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Commer Cars Limited

Commer Cars Ltd., was originally founded in 1905 for the manufacture of commercial vehicles and, by the time World War II ended had had 40 years un-rivalled experience in this field.

It was one of the first British motor firms to enter the export market and has built many "out of the ordinary" vehicles. It is on record that among its designs was a commercial vehicle with straked wheels for Patagonia, another with power-loading gear for New Zealand and a third with steel tyres and hauling drums for Siberia.

In 1926 this Company became actively linked with Humber Limited. After World War II Commers laid down a programme for a completely new range from 8-cwt vans to 12-ton petrol or diesel-engined commercial Vehicles and introduced its 1500 range in 1960. It has now one of the widest ranges of any commercial Vehicle manufacturer.

Rob Allan 2016-01-03