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Folios were used to define the ``Units'' used to build all the above separate models. Most unit numbers were the same as the folio number but with another appended number. These are similar to the numbers used for the MALs, but there does not appear to be a direct mapping. For instance the Bond 875 required unit 2A/111 (Engine Stoke) from folio 01, 37/322 (Chassis items CKD) from folio 37 and 38/322 (Body trim and hardware CKD) from folio 38. In this case all other components were supplied by Bond Cars Ltd. The Bond MAL is number 399999.

We list below the different units from Folio 53 ``Body as Delivered''. These are the different body types referenced in the MALs and required to build each model of Imp. They approximately correspond to Home, Export LHD and Export RHD for each body shape, but there are a few additions such as the 900 and Sunbeam export models which probably had different drilled holes for trim. The North American Specification (Spring Special) is also listed as a Sunbeam de-Luxe NAS.

53/301 de-Luxe RHD
53/303 de-luxe export LHD
53/304 Saloon RHD
53/305 Californian RHD
53/306 Californian export LHD (326 ?)
53/307 Husky RHD
53/310 Chamois RHD
53/311 Chamois export LHD
53/312 Sport RHD
53/313 Chamois coupe RHD
53/314 Sport RHD
53/315 Sport export LHD
53/316 Stiletto RHD
53/317 Stiletto export LHD
53/320 Sunbeam de-Luxe RHD NAS
53/323 Sunbeam de-Luxe export RHD
53/324 Sunbeam de-Luxe export LHD
53/325 Californian export RHD
53/327 Husky export RHD
53/308 Van RHD
53/309 Van export LHD
53/321 de-Luxe export RHD
53/326 Californian export LHD
53/331 Sunbeam chamois export LHD
53/332 Sport export RHD
53/333 Stiletto export RHD
53/334 Sunbeam californian export RHD
53/335 Sunbeam chamois export RHD
53/336 Sunbeam husky export RHD
53/337 Sunbeam van export RHD
53/338 Sunbeam 900 export LHD
53/329 Sunbeam van export LHD
53/340 Basic RHD
53/355 RHD
53/313 Coupe RHD
53/501 L3 de-Luxe
53/502 L3 Basic
53/503 L3 Super
53/504 L3 Sport
53/601 L4 de-Luxe
53/603 L4 Super
53/604 L4 Sport
53/701 L5 de-Luxe
53/702 L5 Basic
53/703 L5 Super
53/704 L5 Sport
53/801 L6 de-Luxe
53/803 L6 Super
53/804 L6 Sport

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