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Rootes Heritage, Unit 15 Apollo Office Park
Ironstone Lane, Wroxton, Banbury, Oxon OX15 6AY

Rootes Archive Centre

Rootes Archive Centre - News.

News of Activities at the Centre.

What Else is Happening?

This page is to keep you informed of the latest news of events which we are organising and activities in which you can participate. Why not come along to take part, have your car photographed for the Web site, or lend a hand with the Archive? For a diary of information about all activities related to the Centre, including press releases following the events listed here, go to the Diary page.

If you or your club have an idea for a research project or educational or other event which fits the objectives of the Rootes Archive Centre Charitable Trust, please contact us using the "Contact" button on the menu.

Current Events and News


Drive It! Day, Sunday 22nd April 2018, information to follow but see the exciting news below.
The Trustees look forward to seeing you on the 22nd April and having the opportunity to show the new building and thank you for your support.


Our new address is: Rootes Heritage, Unit 15 Apollo Office Park, Ironstone Lane, Wroxton, Banbury, Oxon OX15 6AY

28/10/2017: Phase-2 of the move is complete. Photos can be seen on our Facebook site. Thanks to all who helped with the mammoth task!

20/8/2017: Phase-1 of the move from Cherwell Business Village to Wroxton Apollo Park is complete. Photos to follow. Thanks to Jon from Betts Transport Services for fantastic help.

Bretts Transport

Rootes Archive Centre Opening Update
We are pleased to confirm that building work on the new Archive building is progressing well and we will be able to move the Archive into our new building by the end of September as planned.
However, at our meeting with the developer last week he confirmed that bad weather and some supplier delays meant the site surfacing and landscaping and car parks would not be completed until October (at the earliest) and that the site would, therefore, be un-suitable for a launch event.
The Trustees have therefore taken the decision to focus on moving the Archive (a big challenge in itsself) and announce the official opening event in April 2018 when most people will have their classic cars back on the road after the winter.
The date for your diary of the Official Opening, where we can all celebrate what has been achieved but more importantly your part in achieving it, is therefore Sunday 22nd April 2018 to co-incide with the national "Drive It Day".
More details will follow and we will also keep you updated on the move - so for now just get the date in your 2018 diary!

Moving to Wroxton. Packing commenced in July and we are actually moving in over the weekend of 19-20th August. If you would like to help please contact Matt Ollman or Andy Bye.

Drive It! Day, Sunday 23rd April, click here.

Building for the Future!. Planning permission has now been granted for our new Archive building. Construction is set to commence in mid-February, with a view to completion in late August 2017. This will require a further £25,000 so please continue to donate, pledge or loan to this project.

To download the Building Fund Pledge Form click here.


The Rootes Archive Centre Trust purchases its own HQ Building 28th November 2016. The Rootes Archive Centre Trust has now placed a deposit for the build of its own Archive Centre (subject to planning permission being granted).

The Archive Centre Trust is at the Lancaster Insurance NEC Classic Car show this weeknend (11-13/11/2016) See our Facebook page here.

Buck Trippel, in 2015 donated a period micro-fiche scanner from USA. Matt Ollman has done a lot of work to connect it to our IT equipment and get it working. You can now see a video here on our FaceBook site. This will make a big difference.

Matt Ollman met up with Mike Andrews at the archive centre on Sunday 20th March. They have identified lots of TS3 drawings all on fiche and all marked "original destroyed". A TS3 Working Party is being organised for 17th April, hopefully with the addition of Geoff Caverhill, Gordon Jarvis, Don Kitchen and Peter Lewis. Don was the design manager at Tilling-Stevens for the TS3 diesel engine. Although now 91 years old he is visiting us to help researchers with their study of the TS3 and prototype TS4 engines. Many of the drawings from the 1950s and 60s bear Don's signature and as part of his visit we will re-unite him with them and find out more information.


Matt spent 30th November re-arranging the digitisation area of the Archive Centre to make room for two recent donations of an A2 printer and an A3 scanner. The printer has already been put to use producing some of the posters for our building fund, and now the A3 scanner is earning its keep digitising the engineering standards manuals. The engineering standards contain the details of all the small parts on the vehicles like nuts, bolts, trim clips, washers, grommets, dzus fasteners. If you check your parts list it's the parts with numbers from (7)9000000. The first manual to be digitised starts at 9116110 and ends at 9169329 that's a potential 53,000 parts. I checked the series Alpine parts list and this covers about 250 Alpine and probably Tiger parts.

Building Fund Launch, November 14th 2015 - Building for the Future!.

Micro-fiche Reader - the Archive Centre now has a microfiche card reader, well two actually. Matt is hoping to have one working soon, possibly using spares from the second one. Thanks to Buck Trippel for help with this. They will greatly speed up the process of scanning the fiche, which can be piled into the machine and read directly into computer files (that's the theory). There are around 100,000 to process so it may still take a while...

Open Day, October 4th 2015 - Sunday 4/10/2015. You can visit the Archive Centre and see some of our work.

Archiving - Work currently being carried out:
Digitising Sunbeam Alpine parts drawings - Matt Ollman
Cataloguing drawings stored in tubes - Gordon Jarvis
Cataloguing photographic negatives - Richard Sozanski
Sunbeam Tiger research - Graham Vickery
Rootes Group History - Bob Allan
Rootes Book - Geoff Carverhill

Web Updates - We are currently undertaking a number of updates to the Web site and have also launched a FaceBook site for Friends of the Archive Centre to share information. See https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rootes-Archive-Centre-Trust/428976040588735.

Drive It! Day, April 2015 - Sunday 26/4/2015. You can follow part of the Edgehill run finishing at the Archive Centre.

Previous News and Events

Information about previous activities can be found on the Diary page.

"Preserving the past for the future."
Rootes Heritage, Unit 15 Apollo Office Park, Ironstone Lane, Wroxton, Banbury, Oxon OX15 6AY, UK

The Rootes Archive Centre is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales number 1108882.
Patrons: Lord Rootes, T.D. Rootes, W.B. Rootes.

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