cob III, Alpine IV-V, Tiger, front suspn swivel brgs
F3 3/67 Imp, Chamois, Californian, Sport, Van, suspn and strg geometry changes
F4 6/67 Imp range with greased swivel pins, podified bushes and thrust washers
F5 9/67 Hunter range, front wheel alignment (toe in)
F6 11/67 Hunter range, front suspn strut assy
F7 12/68 All models, checking of suspn geometry
F8 3/69 Imp range, modified steering arm and stub axle
F9 1/70 Hunter range, lower swivel brgs front suspn
F10 3/71 Imp, Hunter and Avenger, front hub brgs, end float and lubrication
F11 1/72 Chrysler 180, grunting noise from front suspn struts when manoevering
F12 5/72 Avenger and 1250cc deLuxe and Super, front suspn anti-roll bar deletion and associated changes
F13 8/72 Chrysler 180, front suspn tie bar outer washer
F14 12/72 Chrysler 180, front hub lubrication
F15 6/73 Avenger, brake reaction rods and bushes
F16 7/73 Chrysler 180, modified suspn specification
F17 8/73 Hunter and Avenger, knock from front supsn
F18 10/73 Chrysler 180, modified front strut
F-AV.104 1/74 Simca 1100, front suspn lower arm
Rear Axle
G6 3/64 Super Snipe IV and Hawk III, larger diff
G7 8/64 Hawk and Super Snipe, hypoid rear axle deletion of Shell Spirax HD oil from diff kits
G5 1/65 Light Car Range, rear hub oil leaks
G6 11/65 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, final drive shafts
G7 12/65 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, rotoflex couplings
G8 5/66 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, rear drive shaft universal joint
G9 8/66 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, rear hub lock washer
G1 12/66 Light Car Range except Tiger, wear of diff box hsg
G2 12/67 Imp and derivatives, Rotoflex cplg bolts
G3 12/67 Imp range, noise from rear hub area
G4 6/68 Hunter range, oil leak between rear axle breather and casing
G5 1/69 Imp range, greased universal drive shaft joints
G6 6/69 Imp range, crown wheel bolts
G7 7/69 Hunter range, axle noise diagnosis
G8 9/69 Imp range, drive shaft universal joints
G9 3/70 Avenger, excessive end float in rear axle
G10 10/70 Avenger and Hunter, axle gear noise rectifications
G11 11/70 Avenger, rear axle noise
G12 9/72 Avenger, Cricket, Sunbeam 1250/1500, rear axle noise
G13 3/73 Avenger, light axle
G14 8/73 Chrysler 180/ 2l, rear axle ratios
G15 12/73 Sceptre, Alpine, Rapier H120, pinion head markings
Suspension and Dampers
H2 2/65 Chamois, shock absorber noise
H3 4/66 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, rear springs
H9 4/66 Imp, Chamois, Van rear springs
H1 9/66 Sceptre II, Girling monotube shock absorbers
H2 12/66 Hunter and Vogue, transmission vibration
H3 1/67 Imp, Chamois and Sport, rear suspension pivot bolts
H4 2/67 Imp, Chamois and Sport, Californian, Van, rear shock absorber noise
H5 2/67 Hunter range, transmission vibration
H6 2/67 Hawk IV, S.Snipe V, Imperial (all except export and estate), rear roll bar bush noise
H7 3/67 Hunter range, rear springs three and four blade
H8 4/67 Hunter range, rear shock absorber mtg
H9 10/67 Hunter range estate, ``creak/ rattle'' from rear shock top mtgs
H10 12/67 Hunter range, transmission/ suspension vibration
H11 3/68 All models except Imp, rear spring clips damaged or misplaced
H12 5/68 Hunter range, wheel/ suspension vibration
H13 2/69 Sceptre II and Hunter, Girling Monitube shocks
H14   Hunter range, silentbloc bushes fitted to rear springs
H15 8/70 Imp, rear hub oil leaks
H16 8/72 Chrysler 180, attachment of Panhard rod to rear axle casing
H17 7/73 Chrysler 180, rear suspn changes
H18 7/73 Chrysler 180, modified rear shocks
J2 8/63 Imp, steering knock
J1 12/66 Hunter and Vogue, overriding of steering stops
J2 3/67 Hunter range, overriding of steering stops
J4 12/67 Hunter range, steering idler assy
J5 12/67 Imp range, tie rod attachment bolts
J6 3/68 Imp range, steering column top bush
J7 12/68 Hunter range, centre track rod rubbers
J8 5/68 Imp range, steering column clamp bolt
J9 5/68 Hunter range, combined steering lock and ignition sw
J10   Avenger, steering wheel removal and column end float adj
J11 8/70 Avenger, ignition and steering locks
J12 9/71 Avenger, rattle from steering column intermediate shaft
J13 3/73 Chrysler 180 and 2l, steering rack adj
J14 5/73 Avenger, steering rack
J15 7/73 Chryler 180, steering rack modifications
J16 7/73 Chrysler 180, modified steering rack and pinion assy
K10 3/64 Hawk and Super Snipe, clutch and brake pedals
K11   =K2-
K13 5/64 Alpine III, caliper anti rattle springs
K2 5/64 Singer Gazelle and Vogue, brake squeal and erratic servo assistance and noise
K3 5/64 Gazelle V, handbrake operation
K4 11/64 Gazelle V and Vogue III, self adj rear brake
K5 5/65 Imp and Chamois, brakes shoe hold down kits
K6 7/65 All Models except Imp and Chamois, clipping of handbrake cables
K7 9/65 Imp/ Chamois, brakes knocking and uneven shoe wear
K8   Minx, Gazelle, SUper Minx, Vogue, rear brake linings
K9 12/65 LCR including Sunbeam Tiger, handbrake rod attach to wheel cylinder
K10 12/65 Imp, Chamois and Van, handbrake cables
K11 3/66 All Models, Lockheed series 2 disc brake fluid
K12 6/66 Minx, Gazelle and Rapier, handbrake efficiency
K1 10/66 Hawk IV, brake servo vacuum non-return valve
K2 1/67 Hunter range, spongy or long brake pedal
K3 3/67 Imp, Chamois and Sport, Californian, Van, M.79 brake linings
K4 3/67 Imp, Chamois, Van and Sport, h/brake cables
K5 4/67 All models, brakes, preventive maintenance of hydraulic system
K6 4/67 Hunter range, front brake efficiency wet conditions
K7 4/67 Hunter range, h/brake cable rattles
K8 6/67 Hunter range, disc brake preservative
K9 6/67 Hunter range and LCR, rear brake wheel cylinders
K10 8/67 Hawk SI-III, S.Snipe SI-III, h/brake cable fouling brake pipes
K11 9/67 Hunter range, front brake squeal
    letter from Lloyd's Industries ref. Copaslip
K12 11/67 Alpine V, manually adj rear brakes
K13 2/68 New Humber Sceptre, front brake pads
K14 4/68 Hunter range, fixed wheel cyl rear brakes
K15 5/68 Hunter range, rear drum removal, fixed wheel cyl brakes
K16 5/68 Hunter range, front brake efficiency, wet weather
K17 10/68 Hunter range, servo assisted brakes
K18 10/68 All private cars and Imp van, brake and clutch fluid
K20 6/69 Hunter range (RHD), brake servo hose fouling underside of bonnet
K21 12/69 Arrow range (France and Benelux), leak from fluid reservoir level bowl
K22 1/70 Imp range, front brake back plates
K23 3/70 Hunter, brake pedal travel variation, spongy pedal
K24 3/70 Avenger, h/brake cable rattle
K25 9/71 Avenger, removal of calipers for access to disc on hub
K26 12/71 Avenger, brake master cyl build up
K27 3/72 All cars with servo assisted brakes, servo unit
K28 6/72 All models, Mopar brake fluid
K29 8/72 All models CUK, checking of brake pipe and hoses
K22 [sic] 9/72 Chrysler 180, brake pipe
K31 2/73 Chrysler 180, front disc mtg bolt torque
K32 3/73 Hunter without servo, brake squeal
K33 3/73 All models, metrication of brake components
K34   All, dust control when servicing brakes
K35 7/73 Chrysler 180 and 2l, brake specifications changes
K36 8/73 Hunter, revised Lockheed rear brake assy
K37 9/73 Chrysler 180 and 2l, front brake pad vibration and noise
K38 9/73 Chrysler 180, Master Vac brake servo
K39 1/74 Avenger with brake servo, vacuum hose routing
Wheels and Tyres
L6 11/63 Imp, tyre pressures 15/30
L7 3/64 Various 13'' wheel trim discs
L8 10/64 Imp, tyre pressures 18/30
L9 10/64 Imp, Dunlop SP41 typres and 4 1/2J wheels
L2 3/64 Various, 13 inch wheel trim discs
L3 5/65 Imp and Chamois, wheels and tyres
L4 8/65 Imp and Chamois, wheels and tyres
L5 12/65 Commer Imp Van, road wheels
L6 6/66 All Models, standard production tyres
L7 8/66 Imp Chamois and Van, excesive rear tyre wear
L14 10/66 Imp, excessive rear tyre wear
L1 1/67 All Imp models, tyre pressures during storage
L2 3/67 LCR and Hunter range, nave plate removal
L3 5/67 Imp, Chamois, Californian, Goodyear G8 tyres
L4 12/67 All models, tubeless tyre repairs
L5 2/68 All models except Imp, tyre pressures during storage
L6 3/68 Hunter range, wheels and tyres
L7 6/68 Hunter range, radial ply tyres
L8 10/68 Hunter range, radial ply tyres
L9 10/68 Rapier H120, wheel and tyre removal
L10 12/68 Hunter range, Dunlop radial ply tyres
L11 1/69 All models, alteration to tyre specification
L12 12/69 Imp, excessive rear tyre wear
L13 3/70 Avenger, Imp and Hunter, alteration to tyre specification
L14 3/70 Hunter range, Dunlop radial ply tyres
L15   Avenger, tyres approved for fitment
L16 12/70 Avenger deLuxe, Super and GL, road wheels
L17 5/71 All private cars, tyre valve extensions
L18 2/72 Avenger, deletion of spare wheel clamp
L19 5/72 All models, repair of road wheels
L20 5/72 Hunter, road wheels and nuts
L21 6/72 Avenger estate, HD suspn, tyre specification
L21A 11/72 Avenger estate, HD suspn, tyre specification
L22 3/73 Chrysler 180 and 2l, 14'' road wheels
L23 5/73 All models fitted with ``Rostyle'' wheels, Dunlop ``Styled'' wheels, unbalanced brake drums
L24 8/73 All Simca, Chrysler 180/ 2l, nave plate distortion
L25 8/73 Imp, Avenger, Hunter, radial ply tyres, pressures
L26 9/73 All models, tyre approvals
L27 11/73 All Simca, Chrysler 180/ 2l, wheel bolt torque
Electrical System
N5 10/63 Imp, modified indicator pawl unit
N9 6/64 Rapier IV, Alpine III-IV, Sceptre I onwards, impulse tachometer cable installation
N10 7/64 =N5-
N11 9/64 Imp, inaccurate fuel gauge
N12 10/64 Imp, improved pawl unit
N22 2/66 Imp, Lucas 2TU towing relay
N5 7/64 Singer Gazelle V and Vogue II, flasher switch with delrin spring
N6 5/65 Super Minx, Vogue, Minx, Gazelle, trafficator switches
N7 6/65 All Models except Husky III and Cob III, water temp gauge and fuel gauge innacuracy
N8 8/65 All Models, damage when boost charging or arc welding
N9 8/65 Imp/ Chamois, interior light
N10 9/65 All Models, negative earth electrical systems
N11 11/65 Imp and Chamois, direction indicator/ horn switch
N12 11/65 use of slave battery on a car fitted with an alternator
N13 2/66 All Models, caravan and trailer lighting
N16 6/66 Alpine, Rapier, Vogue, Sceptre, alternator securing bolts
N17 6/66 Imperial, Snipe, Hawk, etc., trafficator switches
N1 2/67 Hunter, New Vogue, Minx and Gazelle, plug and socket connectors
N2 11/67 Hunter range, speedometer complaints
N3 11/67 All models fitted with alternators negative earth, fluctuation of ammeter needls/ ignition warning light
N4 11/67 Hunter range, engine unit earthing
N5 11/67 Hunter range, Alpine V, Sceptre II and Rapier V, corrosion of temp transmitter unit
N6 4/68 New Sunbeam Rapier, tachometer wiring
N7 6/68 Imp range, windscreen washer, T-piece
N8 6/68 Imp range, wiper wheel boxes
N9 6/68 Hunter range, intro of new elec equipment
N10 10/68 Hunter range, 16AC alternator control unit
N11 10/68 New Imp range, new elec equipment (MkIII dashboard)
N12 3/69 Hunter range, 16AC alternator high charging rate
N13 5/69 All models, road vehicles (h/lamp) regulations 1968
N14 6/69 All models equipped with alternator, uncontrolled voltage resulting in damage to lights, radio, etc.
N15 11/69 Hunter, H120, Sunbeam Arrow, Alpine, alternator warning light flashing with battery fully charged (16AC model only)
N16 3/70 Avenger range RHD, noisy speedo cables
N17   All models except Avenger, positioning of starter motor inspection cover
N18   Avenger range, windscreen washer
N18A 6/70 Avenger range, windscreen washer
N19 6/70 Avenger deLuxe, Super and Grand Luxe, ignition timing hc engines
N20 7/70 Avenger deLuxe and Super, C40 dynamo harness fouling manifold
N21 3/71 Avenger range, horns, poor earth
N22 3/71 All models with ACR alternator, alternator external connections
N23 5/71 Avenger range, ignition timing
N24 5/71 Avenger deLuxe, Super, GL, sparking plugs
N24A 7/71 Avenger deLuxe, Super, GL, sparking plugs
N24B 8/71 Avenger deLuxe, Super, GL, sparking plugs
N25 7/71 Hunter and Avenger fitted with 16ACR alternator, fault diagnosis
N26 8/71 All passenger cars, rapid battery discharge
N27 9/71 Chrysler 180, spark plugs
N28 12/71 Imp, Avenger, Hunter fitted with voltage and current regulators, contact corrosion
N29 7/72 Avenger, Cricket and Sunbeam 1250/1500, pre-engaged starter motor
N30 8/72 Chrysler 180, charge/ discharge warning light glowing
N31 8/72 All models, Lucas RB340 control boxes
N32 10/72 Chrysler 180, reversing lights slow in operation
N33 10/72 Chrysler UK models, Lucas dynamo brush gear noise
N34 10/72 Avenger GL and GT, radio mounting panel
N35 10/72 Avenger and Sunbeam 1250/1500, Femsa dynamos
N36 11/72 All models with inertia starters, starter solenoids
N37 11/72 Avenger, AC Delco alternator
N38 1/73 All models, reverse polarity of battery connection
N39 1/73 Chrysler 180, stop light switch adjustment
N40 2/73 All models with Lucas 16 ACR alternator, 14TR regulator and surge protection device
N41 3/73 Chrysler 180, 35A alternator
N42 3/73 Chrysler 180 and 2l cars, head lamp beam dip
N43 6/73 All models fitted with alternators, damage from emergency starting with jump leads
N44 7/73 All models, Mopar batteries
N45 7/73 Imp and Avenger, Femsa dynamos
N46 8/73 Avenger with rectangular speedos, Veglia instruments
N47 9/73 Chrysler CH, heated rear window
N48 10/73 Hunter and Avenger with Lucas 4FR headlamp, replacement
N49 10/73 All Simca models, Chrysler 180 and 2l, clectrical relays
N50 11/73 All models with Lucas ACR alternator, faulty diagnosis
N51 11/73 Simca 1501, quartz halogen headlamps
N-AV.102 1/74 Simca 1000 Special and Rallye I, windscreen wiper motor and wiring
O15 3/62 Imp, paint codes
O18 12/62 Super Minx window regulators
O22 6/63 All new, removal of protective wax
O23 9/63 Imp, stowage of tool kit
O28 4/64 All models, exterior paint colour index
O29 4/64 Minx SV, front seat re-location
O30 5/64 All models, door lock lubrication
O31 5/64 Minx V, Husky III, Cop III and Super Minx, instrument panel transfers
O32 5/64 Hillman Imp, facia rattles/ creaking
O33 12/64 Imp, Tartan red paint code error
O16 4/64 All Models, exterior paint colour index
O17 4/64 Singer Gazelle V, front seat re-location
O18 5/64 All Models, door lock lubrication
O10 12/64 Imp and Chamois, tartan red paint coding
O20 2/65 Chamois, exhaust fume entry
O21 6/65 Super Minx and Vogue Estate, backlight stay failures
O22 8/65 Imp and Chamois, battery corrosion of inner wing panel
O23 9/65 All Models, exterior paint colour code numbers
O25 3/66 Imp, Chamois, Sceptre, Vogue, Alpine, front seat cushion cover stretched
O27 5/66 Imp, Chamois and Imp Van, door locking handle key shutter
O28 6/66 All Models, Seelastik SR.51 sealing compound
O30 8/66 Super Minx and Vogue Estate, backlight hinge seizure
O43 1/66 All models, window regulators inoperative
O44 3/66 Imp, Chamois, Sceptre, Vogue, Alpine front seat cushion cover
O45 4/66 Vogue, Minx, Sceptre plenum chamber scuttle leaks
O46 5/66 Imp, Chamois, Van door lock shutter
O1 9/66 Hunter and Vogue, rear number plate position
O2 10/66 All models, exterior paint colour code numbers
O3 10/66 Hunter and Vogue, instructions when removing protective wax
O4 11/66 Hunter and Vogue, door check strap nylon rollers
O5 11/66 Hunter and Vogue, insufficient head room
O6 1/67 Alpine V and Tiger 260, windscreen water leaks
O7 3/67 Imp, Chamois and Sport, backlight water leaks
O8 3/67 Alpine V and Tiger II, poor fit of soft top hood
O9 3/67 All models, suitable cleaning material for passenger cars
O10 4/67 Californian, luggage compt lock cover
O11 4/67 Sunbeam and Chamois Sport, seat cushion collapse
O12 5/67 Hunter and Imp range, re-sealing windscreen and backlight
O13 5/67 Hunter range, sharp edges at top rear corner of front doors
O14 5/67 All models, underbody seal part no. 5240276
O15 5/67 Hunter range, water leaks, front screen/ bulkhead
O16 6/67 Hillman Husky, wind noise from sliding side windows
O17 8/67 Hunter range, water leaks under door trim pads
O18 8/67 Hunter range, door private lock barrel retention spring
O19 9/67 Hunter range estate, tailgate
O20 9/67 Hunter range, front crossmember to chassis frame, weld nut adrift
O21 11/67 Hillman Husky, rear seat retaining bolt
O22 11/67 Hunter range, additional headroom
O23 11/67 All models, de-waxing
O24 12/67 Hunter range, insecurity of bonnet lock fixings
O25 12/67 All Models, exterior paint colour code numbers
O26 12/67 Californian, Stiletto, Chamois coupe, windscreen and rear window weatherstrip mldg
O27 12/67 Hunter range, replacement of sound insulation pads
O28 3/68 New Sceptre, re-fitting of wheelarch trim
O29 3/68 New Rapier, front seat height adjustment
O30 3/68 All models, removal of SR51 sealing compound
O31 3/68 New Rapier, rectification of windscreen or backlight water leaks
O32 4/68 Hunter range, bulkhead water leaks
O33 5/68 Runbeam Rapier, door rattles
O34 6/68 New Rapier, wind noise
O35 6/68 New Rapier, windscreen mldg spring clip releasing tool
O36 6/68 Hunter range, bulkhead water leaks
O39 10/68 Husky and Van, rear door lock
O40 11/68 Sunbeam Rapier, (i) difficult door closure and high button pressures (ii) door window glass not seating correctly on aperture seal
O41 12/68 1969 Hunter range, glade green metallic (code 132)
O42 12/68 Hunter range, door aperture seals
O46 5/69 Rapier H120, body side flash
O47 5/69 Hunter range, adjustment of doors
O48 5/69 All models, safety belts, correct adjustment
O49 10/69 Home: Rapier and H120; Export: Alpine GT and coupe, distortion of rear parcel tray
O50 11/69 Sunbeam Rapier and Holbay, replacement of direct glazed screens and side windows
O51 12/69 All models, removal of protective wax
O52 1/70 All models, removal of industrial fall-out from paint finishes
O53 2/70 Avenger range, low bake re-finishing of painted surfaces
O55 3/70 All models, protrusion of aluminium particles through metallic paint film
O56 3/70 Avenger, difficult door closure
O57 3/70 Avenger, back board front seat squab
O58 5/70 Avenger, re-sealing front wings
O59   Avenger, sharp edges at top rear corner of front doors
O60 6/70 Hunter, water leak under door trim pads
O61 7/70 Avenger and Hunter, heated rear window toughened type
O62 9/70 Avenger GL, exterior door handles
O63 11/70 All models, ultra-sonic leak detectors
O64 3/71 Avenger, front wing removal/ replacement
O65 3/71 Avenger with single carb, operating shaft grommet in bulkhead
O66 3/71 Avenger, weather shields Sunway folding fabric roof
O67 3/71 Imp range, water leak through floor
O68 4/71 Avenger, front door interior lock sticking
O69 4/71 Avenger, water leaks into boot
O70 5/71 Avenger, stowing of tools
O71 5/71 Chrysler 180, head rests
O72 7/71 Avenger, screen water leaks
O73 8/71 Avenger and Chrysler 180, use of bumper bkt eyes
O74 9/71 All models, door closure
O75 10/71 All models, spot repairing of paint work
O76 2/72 All models, blend in clear technique
O77 4/72 All models, automatic car washer, hydroflouric acid
O78 5/72 All models, oven baked paint repair, removal of plastic parts
O79 5/72 All models, protective spray wax for transit and storage
O80 6/72 Avenger, Taga door locks
O81 10/72 Arrow and Imp range, fitting of seat belts
O82 2/73 Avenger, front wing
O83 2/73 Avenger, howl from air extractor vents
O84 2/73 Chrysler 180, rear seat squab
O85 3/73 Chrysler 180, modified front seat
O86 3/73 Hunter and Avenger, 4-door and estate, drop - glass bottom channel
O87 3/73 Avenger 2-door, seat belts
O88 3/73 All models, Wingard seat belts
O89 7/73 Avenger, windscreen sealing
O90 7/73 Avenger, bonnet hinges
O91 7/73 All models, under body protection
O92 7/73 Imp, Avenger estate, Hunter saloon and estate, rear seat
O93 8/73 All models, cleaning nylon fabric seating material
O94 8/73 Avenger, pressure sensitive side stripes
O95 8/73 All models, sun roofs
O96 9/73 Hunter and Avenger, water leaks
O97 9/73 Chrysler 180 and 2l, new rear light mtg surrounds
O98 9/73 Chrysler 180 and 2l, door lock adjustment
O99 9/73 All models, cash repairs
O100 11/73 Chrysler 180 and 2l, door mounted mirror
  12/73 All models, paint colours 4 series (K)
O3 4/74 Avenger, water leaks through plenum chamber
P3 1/63 All models, Shell silicone MS.4 and CFC.42
P1 6/68 All models, intro of Shell Super 100 and 101
P2 6/68 Models fitted with Lockhead brakes, Series 329 disc brake fluid
P3 5/69 Auto transmission models, Shell Donax T7 ATF
P4 5/71 All models, brake/ clutch fluid contamination
P5 12/72 All models, use of spray lubricants
Oil Seals and Bearings
Q   no bulletins found for this section
Heater and Accessories
R5 3/64 Various, Rootes automatic safety belts
R6 3/65 Super Minx, Vogue and Sceptre, heater hose foul
R9 4/64 Imp, freezing of washer bottle
R10 5/64 Hillman Imp, heater and demister inefficiency
R1 9/66 Hunter range, special accessory wing mirrors
R2 2/67 All models, Irving safety belts
R3 3/67 Hunter, Imp, Alpine, Tiger, Sceptre II and Rapier V, care of safety belts
R3 3/67 Imp and Gazelle, correction
R4 4/67 Hunter range, heater unit rattles
R5 4/67 Hunter range, safety belt installations
R6 5/67 Imp range, safety belt floor anchorages
R7 7/67 Hunter range, deletion of heater hoses (hot climate)
R8 8/67 Hunter, Imp, Alpine (home market), safety belts fitted in production
R9 3/68 Imp range, heater leaks
R10 2/69 Imp range, heater control valve
R12 11/69 Imp range, magnetic safety belts
R13 11/69 All models, radio interference suppression
R14 5/71 Chrysler 180, accessories, wing mirrors and seat belts
R15 10/71 All models, radio interference suppression
R16 3/72 Rapier and Alpine coupés, wing mirrors
R17 1/73 All models, quartz halogen rectangular fog and driving lamps
R18 3/73 Chrysler 180, modified heater unit
R19 9/73 All models, vinyl repair kit
R20 10/73 Imp range, heater control valve
Special Tools
S1 9/63 Imp, brake adjusting spanner
S1 3/65 Special tools, torque wrench calibration
S2 8/66 Minx, Gazelle, Rapier, Alpine, Tiger, lifting jacks
S1 6/73 Hunter and Avenger, gearbox tail cover and rear axle pinion oil seals

Bulletins and Technical Fact Sheets from the PT-Talbot-Chrysler period to 1982 follow a different sequence of numbered sections. We do not have a complete set.

Section-Number Date Description
    Engine Units (ident)
4/78 June 1978 Technical Topics
4/79 June 1979 Technical Topics
OO-2 10/80 Location and use of serial nos.
11-3 4/78 Avenger, Sunbeam head bolts
11-5 8/80 Alpine etc. main brgs
11-T2 5/82 Alpine etc. timing chain and sprocket
11-T7 11/72 Technical Circular, Alpine cam sprocket dampening ring
12-1 8/78 Simca 1100, spherically jointed exhaust
12-2 8/78 Avenger fuel pickup pipe filter
14-2 1/80 Avenger cooling fan switch
14-3 1/80 Avenger sump oil level sensor
14-5 4/80 Alpine etc. A-series alternator
14-7 2/81 Alpine etc. Alternator built-in regulator
14-9 10/79 Alpine etc. Alternator and control box
21-2 4/78 Simca 1100 B&B clutch
21-2 4/81 All clutch operation and lubrication
21-3 1/79 Alpine, Ranch, Baghera 19mm clutch
22-2 4/78 Avenger series 7-8 gearbox
22-4 3/79 Avenger roller brg gearbox
22-5 10/81 Alpine AC gearbox 5th speed assy
22-T1 3/82 Alpine, Solar new synchromesh
22-T6 8/82 Horizon gearbox spec
24-T1 2/82 Horizon etc. auto transmission
31-2 3/80 1100, Rancho etc. front and rear torsion bar
31-3 10/81 Avenger suspension changes
31-4 9/78 Avenger suspension
32-1 4/78 Avenger 7-8 Y rack and pinion steering
33-4 4/78 Simca rr brake cyls
34-1 5/78 Alpine alloy wheels
34-3 9/79 Avenger, Sunbeam, Hunter, Imp road wheels and nuts
40-6 5/79 Sunbeam, Horizon, Rancho h-lamp dip beam conversion
40-7 6/79 Avenger screen washer pump and bottle
40-8 6/79 Avenger tailgate wash-wipe
50-2 1/80 Alpine front no.plate fixing
50-6 8/78 Sunbeam roller type tonneau
50-8 4/81 Alpine, Solara re-finishing coloured bumpers
50-13 5/79 Alpine vehicle lock set
50-18 10/79 Alpine bumper repair
61-1 8/78 Avenger Delanair heater matrix

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