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Finish Specifications - List 40A

This is List 40A, re-issued in 27/9/1965. Initially the pages were not numbered, but have had pencil numbers added to them which are the ones used below.

Its introduction notes that ... this manual is made up of standards lists covering two categories of items:

  1. coventional standard parts of the type dealt with by National Standards, and
  2. parts in common use... They are included in the standards manual as a guide.

The Group Part Numbers of all standard parts are within the 9 million series... with the exception of certain parts for which the second number will always be 9, e.g. 29-- Each of the standards lists carries an identifying number comprising the first four digits of the Group Part Number... to the List Number is added in brakets the Sheet Number, thus 9068(1).

Check List

With List No., issue no., date and latest amendment. 9151(1) - 9169(1), May'60 - June'66.

Finish Specification Revision

A letter written by L.L. Dyer on 1/5/1967.


  1. Finish symbols, Apr'1967
  2. Choice of finish
  3. Significant finish
  4. Normal viewing
  5. Cleanliness before treatment
  6. Protection of parts during transit
  7. Approval methods of process
  8. Reference samples
  9. Final appearance
  10. Testing procedure
  11. Distribution of finish specs


Group A1:
Decoration and/ or protective electro-deposited coatings
Group A2:
Decoration and/ or protective electro-deposited coatings and electro-chemical processes
Group A3:
Decoration and/ or protective electro-chemical processes
Group A4:
Misc. metal coatings thermal processes
Group B1:
Intermediate coatings organic
Group B2:
Intermediate coatings organic
Group B3:
Final coatings organic

Materials used

Finish Symbol Description Base Application
A1-1 nickel/ gold/ lacquer zinc base interior or exterior
A1-2 nickel/ gold/ lacquer copper base interior or exterior
A1-3 nickel/ chromium steel or copper base. screws and fasteners interior
A1-4 chromium stainless steel and iron exterior
A1-5 nickel/ chromium copper interior
A1-6 nickel/ chromium copper exterior
A1-7 nickel/ chromium zinc interior
A1-9 nickel/ chromium zinc exterior
A1-10 nickel/ chromium steel interior
A1-11 nickel/ chromium steel exterior
A1-13, 13A cadmium steel or copper general
A1-14, 14A zinc steel or copper general
A1-15 nickel/ chromium plastics interior
A1-19, 19A satin nickel/ chromium steel interior
A1-20, 20A satin nickel/ chromium steel exterior
A1-21, 21A satin nickel/ chromium zinc interior
A1-22, 22A satin nickel/ chromium zinc exterior
A2-1 passivated cadmium steel or brass exterior
A2-2 passivated zinc steel exterior
A2-4 copper steel general
A2-5 copper steel carburising stop off
A2-6, 6A nickel, copper-nickel steel or brass interior
A2-7 tin steel interior
A2-8 tin steel anti-scuffing
A2-9 chromium steel sliding wear
A2-9A chromium steel sliding wear
A2-10 chromium steel engineering reclamation
A2-11 anodising aluminium chassis unit protection
A2-12 bright anodising aluminium interior
A2-13 bright anodising aluminium exterior
A2-14 bright anodising (dyed) aluminium exterior
A2-15, 15A anodising satin finish aluminium exterior
A2-16 chromating magnesium exterior
A3-1 metal colouring - interior
A3-2 bright dipping and frosting aluminium, brass interior
A3-3 tin on aluminium aluminium anti-scuffing
A3-4 phosphating steel or cast iron anti-scuffing
A3-5, 5A phosphating steel exterior
A3-6, 6A phosphating steel interior
A3-7 phosphating ferrous or non-ferrous interior
A3-8 phosphating, de-rusting and passivation ferrous general
A4-1 vacuum deposition of metal on pastic plastics interior
A4-2 vacuum deposition of metal on pastic plastics general
A4-3 galvanising steel exterior
A4-4, 4A sheradizing steel exterior
A4-5 aluminising steel exterior
A4-6 calorising aluminium steel heat resistence
A4-7 chromising steel heat resistence
A4-8, 8A metal spraying aluminium steel or iron general service and heat resistance
A4-9 metal spraying steel steel or iron engineering reclamation
A4-10 metal spraying copper steel or iron engineering reclamation
A4-11 metal spraying zinc steel or iron general
A4-12 metal spraying molybdenum steel or iron engineering reclamation
B1-1 medium weight phosphate steel exterior
B1-2 light weight phosphate steel exterior
B1-3 ultra-light weight phosphate steel interior
B1-4 phosphoric acid based rinse steel or aluminium interior
B1-6 chromate - phosphate - flouride treatment aluminium general
B1-7 etching lacquer metal general
B1-8 etching lacquer plastic interior
B1-9 wood preservative wood general
B1-10 mechanical polishing ferrous general
B1-10A mechanical polishing ferrous general and safety critical
B1-10B mechanical polishing ferrous interior
B1-11 mechanical polishing non-ferrous general
B1-11A mechanical polishing non-ferrous general and safety critical
B2-1 air drying primer steel general
B2-2 stoving primer steel general
B2-3 air drying primer wood interior
B2-5 crank case sealer steel, iron general
B2-6 spot welding primer steel general
B2-9 zinc chromate primer steel, aluminium general
B2-10 air drying primer surfacer steel general
B2-11 stoving primer surfacer steel general
B2-12 air drying sealer    
B2-13 stoving sealer    
B2-14 high temperators stoving ``rubber'' primer    
B3-1 black paint air drying steel general
B3-2 black enamel stoving steel general
B3-4 black enamel stoving steel general
B3-6 black paint air drying bitumen based steel general
B3-7 black paint air drying acid resisting steel general
B3-8 paint air drying petrol and oil resisting steel, iron under bonnet
B3-10, 10A aluminium paint, air drying, heat and non-heating resisting steel,iron general
B3-13 high gloss paint air drying steel general
B3-14 high gloss enamel low temp stoving steel general
B3-15 high gloss enamel high temp stoving steel general
B3-18 high tech laquer for wood finish wood general
B3-19 pigmented etching lacquer air drying or low temp stoving steel general
B3-20 matt finish steel general
B3-21 suede finish steel interior
B3-22 wrinkle finish steel interior

Index and dates of specification sheets

Page No. Finish No. Finish No. Date Sheets
  List 40A List 40    
8 A1-1 77 Mar'67 2
10 A1-2 - Mar'67 2
12 A1-3 3A-3B Mar'67 2
14 A1-4 60 Apr'67 2
16 A1-5 9 Apr'67 2
18 A1-6 6 Apr'67 2
20 A1-7 7 Apr'67 2
22 A1-9 8 Apr'67 2
24 A1-10 2 Apr'67 2
26 A1-11 4 Apr'67 2
28 A1-13, 13A 15/15A Apr'67 2
30 A1-13, 14A 17 Apr'67 2
32 A1-15 54 Apr'67 2
34 A1-19, 19A 1 6/3/67 2
36 A1-20, 20A - Mar'67 2
38 A1-21, 21A - 14/3/67 2
40 A1-22, 22A - Mar'67 2
43 A2-1 15/48 May'67 2
45 A2-2 17/48 May'67 2
47 A2-4 12B Mar'68 1
48 A2-5 12A May'67 1
49-50 A2-6/6A 13/19 May'67 2
51 A2-7 76T May'67 1
52 A2-8 76R May'67 1
53 A2-9/9A - Jun'67 2
55 A2-10 - Jun'67 1
56 A2-11 50 Jun'67 2
58 A2-12 List 153 Grade 1A or 2A Jun'67 2
60 A2-13 List 153 Grade 1A or 2A Jun'67 1
61 A2-14 50B Jun'67 2
63 A2-15/15A 50C Jun'67 2
65 A2-16 48 Jun'67 2
67 A3-1 32 July'67 1
68 A3-2 56 July'67 1
69 A3-3 - July'67 1
70 A3-4 61 July'67 1
71 A3-5/5A 28/28F July'67 2
73 A3-6/6A 28 July'67 2
75 A3-7 18 July'67 2
77 A3-8 - July'67 1
79 A4-1 - July'67 2
81 A4-2 - July'67 2
83 A4-3 - July'67 1
84 A4-4/4A 16/16A July'67 1
85 A4-5 - Sep'67 1
87 A4-6 - July'67 1
86 A4-7 - July'67 1
88 A4-8/8A 11A July'67 2
90 A4-9 11B July'67 1
91 A4-10 11C July'67 1
92 A4-11/11A 11D Sep'67 2
94 A4-12 - July'67 1
  Group B Intro + Notes (Paints)   May'68  
  ditto (copy)      
97 B1-1 18 Oct'67 2
99 B1-2 18 Oct'67 2
101 B1-3 - Oct'67 2
103 B1-4 - Oct'67 1
104 B1-6 - Oct'67 1
105 B1-7 - Oct'67 2
107 B1-8 - Nov'67 2
109 B1-9 - Nov'67 1
110 B1-10/10A - Feb'68 2
112-13 B1-11/11A - Feb'68 2
114 B2-1 - Nov'67 4
118 B2-2 - Dec'67 4
122 B2-3 - Dec'67 3
125 B2-5 - Dec'67 4
129 B2-6 - Dec'67 3
132 B2-9/9A - Dec'67 4
136 B2-10 - Dec'67 5
141 B2-11 - Dec'67 4
145 B2-12 - Jan'68 4
149 B2-13 - Jan'68 4
153 B2-14 - Jan'68 5
  B3-1 - Feb'68 6
  B3-2 - Feb'68 6
  B3-4 - Feb'68 6
  B3-6 - Feb'68 6
  B3-7 - Feb'68 6
  B3-8 - Feb'68 6
  B3-10/10A - Feb'68 6
  B3-13 - Mar'68 6
  B3-14/14A - Mar'68 6
  B3-15 - Apr'68 7
  B3-18 - Mar'68 3
  B3-19 - Mar'68 6
  B3-20 - Apr'68 6
  B3-21/21A - Apr'68 6
  B3-22 - Mar'68 5

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