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Rootes Sales - Summary.

The information here is taken from a valuation commissioned by Talbot in Dec'1980.

It listed the premises at the time beloging to Robins and Day Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rootes Group. It gives detailed information about the land owned and activities carried out and produced a report. This was commissioned to be undertaken by Gerald Eve & Co., chartered surveyors of London.

The following table summarises their findings.

Premises usage size £value (in 1980)
Ashton-Lyne Motors Limited, Hill Street, Ashton-Lyne garage   4,200
George Heath Motors Limited, Suffolk Street, Birmingham Central Motors garage   1,000
George Heath Motors Limited, 204-209 Broad Street, Birmingham Central Motors showroom   25,700
George Heath Motors Limited, Newport Road, Birmingham Clock Motors garage   NIL
County Motors (Stockport) Limited, 102-119 Buxton Road, Stockport garage   66,000
County Motors (Stockport) Limited, Hempshaw Lane, Stockport vehicle park   1,300
Tom Garner Motors Limited, Kenworthy Compound, Manchester vehicle park   6,200
Guildhall Motors (Grantham) Limited, London Road, Grantham garage   6,000
Langney Motors Limited, Cavendish Place, Eastbourne garage   4,300
Leigh Motors (Lancs) Limited, Brown Street North, Leigh garage   13,000
Melvin Motors Limited, 66 and 100 Minerva Street, Glasgow garage   37,000
Rootes (Maidstone) Limited, Mill Street, Maidstone garage   NIL
Stag Hill Motors Limited, By-Pass Road, Guildford garage   NIL
Walchry Motors Limited, 143 Hersham Road, Walton-on-Thames garage   40,000
* Warwick Wright Motors Limited, Piccadilly, London W1 showroom   611,000
* Warwick Wright Motors Limited, 5-6 Halkin Street, London W1 garage   246,000
Warwick Wright Motors Limited, Barlby Road, London W10 garage   75,000
Warwick Wright Motors Limited, Edgware Road, London NW2 garage   1,000
Westlon Trucks Limited, 11-15 Chase Road, London NW10 garage   12,500
* E.W.Campion and Sons Limited, High Street, Lincoln garage   290,000
* Canterbury Motor Company Limited, 7-9 Rhodaus Town, Canterbury garage   745,000
* City Motors Coventry Limited, 10 Lower Holyhead Road, Coventry garage   539,000
* City Motors Coventry Limited, Oxford Road, Coventry offices and garage   482,000
* E.M.A. Limited, Grove Road South, Portsmouth garage   320,000
Tom Garner Motors Limited, 271-291 Bury New Road, Salford garage   * 350,000
Tom Garner Motors Limited, New Olympia, Manchester garage   22,000
Tom Garner Motors Limited, rear of New Olympia, Manchester land   152,000
* Grange Garage (Uxbridge) Limited, Cowley Road, Uxbridge garage   435,000
* George Heath Motors Limited, adjoining 861 Coventry Road, Birmingham garage   1,100,000
George Heath Motors Limited, 90-94 Charlotte Street, Birmingham garage   175,000
Henlys Limited, Blackpool Road, Preston garage   NIL
* Henlys Limited, Luton Road, Dunstable garage   647,000
Rochester Motor Company Limited, 209-13 High Street, Rochester garage   120,000
Rochester Motor Company Limited, Furrell's Road, Rochester garage   119,000
Rochester Motor Company Limited, 8 Corporation Street, Rochester garage   60,000
* Ross of Lochrin Limited, 10-12 West Tollcross, Edinburgh garage   390,000
Will Short Limited, Cross Road, Winchester garage   270,000
* Warwick Wright Motors Limited, 9 Abbey Road, London NW8 garage   475,000
* Warwick Wright Motors Limited, 332-40 Clapham Road, London SW9 garage   446,000
Warwick Wright Motors Limited, 279-89 Holloway Road, London N7 garage   24,000

Further detailed information about the location and activites which took place in these premises are given in the previous chapters. Some of the larger premises, marked with ``*'' above, are shown with street plans.