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General Motoring Books

Book Author Publisher Date or Ref
Car Numbers Noel Woodall Galaxy Publications 1988
Car Numbers Noel Woodall Garnstone Press 1969
Glass's Car Check Book   Glass 1946-60
Glass's Car Check Book   Glass 1939-59
Glass's Car Check Book   Glass 1967-76
Glass's Car Check Book   Glass 1960-69
Glass's Guide to Car Values   Glass July 1970
Book of Automobiles Voller and Alexander Observers 1978
Book of Automobiles   Observers 1974
Book of Automobiles   Observers 1972
Book of Automobiles Manning Observers 1969
Cars of the Rootes Group G.Robson MRP 1990
The Commer Story G.Caverhill Crowood 2002
Hillman and Singer R.Ward Zeteo 2010
Number Plates D.Moss Shire 2003
Imp Gearboxes   Bookmarque 1998
Dream for Linwood R.J.Allan Bookmarque 1991
Works Wonders M.Chambers MRP 1995
Rootes Commercials Henshaw Crecy 2012
Rootes Brothers J.Bullock P.Stephens 1993
Motor Repair A.J.Cohen Newnes 1962-4
RAC Handbook   RAC 1973
RAC Handbook   RAC 1984
Auto electrics J.Joselyn, B.Croft Newnes 1984
Tuning for Economy and Performance D.Rowlands Autobooks 1975
Electrical Systems D.Rowlands Autobooks 1975
Bodywork Maintenance and Repair P.Browne Autobooks 1975
How to Paint Classic Cars M.Thaddeus Veloce 2006
Automobile Electrical T.Tranter Haynes 1983
Electrical and Electronic A.Tranter Haynes 1995
Plastic Modeller's Compendium K.Barber Argus 1991
Bodywork Restoration TCC Temple 1985
``Smash'' E.Jensen Skania 1979
Help Yourself J.Mills Duckhams 1973a
Home Wiring G.Burdett Foulsham 1985
From Craigantlet to Monte Carlo R.Adams Peninsula  
British Family Cars of the 1950s-60s A.Pritchard Shire 2010
Motor Industry magazine     June 1951
Metal Joining Techniques T.Fairweather Osprey 14 1988
Working with Metal R.H.Warring Haddocks Project Book 112 1973
Motor Electrical   Temple 1943
Care of Tyres   Firestone  
Car Repairs B.C.MacDonald Paperfront 1968
Auto Mechanics J.Mills Daily Mirror 1965
Car Bodywork S.F.Page Letts 1971
Schoolboy's Pocket Book C.Wallace Evans 1964
Car Care   Castrol 1959
Car Care   Castrol 1962
Encyclopedia of Classic Cars D.Lillywhite Amber 2007
Motor Racing Drivers Past and Present Sallon Shell-BP printed copy 1956
Motor Racing Drivers Past and Present Sallon Shell-BP on CD 1956
Running Instructions Electrical Lighting and Starting   Lucas  
Vanden Plas Princess 1100 handbook   BMC AKD 4092 D 1968
BMC Approved Accessories for Princess 1100   BMC AKD 2215  
Imp Owners's Manual K.Ball Autobooks 920 1976
Imp Autobook One P.H.Smith Autopress 1968
Remembering Rootes 1   Mercian  
Remembering Rootes 2   Mercian  
Avenger Owner's Manual K.Ball Autobooks 1978
Hillman Imp J.H.Haynes, R.T.Grainger Haynes 1980
Chrysler Imp Range   InterEurope 134 1972
Rootes Imp P.Olyslager Sunday Times 89 1968
Avenger Repair Manual D.Penn, J.Hay Autodata 1985a
Sunbeam, Avenger, Cricket P.R.D.Russek, W.Hogan InterEurope 156 c.1970
Service your own Imp J.Brabham Car Care Cards 1968
Book of the Imps J.Thorpe Pitman 1972
Book of the Imps J.Thorpe Bookmarque 1997
Hillman Imp S.F.Page Cassell  
Hillman Imp R.T.Grainger Haynes 1971
Hillman Imp P.H.Smith Autopress c.1970
Hillman Imp and Singer Chamois C.J.Beddall-Smith Hamlyn, Pearson's Guide 1971
Hillman and Singer Cars M.H.Rosewarne Iliffe Motor Trader Book 1971
Ford Fiesta I.M.Coomber and C.Rogers Haynes 1997
Test Data Manual   Lucas SB222  
Chrysler Sunbeam   Unipart 1979
The SU Carb High Performance Manual Des Hammill Veloce 2006
SU Workshop Manual   Burlen 1995
Motor Accessories and Workshop Tools   County Components  
Motor Book 1 The Engine   Shell S/203/62
Motor Book 2 Transmission, suspension, strg and brakes   Shell S/229/63
Motor Book 3 Petrol   Shell S/230/63
Motor Book 4 Lubricants and lubrication   Shell S/265/63

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