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Devonshire House Newsletter.

Devonshire House Newsletter

Devonshire House (formerly entitled "New Devonshire House") is distributed to Friends of the Archive Centre. To find out how to become a Friend click here.

This page lists the issues so far produced and their featured articles which give you an insight into the hitherto hidden Rootes history preserved in the Archive.

  1. Spring 2006: Westcott News; Scorpion Imp; Rootes Cars on Delivery -- the Early Years; My Beloved Hillman; Rootes' Roots in Maidstone; Dealerships then and now.
  2. Winter 2006: Westcott News; Trust Finances; The Rootes Sign; On the Road; Rootes Cars on Delivery 2; Ryton Closure marked by the BBC; A Hillman Minx; Where the Modellers get their Ideas; Rootes' Roots in Maidstone 2; Hillman Centenary; Dealerships then and now 2.
  3. Autumn 2007: Westcott News; Using the Drawings; Robson back in print; Rootes Cars on Delivery 3; A last Look at the Stoke Plant; The Hillman Centenary; a special Model; Where the Modellers get their Ideas 2; Rootes' Roots in Maidstone 3; Dealerships then and now 3; Who's Who at the Trust.
  4. Spring 2008: David Parrott; Westcott News; Trust Finances; Did you see...? Rootes Cars on Delivery 4; Drive It! Day; From our Friends; Where the Modellers get their Ideas 3; New in the Trust Shop; Rootes' Roots in Maidstone 4; Dealerships then and now 4; From our Friends 2.
  5. Winter 2008: Westcott News; From our Friends 3-4; Trust Finances; ARCC at Silverstone; Rootes Cars on Delivery 5; Out latest Book, Rootes Maestros; Billy Rootes' Motor Cycling Exploits; Where the Modellers get their Ideas 4; Farewell to the Stoke Factory; Rootes' Roots in Maidstone 5.
  6. Summer 2009: Westcott News; From our Friends 5; Trust Finances; Rootes' Origins commemorated officially; The changing Faces of Dealerships; Rootes Cars on Delivery 6; NEC Show; From our Friends 6 - the Sunbeam Thirty; Billy Rootes' Motor Cycling Exploits 2; Dealerships then and now 5.
  7. Spring 2011: Paul Burch, a tribute; From out Friends 7; News from the Trust Shop; Rootes' Maidstone Showrooms to be protected; Where the Modellers get their Ideas 5; Billy Rootes' Motor Cycling Expoits 3; Dealerships then and now 6; The changing Faces of Dealerships 2; Rootes' Roots in Maidstone 6; Appendix.
  8. Review of 2010: Who's Who; 2010 - what a year!; Billy Rootes' Motor Cycling Exploits 4.
  9. Spring 2012: Who's Who; Recent Developments at Banbury; Product Planners' Visit to the Archive Centre; News from the Trust Shop; Billy Rootes' Motor Cycling Expoits 5; Cataloguing the Archives; "Back to our Rootes" - ARCC's 2011 Rally in Kent; Financial Report; Rootes Cars on Delivery 7; Rootes' Roots in Maidstone 7.
  10. Summer 2013: US Team Visit; Micro-fiche conservation; Photographic negatives conservation; An appeal for information about the Rootes Experimental Dept.; Imp 50th Anniversary; Glimpses of "what might have been"; Sunbeam wing motifs; The Chrysler Pentastar; Sunbeam land speed record 2010; Rootes Group suspension test rig; Example images from the negatives archive.
  11. Winter 2015 Issue 11: RACT Building Appeal; Meet the Trustees; Model Drawings; Sunbeam Rapier at 60; RACT and the NEC Classic Car Show; Prof. Tony Stevens, self design and build; Negatives archive discoveries; Heritage donation by Bill Papworth and Brian Massey; The Herbert Museum photographic digitisation project; Don Tarbun and "Project 870"; The Paykan by Sharhin Armin; Sir Stirling Moss, 1952.
  12. Winter 2017 Issue 12: Rootes Heritage (RACT) at the NEC; Rootes Heritage Trustees' Presentation to the FBHVC; Sunbeam rear wing badge drawing; Classic Line Insurance; Rootes Competition Dept 70th Anniversary; Andrew Cowan, London-Sydney Marathon winner; Warwick University, the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund; Drive-It! Day 2017; The Pressed Steel Company (PSC) and drawing codes; Charlie Ockels' visit to the new Rootes Archives Building; The Arrow Range at 50.

Devonshire House Nos.1-9 were edited by Tim Sutton. The News Bulletin was edited by Bob Allan and now by Andy Bye.

The Friends e-News is edited by Matt Ollman.

Devonshire House News is now edited by: Graham Vickery
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