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Supplier Parts Lists and Other

Publisher Title Date Ref
AC-Delco-Delphi   1998-99  
AC-Delco Filters 1992-93  
AC-Delco Plus40 plugs    
AC-Delco Pressure switches and temp transmitters    
AC-Delco Radiator pressure caps 1983-84  
AC-Delco Shocks 1972-3  
AC-Delco Spark plugs 2/75 01-100
AC Filters 1973  
AC Fuel pump and kits 9/85  
AC Fuel pumps etc. (photo-copy)    
AC Pressure switches 1971  
AC Stats and caps 1972-3  
AC Stats and Caps   pocket edn.
AE Bore and stroke dimensions for Glacier brgs 1983  
AE Cylinder coponents 1994 WCCC01
AE Engine parts 1989  
AE Engine valve components 1984  
AMS-GKN Pistons 1981  
AP Autolube Steering Joints 1967  
APD Body panels 5/89  
AP-Lockheed B&B Diaphragm spring clutch service manual   S227/2H
AP Lockheed Brake catalogue 1990-1  
AP Lockheed Brake catalogue 1993-4  
AP Lockheed Brake service manual    
AP-Lockheed Catalogue 1963-76 S101/12
AP-Lockheed Catalogue 1965-71 S101/9
AP-Lockheed Disc pads etc. 1980 S825/4UK
AP-Lockheed (loose pages)   9/1979
AP-Lockheed Shocks   S804/2
AP-Lockheed Strg + suspn joints 1963-79 S190/3
AP-Lockheed Strg + suspn joints 1981 S190/34UK
AP Purolator 1974-5  
Arman pocket edn. 1981 2 books
Armstrong Shocks   Issue 24
Armstrong Strut repair cartridges pocket edn.  
Belaco Water pumps 1987  
Bergacryl Product information Jan'1970  
Berger Car colours 1957-70  
Berger Car colours 1957-70  
Berger Car colours 1963-75  
Berger Car colours 1963-81  
Boots Audio 1981  
Borg and Beck catalogue 1963-81  
Borg and Beck catalogue 1970  
Borg and Beck catalogue 1992-3  
Borg and Beck Clutch cover assy 195  
Borg and Beck Clutches   248/5M/0951
Borg and Beck Clutch plates 1965  
Borg and Beck Service Manual (2x copies)    
Bosch Spark plugs 1992-3  
Brivec Components for Hillman Minx, Commer (+1 copy) 1961  
CBS Locking petrol caps   AU 111 1172/L
Champion Double Copper, the facts 1988  
Champion Plugs 1986  
Champion Plugs SP1    
Champion The Facts 1986  
Champion   pocket edn.  
Commercial Ignition     MC6510
Crosland Filters   HRJ3
Dunlop Tyre fitments   B06815
Dunlop Tyre sizes 1938-58 May'58
Dunlop Tyre sizes 1945-61 Jan'61
Dunlop Car tyre fitments 1952-63 BO63/6
Dunlop Accessories 1/1/71  
Dunlop Car van and truck tyre price list 3/4/72  
Durite   1972  
Durite Auto electrical 2014  
Edmunds Walker Ancillary engine parts 9/1988  
Ferodo Fan belts 5/75 1295
FRAM Filters cross reference    
FRU (Smiths) Speedos, tachos, etc.   S5611/1
FRU (Smiths) Speedos, tachos, etc.   S6518/780
Gabriel Shock absorbers 1996  
Girling Brake and clutch 1962 on G320
Girling Brake and clutch catalogue 1962-72 G200
Girling Brake and clutch   G320/4
Girling Brake parts 1972-81 G600/1
Girling Shocks Feb'1972  
Girling Shocks   G311/3
Girling Shocks   G311/4
GKN Masterparts catalogue 1982-85  
GKN Masterparts shocks Mar'1983  
Glacier Bearings 1968  
Glacier Bearings 1983  
Glacier Replacement bearings 1976  
Hadrian Car panels 5/94  
Hadrian Factor price list 5/94  
Halfords   1966  
Halls International gaskets 1981 C6
Halls Gaskets pocket edn. 1969? 69/25
Harmo Rad hoses and w-pump services    
Harmo Steering parts    
Hella Accessories 9/84 ?  
Hepolite Catalogue (photo-copy) 1960  
Hepolite-Wellworthy-AE Pistons and liners 1982  
Hepolite-Wellworthy Pistons and liners 1973  
Hepolite-Wellworthy Pistons and liners 1982  
Hitachi In-car entertainment 10/80  
Imperial Car panels and lamps 11/93  
Intermotor Ignition Parts 1989  
Intermotor Price list   R35
Laycock GKN Clutch applications 1986  
LMC Hadrian Parts (panels) Jan'94  
Lockheed Applications list 1965 S101/3
Lockheed Applications list 6/67 S101/5
Lockheed Applications list 8/64 S101/2
Lockheed Disc brake systems service manual   S114/32
Lockheed Hydraulic service units service manual   L1399/3M/0661
Lockheed Strg and suspn service 1935-72  
Lockheed Twin leading shoe commercial hydraulics service manual   S109/2
Lockheed Twin leading shoe hydraulics service manual   L1193/5M/1060
Lucas Accessories    
Lucas Auto electrical fault diagnosis 1986 2M/686/PG
Lucas Brake and clutch hydraulics 1994 XDB550
Lucas Brake discs and drums 1992 G661
Lucas Catalogue 1982  
Lucas-CAV assorted brochures 1980s  
Lucas-CAV Chrysler UK 1971  
Lucas-CAV Chrysler UK (2 copies) 1972  
Lucas-CAV Chrysler UK (2 copies) 1973  
Lucas-CAV Equipment, Spare parts, Master catalogue   400E
Lucas-CAV Hillman, Humber, etc. 1958  
Lucas-CAV Rootes 1962  
Lucas-CAV Rootes 1963  
Lucas-CAV Rootes 1965  
Lucas-CAV Rootes 1966  
Lucas-CAV Rootes 1967  
Lucas-CAV Rootes 1968  
Lucas-CAV Rootes 1969  
Lucas-CAV Rootes 1970  
Lucas-CAV Service Installation Digest 1970  
Lucas Equipment, Minx Magnificent (2 copies) 1950  
Lucas Exchange rotating machines 2004  
Lucas Exchange rotating machines Jan'2000 XCB197C
Lucas Fast movers 1969 725
Lucas Fast sellers Jan'65 725
Lucas Flasher units 1992 XCB631C
Lucas Hillman, Humber, etc. 1952  
Lucas Hillman, Humber, etc. 1953  
Lucas Hillman, Humber, etc. 1955  
Lucas Master List new numbers for old   XKB151
Lucas Master List vehicle x-ref   XKB150
Lucas Motoring essentials   2035
Lucas New numbers for old    
Lucas Parts 1966-76  
Lucas Parts for cars 1978 30M/278/AGW
Lucas Parts for cars 1978 70M/1978/HPG
Lucas Solenoids 1987 XCB300A
Lucas Starter pinions 1988 XCB303
Lucas Supplement, fast sellers 9/65 725
Lucas Where to get service   20238
Lucas Ign parts for older vehicles 1930-70 XCB413A
Melbros Panels 11/82  
Michelin Cycle... tyres price list 1/8/73  
Mintex Brake catalogue 1977  
Mintex Brake pad identification chart   Tech.20A
Monroe Shocks 1983  
Mopar Electrical 1979  
Moprod Transmission parts July 1986  
Motaquip catalogue (14x sections)   c.1983-4
Motaquip cross reference quites    
Motaquip Wiper blades Summer'83  
Motorcraft   10/87  
Motorcraft Applications chart    
Motorcraft Catalogue 1972  
Motorcraft Oil, air, fuel filters 1/93  
Motorcraft (photocopy)    
Motorcraft Spark plugs 1972  
NGK Spark plugs 1992-3  
Payen Gaskets guide 1977 C4
Payen Oil seals   11/06
Payen Oil seals (+1 copy) Mar'1978 8/09
Philips Car radio catalogue 1980  
Pioneer Car audio (Italian) 1980  
Pop-on Body Spares    
Pop-on Trade prices 12/94  
Pop-on Trade prices 3/94  
Power Train Products   142127-1
Power Train Products c.1991 152368-6
PT Exchange alternators and starters Autumn 1981  
PT Exchange alternators and starters Summer 1984  
PT Exchange radiators   Spring 1983
QH Exhaust application guide (2 parts)    
QH exxhaust systems Oct'1982  
QH Parts catalogue (10x assorted) 1984-90  
QH Shackles pins and bushes   SC7203
QH Silencers application guide    
QH Water pumps   WP7110
Radiomobile various A5 brochures    
RHP Bearing applications 1979  
Saltofix Panels 8/89  
Saltofix Trade Prices 12/88  
Saltofix Trade Prices 8/90  
Sandalloy Water pumps 1989  
Schroeder Tyre valves and services June 1971 71GB
Serck Bumper bar catalogue 1971  
Sharp The Sound Travellers (2 copies)    
Shell Avenger service guide   180PC
SilentBloc Flexible bearings    
SKF Bearings data    
SKF Replacement brg data 1973 GB605
Smiths Care of Instruments 9/58  
Smiths Care of Instruments Feb'65 S1347/6
Smiths Care of Instruments Mar'66 S1347/7
Smiths Care of Instruments (copy) 2/65  
Smiths Flexible drives    
Smiths Small gauges (photo-copy) 1984  
Smiths Small instruments 1984 1073
Smiths Supplementary Instrument fitting instructions (copy)    
Smiths Supplementary instruments Aug'1969 S4954/2
Smiths Supplementary instruments Feb'1970 S4954/3
Smiths Supplementary instruments Mar'1961 S1393
Smiths Supplementary instruments   S5731
Speedograph Master catalogue 1973  
Speedograph Master catalogue date ?  
SU-Burlen Performance Catalogue 9/95 ALT9524
TEX Catalogue Oct'72  
TJ Filters   23
Tranco Valves guides springs   27
Trico     3rd edition
Trico Arms and blades Jan'1972  
Trico Wiper blades 2005  
TRW catalogue 2004  
TRW Tranco valves 10/80  
TRW Tranco valves 1982  
TRW-Tranco Valve springs 6/81  
TRW-Tranco Valve springs 6/81  
Unipart exchange alternator and starter Mar'2006 MMM1113/06
Unipart Strg and suspn Mar'93 MMM1151/93a
Unipart Surefire 8/90 MMM1604
Valentine Car colour guide 1982  
Valentine Colour service 1981  
Vandervell Bearings, bushes, thrust washers   105
Vandervell Brgs, bushes, thrust washers interchange list    
Vandervell Engine bearings   115
Vandervell Engine + Chassis bushes   B101
Vandervell-GKN Cylinder liners   L203
Vandervell-GKN Piston rings   PR700
Vandervell-GKN Pistons   P102
Veng Panels catalogue (2 copies) 1993-4  
Veng Price list 10/93  
Veng Price list 3/90  
Veng Price list 3/94  
Veng Price list 9/91  
Willment Shrunk-on flywheel ring gears 4/8  
Woodhead Shocks 1969-70  
Woodhead Shocks 1980 ?  
Woodhead Shocks 1983 ?  
Woodhead Shocks 1993  
Woodhead Shock absorbers pocket edn.  
XL Racks and boxes 1/6/93  
Zenith Carburettor Schedules Commer, Minx, Alpine, S-T, Sunbeam c.1961 various

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