Rootes Archive Centre - Preservation.

Cataloguing Progress.
DateCabinet/ Rolls/ Microfiche and location NumberDrawing Numbers CompletedName
2009-10Cabinet 44 drawings7008658-7100320Bob Allan
2009-10Imp Index cards (from small 6-drawer chest)7005536-7291328+2Bob Allan
Spring 2011Engineering Standards books (from large book shelves)9x books with black covers. Various numbers from old series and "million" series.Bob Allan
2009-10Drawings held by Imp Club7010011-7100199, 7100201-7104200Kimberley and Simon Benoy and Roger Swift
2010Service bulletinsfrom various booksBob Allan and Steve Yates
Spring 2011Microfiche drawer71044417-701046474Kimberley Benoy
2011Drawings in tubesbays 1,5,9,10,11,56James Spencer
2011Photograph albums5x albums from large book shelvesBob Allan
2012Drawings in tubesmore bays, Swallow and V8 engines James Spencer
Summer 2012Microfiche - Graham Vickery
Oct'2012Sunbeam Tiger Drawings - Graham Vickery, James Spencer and members of US CAT and STOA clubs.