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Master Record Books

A number of Master Record Books survive in the Archive and are organised into Model Assembly Lists (MALs), Releases, Modifications and Amendements. These are organised as shown in the following table.

Year Releases Modifications Amendments MAL
  North Stoke North Stoke North Stoke  
B     AMB201-400, AMB401-992   AAB401-636    
C RAC001-RAC100, RAC101-RAC140G RAC5/000-RAC5/005 AMC850-1348 AMC5/256A-300 AAC1001-1327 AAC5/000-99, AAC5/100-651  
F F101A01-198A01     FMSC01-C05 FANC01-01B FASC01-C05  
G G101D01-101H02B   GMND01-H22 GMSD01-H15 GAND01-H94 GASD01-J10  
H H148B01-158B02   HMNC01-M14 HMSC01-M38 HANC01-M21 HASC01-M25 yes
3 3110A01-172J01           yes
4 4101K01-158A02           yes
5 5101K01-180L01           yes
6 6120L01-180L01            

It is interesting to note that the records for what is referred to as the North Factory (Linwood) and the Stoke Factory appear to be distinct, presumably reflecting the different parts of the production process carried out on each site.

We now simply list the first and last and a few other interesting sheets from these books. There are too many to give a complete list.

Sheet Date ECR Description
RAC001 5/3/62   Ape Saloon Series I specification
RAC100 6/9/65   MkII Hillman Imp de-Luxe Venezuela
RAC101 8/9/65   Commer Imp Van variable units
RAC140G/1 7/3/68   Bond 875 3-wheeler
RAC203 7/10/69   Conver North Factory parts lists into Folio form
RAC5/000 19/2/64   Imp Series I Engine (Stoke)
RAC5/005 1/12/65   875cc Imp Marine Engine
RAC5/007 8/8/66   875cc engine Imp Estate Car
RAC5/009 20/10/67   875cc Imp Police Car (low compression)
RAC5/011A 3/9/67   Imp Police Car (facelift)
F101A01 28/1/70    
F198A01 23/1/70    
G101D01 22/5/70    
G101H02B 27/10/70    
H148B01 27/1/71    
H158B02 9/2/72    
3110A01 1/12/71    
3172J01 21/9/72    
4101K01 11/5/73    
4158A02 8/2/73    
5101K01 20/9/73    
5180L01 23/6/75    
6120L01 10/1/75    
6180L01 no date    
AMB201 7/7/64 250/8 Hillman Imp Series I CKD body sides and roof
AMB400 24/1/66 15424 Hillman Imp MkII Folio 57
AMB401 25/1/66 15431 All models Folio 54
AMB992 5/12/69 1951 modifications to rationalise tyre pressure transfer
AMC850 11/5/66 2090 Sumbeam Imp Sport (was Super Imp GT Saloon)
AMC1348 28/1/70   Imp Models Linwood Engine
AMC5/256A 23/11/67 5786A Engine and clutch
AMC5/300 30/10/69 2105 Engine (Stoke)
FMSC01 3/12/69 2105 Engine (Stoke)
FMSC05 13/3/70 1821 change to temp. switch
GMSD01 7/4/70 2144  
GMSH15 22/2/72 6626 Engine (Stoke)
HMSC01 23/5/72 8761 3-series, re-design of stop-tail lamps
HMSM38 5/2/76   PCR14213A2
GMND01 24/3/70 3241  
GMNH22 22/3/72 8106 seat belt ``ease of use'' regulation
HMNC01 23/5/72 7914 cost saving
HMNM14 5/1/76 15146 new door assy. Imp de-Luxe
AAB401 18/1/65   Hillman Imp Saloon Folio 50
AAB636 8/10/69   Complete Imp Range BU except Van
AAC1001 12/10/66   Changes in synchro cone marking
AAC1326 28/8/69   Apex BU and CKD specification
AAC1327 no date   Complete Imp range BU except Stiletto electric clock
AAC5/000 14/1/63   Apex seris I engine specification clarification to drwg
AAC5/099 11/11/63   G.Clancy Ltd. alternative supplier of tappet
AAC5/100 11/11/63   Series I engine specification
AAC5/651 27/11/69   new Pollard w/pump brg
FANC01 20/2/70 2078 added F2 series colours POrtugal CKD
FANC01B 19/5/70 2078 new colours for 1970, F2 and G series
GAND01 16/4/70 1758 cost reduction
GANH94 10/4/72 7693 add spacer washer to bumper back bar
HANC01 15/5/72 8668 3-series colours
HANM21 9/1/76 15026 modification to reverse lamp late eng. compt. lid Super Imp
FASC01 21/1/70 1599 change to cyl. head gasket
FASC05 23/2/70 814 clarification to jig location
GASD01 10/3/70   change to UPG codes
GASJ10 22/3/72 8378 change to front hub brg. to reduce costs
HASC01 12/5/72 4674 anneal castings to avoid breakages
HASM25 27/1/76 15311 re-position reverse lamp cable

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