"Preserving the past for the future" Patrons: Lord Rootes, T. D. Rootes and W. B. Rootes
Registered Charity - no. 1108882

Tiger Hunt
18-22nd October, 2012

Rootes Archive Centre,
Units G151-7, Cherwell Business Village,
Southam Road, Banbury,
Oxon OX16 2SP, UK

Admission free
Light refreshments available.

Tiger Hunt, 18-22nd October 2012

From Graham Vickery
STOC Editor and Rootes Archive Centre Trustee.

On behalf of the UK Tiger community and the Rootes Archives Centre Trust I would like to put on record our grateful thanks to Buck Trippel, Tom Hall, Darrell Mountjoy, Patrick King and Bill Rogers of the C.A.T and S.T.O.A clubs for coming over here and working tirelessly at the Rootes Archive Centre for 5 days at the engineering drawings conservation "coal face".

Also to convey our gratitude for their generous donation of a large scale flat bed scanner that is capable of scanning the very large drawings (12' x3'). Digital preservation has taken a great leap forward/

We all of us have to thank two Trustees of the Archive - James Spencer and Matt Ollman for the tremendous efforts they made in re-housing the Collection (first handed over by Peugeot PSA Ltd. 8 years ago) at the new Banbury Centre and smoothing the way for the US Team visit.

Earlier research work by a couple of members of STOC revealing around 1500 Tiger engineering drawings and microfiches and Matt's Alpine work (2000) was considerably added to by the Team effort and a whole lot of sorting and re-filing was invaluable. It will take a few weeks to sort out the latest discoveries but the cache of drawings for the Alpine and Tiger must now be in excess of 4,500. A massive catalogue of the design and build of the two marques in the making!

A decent bit of research into English history, especially its ancient pubs was also achieved.

Pictorial record follows:

Mysteries of the Tubes.

Sorted Drawings Files.

20 of these AO size Cabinets.

Patrick King (STOA), Bill Rogers (CAT) GV (STOC), James Spencer (Archives Trustee), Tom Hall (STOA).

Buck Trippel (CAT) and Tom Hall with Full Body dwg with Darrell Mountjoy (CAT).

Installing the large scale flat bed scanner generously donated by Buck Trippel.

The Team - including Matt Ollman SAOC and Archive Trustee.

Putting the big beastie to use.

Lightbox capture of smaller drawings.

Sortin n Recordin.

Example drawing - yes long bolt version was for the Alpine.

To date, I'd hazard some 2,000 Tiger drawings have been located of which 80% are in a microfiche format. There's a whole lot more research to do on the Tiger at the Banbury location of the Rootes Archive Centre and I'd welcome a couple volunteers to give me a hand putting this record onto the pedestal it deserves!

Only one of the Rootes marques has been cataloged completely (The Imp, by Bob Allan, Kimberley Benoy and James Spencer); it would be great to make the Tiger and the Alpine next in line.

Full report in upcoming "Cats Whiskers" issue 89.