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Our Story

The first Trustees of the Archive Centre (from 2005) were: Bob Allan, Gordon Jarvis, Andrew McAdam, David Parrott and Tim Sutton.

Our founder sponsor from 2005-11 was Footman James Ltd.

In 2008, Tim Sutton took over as Treasurer to the Trust following the death of David Parrott and handed the Secretary's job to James Spencer.

David Parrott (Founding Trustee and first Treasurer) died on 5th May 2008.

In 2009 we welcomed two new Trustees. Firstly James Spencer, who is Secretary for the Clan Owners' Club, a member of the Imp Club committee and also since the 2006 AGM Secretary of the ARCC. Also Matt Ollman, a member of the Sunbeam Alpine OC committee, who runs the inter-club local area "Sunbeams Oxfordshire". The other Trustees are delighted with this infusion of new (and younger!) blood; James and Matt immediately made a significant contribution. Matt has taken over marketing and runs our sales on the internet while James now leads our event planning among other things. James has since stepped down as a Trustee, but continues his formal involvement a our Secretary.

We also said farewell to Ian Morton, who ended his active involvement with the Trust. Ian was our first "head of marketing", largely responsible for getting our merchandising off the ground, devoting much time and effort to Christmas cards and last year's successful calendar, in particular, but also keeping the rest of us up to the mark with a host of original ideas some of which are only now bearing fruit. We thank Ian for his many efforts on the Trust's behalf.

We were also sad to learn of the death of Paul Burch (of Charters Motor Group) in Summer 2010. Paul had been a strong supporter of the Archive Centre since its inception and provided valuable historical information and artefacts.

In 2011 we welcomed Gavin Stewart who has a great deal of experience in working with the Charities Commision and agreed to handle the necessary paperwork for us. More recently Graham Vickery became a trustee, although he has been involved in a number of ways since day one.

Andy Bye joined in 2016, until recently he was working for PSA and is a keen classic car enthusiast with great insight to the "corporate" perspective including the history.

In Nov'2016 Andrew McAdam tendered his resignation after 14 yrs owing to family committments and pressure of work. We thank him for all his enthusiastic input to the the Archive Centre.