Rootes Group Films

We list below films from Stanley Schofield and others that are in the British Pathe Archive.

Stanley Schofield Productions.

Rootes took part in many sporting events, and recorded their participation by having them filmed in 16mm format. From 1950 onwards they used Stanley Schofield Productions to carry out the filming, prior to this date it is known that films were made, but details of these films are hard to find or just not known (but see below). The following titles made by Stanley Schofield Productions (and others) are believed to be about Rootes vehicles.

See list of films on the BFI Web site here.

"x" indicates films held by Chris McGovern that have been transferred to video (VHS + Umatic). Any person who has details of other films made by the Rootes Group please inform Bob Allan or Ian Fleet. It is noticable the Alpines at Sebring are not listed, a film would have been made as it was Rootes Policy, so by whom? and what is the title? The list will be updated as more information becomes available. The dates shown are when the film was registered at the BFI, London and may not be the same as the year of the event.

Many thanks to Ian Fleet for correcting and updating the first list in Aug-Sep'2011. We will be publishing details of his forthcoming book soon.

Items marked "*" are available on DVD.

A Selection of Films from the British Pathe Archive which may be relevant to Rootes Vehicles and History.

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