Peter James Insurance

Peter James is Joint Managing Director of Stewart Miller and Peter James Insurance. Telephone: 0121 596 6040 or Web: He sent us this note.

Still leading the way...

When I pitched up at the Alexandra Palace Classic Car Show in 1978 with a picnic table and a couple of chairs for my insurance stand, little did I realise that some 30 years plus later I would still be providing insurance quotations at specialist vehicle shows.

In the intervening years and with a major involvement in the founding and development of two of the largest specialist vehicle insurance brokers in Europe if not the World, I have been fortunate enough to be at the heart of the movement whilst contributing significantly to numerous key product innovations. These include Agreed Value, Limited Mileage and Multi-Vehicle Options which have been developed with UK/ European Breakdown Recovery and Motor Legal Expenses as policy standards.

Now with our new company, Peter James Insurance and with long standing colleagues, David Bird and Trevor Keefe, I am once again involved in building a specialist vehicle insurance brokerage which we intend to become the best in the country. After all these years, we're pretty confident we know what the clients want.

To improve customer relations, we do not believe in automated call systems. We only employ mature, experienced staff to provide Club members with personal and individual service.

Secondly, by way of efficient use of technology, we are able to keep costs down with the resultant savings being passed on to Club members by way of reduced premiums.

In the extremely crowded market, the competitive nature of specialist vehicle insurance has resulted in massive and often ill advised marketing and advertising expenditure, which in turn has led to the necessity to increase margins to pay the high costs. By contrast, we believe in a more subtle approach to keeping the movement informed which enables us to pass on subsequent savings by way of reduced premiums.

We are firm believers in the philosophy of value for money and we are delighted to be continuing our 25 year plus relationship with the Rootes movement as one of their insurance partners. If any reader would like to discuss their insurance requirements, we would be only to pleased to hear from them. We remain the Enthusiast's Insurance Broker - and we're always here to help.