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Brochures and Road Tests

Title Ref Date Comments
Chrysler Avenger, confidence, style and economy C9563/1/100   2 copies
Why most police chases end with arrests     Avenger patrol car, Motor 27/11/1971
Sunbeam Talbot Lotus C9607/1/30 Feb'1981  
Sunbeam Talbot Lotus C9617/1/30 Aug'1981  
Talbot Sunbeam Lotus C9579/1/20 Oct'1979  
Talbot Sunbeam C9584/1/100 Oct'1979  
Never let it be said that Talbot got off to a slow start     Lotus engine
Chrysler Challenge, Sunbeam special issue     Chrysler publication
A new Talbot Sunbeam Trio C9594/1/20 Mar'1980 2 copies
Chrysler Sunbeam ti C9573/1/125 Mar'1979  
Sunbeam     Chrysler Nederland (in Dutch)
The New Chrysler Sunbeam C9544/1/100 Aug'1977 with Petula Clark
Sunbeam 1500 Super     in Finnish
Start the good life today with the Avenenger      
The generous Hillman Avengers C2618/H/2/100 Jan'1973  
Chrysler Sunbeam, the biggest little car in the World C9562/1/100    
Autotest, Hillman Avenger GL 2593/HE   reprinted from Autocar 7/5/1970
The '74 Avengers photographed in Brighton C2623/1/210 Oct'1973  
Chrysler Avenger GL1600 Special Saloon C9575/1/75 Mar'1979  
Chrysler Avenger GL1600 Special Saloon C9577/1/75 May 1979  
Talbot Avenger C9585/1/100 Oct'1979  
Talbot Avenger C9593/1/100 Feb'1980 2 copies
Limited Edition Avenger Special C9555/75 June 1978  
The Sunseekers, Special Avengers for '74 C2626/1/75 May 1974  
Chrysler Avenger Estate C9529/1/50 Mar'1977  
Chrysler Avenger in Edinburgh C9540/1/120 Aug'1977 2 copies
Chrysler Avenger in Edinburgh C9540/2/50 Apr'1978  
Sunbeam Break 1250 TC     press photo, Chrysler France
Tomorrow's Classics, No.8 Hillman Avenger     Practical Motorist
Heading off the Clatter     Practical Motorist
Master Avenger on test   17/9/1070 Autocar
Avenger     Practical Motorist
Hillman Avenger accessories catalogue      
A guide to good Accessries     Mopar-Chrysler
Accessories     Mopar
The Avenger   21/2/1970 photo-copy from Motor
Now the Avenger GT...     photo-copy of page
Avenge is sweet road test 8/70   photo-copy from Motor
New Hillman Avenger GT C2614/H    
Our generous new Avenger estates C2611/H/1/100    
Into '72 with a great new Avenger C2607/h/1/200 Dec'1971  
2-door Avengers     Chrysler UK
Simca 1000/1100 GLS Specials   May 1978  
Dodge 1100 light vans 1049/4/78    
Matra Rancho from Chrysler C2084/1/100 May 1978  
Sunbeam     Chrysler Nederland (in Dutch)
More car in your hands - new Hillman Avenger 2582/H   Rootes
More car in your hands - new Hillman Avenger 2599/H   Rootes
More car in your hands - new Hillman Avenger 2583/H   Rootes
Talbot Sunbeam Lotus 38   DeAgostini Rally Car Collection
Chrysler Avenger     Chrysler Nederland (in Dutch)
Chrysler, new horizons ahead   14/10/1978 Motor supplement
The Hillman Imp road test report   8/5/1963 reprinted from Motor
Talbot Range   1981  
Chrysler Showtime C9446/H/1/300 Oct'1972 2 copies
Chrysler 180 2 Litre C9531/1/50 Mar'1977  
Chrysler '76 C9511/1/50 Sep'1975  
Why you should buy a Hunt Topaz      
What's so special about the Imp Caledonian     5 copies
Chrysler '75 C9502/1/100 Mar'1975  
The Hillman Avenger Tiger II C2619/H/1/50 Sep'1972  
The Simca 1301/1501 Special C2065/1/50 Sep'1975  
Chrysler Showtime   Autumn 1973 ?  
Who can make you happy? The Chrysler Man can. C9496/1/240 Oct'1974  
There's a big car inside the Imp C149/H/1/100 Oct'1971  
Our cheeky Imps C151/H/1/25 Oct'1972  
New Hillman Range 9305/H    
The Sunseekers C2626/1/75 May 1974 Avenger
The first year's on Us     Imp warranty
The '74 Imps photographed in Edinburgh C153/1/55 Oct'1973  
Here now: first of your new dealer sterios and components   Mar'1973  
Fantastic national advertising this month   L-reg  
Everyone's a winner with Chrysler C9423/H/1/250 Oct'1971 3 copies
Announcing 7 new cars from Chrysler UK C9403/H/1/970/300 J-reg  
Rootes value year 1970 9389/H    
Rootes Accessories 65004   Commer and Karrier
Designed for your Hillman Imp 63558   special accessories
Rootes quality accessories      
Something extra special 64015   Minx accessories, photocopy
Special tuning kits and parts C9454/H/1/25 Dec'1972 Imp and Avenger, photocopy
Accessories 65022   Imp
Chrysler '78      
This is the star of something big      
See the great Rootes range of cars for '69   G-reg 2 copies
What's new competitively   C-reg Ford salesman confidential
Hillman Imp £570 145/H 1/109/125 H-reg  
Sunbeam present the 4-seater sports cars C1323/H 1/670/45 H-reg  
For the fast ones 1315/H 6/99/55 G-reg Stiletto
Wait till you get inside 125/H 1/108/65 G-reg Imp
Hillman Imp, Britain's low price saloon C147/H/3/40 May 1971  
Hillman Imp, Britain's low price saloon C147/H 2/970/60 May 1971  
Sunbeam Imp Sport, a new smal luxury car   6/10/1966 press release
The car the World applauds   c.1963 Imp
Imp's brilliant year of success 1241/H 1/16/75 1965  
New Sunbeam range 9307/H    
New Sunbeam Imp Sport 1303/EX/LHD 2/27/10   LHD overseas
New Sunbeam Imp Sport 1301/H 2/106/45   2 copies
Chrysler's new Sunbeam sedans     USA
It's sIMPly marvellous 1154/H 1/124/50    
Mk2 Imp deLuxe 1219/H 2/105/100    
New Singer range 1229/H 1/105/125 C-reg  
New Super and Imp deLuxe Mk2 1180/H 5/36/60    
New Hillman range 1227/H 1/105/250 C-reg Brew Brothers Ltd
New Hillman range 1012/H 1/103/350    
New Hillman range 1117/H 1/104/255 B-reg  
New Singer Chamois 4365/EX/RHD 1/104/30   export RHD
Singer Chamois Mk2 1187/H 1/95/100    
New Singer Chamois Sport 6901/H 1/86/90    
Hillman Super Imp and deLuxe Mk2 112/H 1/107/72    
For the creative people 6517/H 1/108/65 G-reg  
Work a little miracle 2009/H 1/98/35 1969 Hillman Imp Van
New Hillman Husky 2002/H 2/57/20    
New 2-in-1 family car 2008/H 1/98/35 G-reg Husky
New Hillman Imp 961/H 2/53/500 1963?a  
New Sunbeam Imp sports sedan 3315/EX/USA 3/64/35   N.America export
New Sunbeam Imp sports sedan 3315/EX/USA 1/123/100   N.America export
New Hillman Imp Californian 1501/H 3/47/18    
Singer Chamois Mk2 1186/H 5/46/35 C-reg  
Hillman Super Imp and deLuxe   1963,64,75,Now! G.E.Harper Ltd
Hillman Imp rally conversion 1234/H 2/105/25   2 copies
Sunbeam Stiletto Zoom! 5507/H 1/97/58    
New Singer Chamois Coupe 6503/H R/2/87/29.5    
PSI404G     Dutch brochure
De Nieuwe Sunbeam Imp Californian 1514/EX/DU 2/27/17   Dutch brochure
Sunbeam Imp de Luxe, Stiletto     Swiss brochure
New Hillman Imp 1037/H 1/113/250 c.1963  
Hillman hat-trick plus one!     cricket score card Kent v. Leicestershire 1-7/8/1967
New Hillman Super Imp 1220/H 3/115/100    
Hillman Super Imp and deLuxe Mk2 1180/R/H 8/27/30    
Singer Chamois 1126/H 4/45/32    
New Hillman Imp 3320 c.1963  
New Singer Chamois 1126/H 1/104/53.5    
Der Neue Hillman Imp 3312/EX/GM 1/43/8   German
Meet the new Hillman Imp 3303/EX/RHD 1/43/15   English, from Germany
Voici la nouvelle Hillman Imp 3311/EX/FR 3/113/16 8/7/1964 French
Der neue Hillman Imp 3327/EX/GM 2/113/20 12/8/1965 German
Der neue Hillman Imp 3322/EX/GM 1/123/20 29/7/1964 German
New Hillman Minx deLuxe 1195/H 3/105/20    
New Singer Gazelle 1185/H 3/105/20    
New Singer Vogue 1183/H 1/95/60    
New Sunbeam Alpine 1206/H 3/105/14    
Sunbeam Rapier 1197/H 2/115/25    
Hillman Super Minx 1194/H 3/115/60    
Rootes Group car range 1161/Ex   Netherlands
Karrier Gamecock 3-4 ton low loader 3071/Ex LD/3/53 1953?  
Karrier Loadmaster refuse collector 6004/Ex/93/5 9/53 1953?  
Commer Avenger passenger vehicles 728 AP/9/58    
Hillman lead again with the new Gay Look 402/105/46/H   photocopy
Hillman Californian     photocopy
Hillman Husky     photocopy
Hillman Minx     photocopy
Hillman Minx Convertible     photocopy
New Hillman Minx     photocopy
Double duty Hillman Husky Autocar 2/9/1955 photocopy
21st Anniversary Hillman Minx Autocar 27/2/1953 photocopy
2 cars in 1 Hillman Husky Autocar 1/3/1957 photocopy

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