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Conversion tables.

The following general rules are explained in this book. Example: applying the rule B $\rightarrow$ 19, List number B.109164 becomes Group number 19109164 (``million'' series). See above table...

B $\rightarrow$ 19
S $\rightarrow$ 29
SC $\rightarrow$ 39
TS plus six figures $\rightarrow$ 49
TS plus five figures $\rightarrow$ 97 (? more likely 490)
SEMS units:
M plus five figures $\rightarrow$ 590
SEMS units:
M plus six figures $\rightarrow$ 59
R plus five figures $\rightarrow$ 690
R plus six figures $\rightarrow$ 69
N $\rightarrow$ 95
other numbers completely changed:
B, CB, D, DS, JP, M, N, R, S, SC, SCR, SPN, SQ, T, WS
others ditto below 1000 only:
P, W

Million series nos. to be used on all drawings from this date January 1959. P, H, K series continued to be used for numbers higher than 1000 and may now be included in the Microfiche collection.

The new numbers are listed in Books 1-4 except for the 19-- numbers noted above.

Part Nos. Title Date Comments
  Rootes Group standards alphabetical group from index Apr'63 6 sheets
  ditto numerical index July'62 13 sheets
  conversion from standard List part nos. to ``million'' series Jan'95  
B bolts conversion   2 sheets
CB, SQ, D conversion    
DS conversion   2 sheets (no.2 missing)
N conversion nuts   2 sheets
P conversion pins plugs etc.   3 sheets
Scr conversion   3 sheets
TS, JP conversion   2 sheets
W washers conversion   2 sheets
WS wood screw conversion   3 sheets
  summary of million series Group nos. and old standard nos. not including coded nos.   3 sheets
  ditto second set (master record)   3 sheets
95-- code system for nuts UNF UNC   sheet no.1
96-- ditto BA BSF BSW BSP 4/2/64 2
964-- coach bolts BSW   3
966-- spring washers (cancelled)   4
966-- tooth lock washers (cancelled)   5
967-- cup washers   6
980-- plugs and sealing discs   8
981-- hollow tension pins (withdrawn)   9
982-- taper pins   10
983-- split pins   11
984-- Mills pins and studs   12
985-- screw nails   13
9857-- hardened drive screws   14
9859-- nut retainers (for decoding)   15
986-- escutcheon pins   16
986-- wire grips   17
9869-- wire box nails   18
987-- panel pins   19
987-- square cut tacks   20
988-- screw eyes   21
988-- staples for wire netting   22
9888-- (plain) staples flat wire   23
9888-- (insulated) staples flat wire   23
190-- hex head bolts or set screws BA BSF BSW   24
19-- ditto UNF UNC   25
390-- machine screws BA BSF   26
39-- ditto UNF UNC   27
  ditto amended Jan'63  
39-- ditto (not officially released)   27A
490-- thread cutting screw BA BSW   28
49-- ditto UNF UNC Type 25 5/2/64 29
590-- SEMS screws BA BSF   30
69-- rivets solid semi-tubular and bifurcated 5/2/64 31
79-- wood screws   32
  Group no. conversions machine screws (original $\rightarrow$ revised) Jun'63 3 sheets
Group A summary of part no. conversions. List shows location in old standards manuals   5 sheets
Group B     6+2 sheets
Group C     9 sheets
Group D     10+1 sheets
Group E     10+3 sheets
Group E ditto (advance copies not officialy released)   10+2 sheets
  summary of million series Group nos. to old part nos. (new $\rightarrow$ old)    
Group A+B     11+1 sheets
Group C     10 sheets (some missing)
Group D     10 sheets
  hand written (advance copies)   2 sheets
Group E (advance copies)   11 sheets
  (blank sheets)   4 sheets
Group F (misc) fan belts    
Group F (misc) sparking plugs    
Group F (misc) nylon tube assys    
  keys, ignition door etc. Aug'63  
  page deleted    
Group F plain cylindrical sintered bushed    
Group D rivets (blind assy) Nov'63  
Group D cup plugs Nov'63  
Group F sealing discs    
Group F spring and ball latches    
Group A+B summary of million series Group nos. and old part nos.   sheet 12
Group A+B 9217--, 9784--   reverse side
Group A+B 9217--    
Group A+B 9784--    
Group C 9070--    
Group C 9090--    
Group C 9102--    
Group C 9107--    

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