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Utility Warehouse Discount Club.

Join the Utility Warehouse Club, support us and save money!

Particularly in these difficult times, we all want to save as much as we can on our unavoidable expenditure. That's where our new partnership can help: the Rootes Archive Centre Trust has teamed up with the Utility Warehouse to offer you the benefit of their low prices and generate some income for us. The Utility Warehouse supplies over 200,000 properties in the UK with landline phone, mobile phone, internet, gas and electricity, and operates a programme that is designed to enable funds to be raised for good causes through the promotion of its utility services within local communities. The Utility Warehouse is an established provider of essential services to homes across the UK, and is part of Telecom plus PLC, a major UK company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has been trading since 1997.

The Community Fundraiser Partnership scheme we have joined is specially designed to support charities and other good causes as well as offering savings on gas, electricity, telephone, mobiles and internet. When you join the Utility Warehouse as a customer, they will pay £5 initially plus up to 5% of your monthly utility bill to us, every month. It's as simple as that. Just three easy steps:

  1. Call 0333 777 3212 quoting C12240 or go online on their Web site http://www.utilitywarehouse.org.uk/C12240;
  2. Let them help you to select the most appropriate services for your household;
  3. Sit back and enjoy the savings while the Trust benefits too!

The Utility Warehouse offers customers the opportunity to make huge savings on their essential household utilities. Customers can make unlimited free calls at any time of day, to any fixed telephone number in the UK depending on the number of different services taken (eg Home Phone, Mobile, Gas, Electricity, or Internet). The more services you take, the more money you will save. How do they make it pay? Obviously Telecom Plus is a commercially successful company, so how can they offer such a deal? And why don't more people know about them? You may not have heard of the Utility Warehouse before as they don't waste money on expensive advertising, so they can keep costs down and pass the savings they make on to their customers. Instead of expensive marketing and promotions they rely on a network of agents and their Community Fundraiser Partnership scheme for charities etc to grow their customer base.

As well as making savings on their household utilities, Utility Warehouse customers also benefit from first class customer service and the convenience of a single monthly bill. The Utility Warehouse is currently the only utility provider in the UK that can supply customers with both energy and phone services on a single monthly bill. With its unique range of utilities -- landline, mobile phone, broadband, gas and electricity -- the Utility Warehouse can simplify your household bills whilst saving you a considerable amount of time, effort and money!

But don't take their word for it, here are a couple of independent assessments: "Our supporters using the Utility Warehouse services are making annual savings averaging £150 per household. And in just eight months, we have raised over £600 for the Centre" The National Trust Hertfordshire and Essex Border Centre newsletter, Autumn 2007 "Telecom plus is a "virtual" supplier of utility services... The company has a website and a call centre, but no shops, so it can pass on the savings it makes from its low overheads to its customers. And because it offers low prices to residential and business customers -- who often buy multiple services from the company -- it has been able to grow its market share quickly. And, last year, turnover increased by 29% to £176m." Investor's Chronicle, September 2007 And Britain's leading independent consumer magazine voted the Utility Warehouse the Best Buy among home phone and broadband bundled-service providers in December 2008; the company also gained best energy supplier earlier in the year.

How does it work? You join the Utility Warehouse as a Discount Club member, which involves a monthly membership fee of just £1.76; you take as many or as few services as you choose; you get one monthly bill for all the services instead of separate bills from a range of different companies. Under their Fundraiser Partnership scheme, the Trust will receive up to 5% commission on all your monthly bills. It is really easy to enrol, you just call their award winning centre on the freephone number quoting C12240 and take it from there. Alternatively you can go to our own portal on their Web site

The Utility Warehouse staff deal with the electricity, gas and telecoms companies, so there is no hassle involved in switching over. When you join the Utility Warehouse nothing changes at your home -- you get the same gas and electricity in the same pipes and wires -- but you'll be raising money for the Trust whenever you use the phone, or make a cup of tea! We all need to buy energy and telecoms; switching to the Utility Warehouse Discount Club means you can save money and help the Archive Centre at the same time! You join the Utility Warehouse as a customer, and they give up to 5% of your bill to us, every month. That's it! It really is that simple, so it is well worth contacting them to find out how much you can save. But remember to quote our Archive Trust scheme number, C12240, when you join!