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Rolling Exemption from VED
for Vehicles over 40 years old

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Rolling Exemption from VED for Vehicles over 40 Years old.


RACT are naturally pleased to hear the announcement in the Mar'2014 Budget that henceforward there will be a rolling exemption from liability to pay Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) in respect of vehicles over 40 years old.

RACT are particularly pleased that in its announcement of this change on 19/3/2014 the Government has specifically recognised the position of the The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) and pointed to research undertaken by the FBHVC and the Historic Vehicle Research Institute.

RACT and FBHVC note however the gradually evolving European Union definition of vehicles of historic interest as being 30 year old vehicles.

We also note that the procedure introduced by DVLA to implement the announcement in the 2013 Budget of extension of exemption pre-1974 vehicles on 1st April of this year has the effect that any qualifying vehicle for which VED has already paid in respect of any month or months after 1st April this year, financial benefit from the exemption will be obtainable only from 1/5/2014.

FBHVC are questioning this administrative approach, which does not appear to reflect the 2013 Budget announcement, and will be asking if this administrative anomaly is intended by DVLA to be rolled forward along with the rolling exemption.

We are able to offer Heritage Certificates which can be used to prove the data of manufacture of your vehicle, required to claim the excemption. Full information can be found here.

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