Rootes Group Production Records

The Archive Centre collection includes a large number of documents for Rootes Group internal use. These relate to the running of the business, its organisation and product planning. We are currently working to catalogue these documents and understand their contents.

Other internal publications were for either staff or dealers.

Rootes Review Rootes Review was a monthly magazine available to Group staff. It was published by the Public Relations Dept.

Rootes News

Rootes News was a new monthly newspaper for Rootes employees. The first edition was launched in Aug'1966 and available to more than 33,000 men and women working in the Group factories, depots and offices. This was part of an on-going review of communications to keep employees up to date with Company news and items of sporting and social interest. This did not initially replace Rootes Review, but was a cheaper and supplementary source of news allowing Rootes Review to focus more on corporate affairs.


Rootes News was replaced by Arrow, an lighter weight newspaper for all members of the Rootes Organisation and carrying the Pentastar logo.

Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Company Reports

Dealer Information