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The Rootes Archive Centre Trustees and Officers.

Your input to the Rootes Archive Centre is much encouraged and appreciated. You can contact us as follows.

However, please remember that all our trustees and "volunteers" will probably be at work during the day. Therefore please keep phone calls to civilised hours such as 6-9pm in evenings or all day until 9pm at weekends.

Gordon H. Jarvis (Chairman, Building Management and Club Bookings - Avenger and Sunbeam Owners' Club)
It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that Gordon Jarvis, Association of Rootes Car Clubs Treasurer and Chairman of the Rootes Archive Centre Trust passed away on 10/05/2018, in the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, after a short illness. See press release here.

Matthew C. (Matt) Ollman (Treasurer - Sunbeam Alpine Owner's Club)

Robert J. (Bob) Allan (Web Master and Heritage Certificates - Imp Club)
Tel: 01925 267084

Graham Vickery (Newletter Editor - Sunbeam Rapier Owner's Club and Tiger Owner's Club)

James Spencer (Secretary - Imp Club and Clan Owner's Club)

Any Bye (Press Officer - SAOC)

Nick Harrison (Sunbeam Rapier Owners' Club)