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What is the STFC Condor Pool?

The STFC Condor Pool is a heterogeneous collection of computing resources at both Daresbury and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories. Although there are a few dedicated machines in the pool, most of them are personal workstations running variants of Linux and Windows.

What is Condor?

Condor is a distributed High Throughput Computing (HTC) resource management system developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is used to utilise otherwise unused CPU cycles to execute submitted jobs in the background at a low-priority so that they do not interfere with a resource's normal workload. Submitted jobs are matched to appropriate machines capable of performing the calculation.

How heterogeneous is the pool?

The STFC pool consists of a wide variety of Linux and Windows machines. There are a total of -1 machines in the pool, of which 0 are setup for submission only. The remaining -1 execute machines run 0 different operating system variants on their -1 processors. This makes the pool especially useful for testing the portability of multi-platform build scripts.

Pool details

Further information on the pool is available on within STFC's internal web pages.




The following projects have been / are using / are expecting to use the STFC Condor Pool.

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For further information on the CCLRC Condor Pool, please contact (, Science and Technology Facilities Council e-Science, Daresbury Laboratory.