Organ in the Ridney Manor Farm,

The Ridney Manor Farm, Stockton.
                                                          The Ridney Manor Farm, Stockton.



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Composition Pedals

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The Reeds

The Couplers

Stop Action

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The Apollo as a Practice Organ

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Plates (interior)

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apollo with pipes

The organ was installed in the drawing room of the Ridney manor Farm in July of 2004. It is used regulary as a practice instrument and also for general entertainment at the house. The organ has been maintained by Rushworths for many years, and is in excellent working order. General servicing is carried out regularly, and the organ is tuned whenever neccesary. The Organ was built in 1938 by the highly reputed pipe-organ builders, Messrs Rushworth & Dreaper Ltd of Liverpool. It was installed in Christ Church, Bolton-Le-Sands, Lancashire in 1939/1940 where it remained until 1994. It was then transported to the famous reed organ musuem at Saltaire where is stayed for a decade before being installed at Ridney. The RCO standard console makes it an ideal practice instrument, and the variety of tone provided by the selected stops is remarkable for such an instrument. The accoustics of the room are rather dead, but there is little which can be done about it.

The case is Solid oak, there is no veneer. The Manuals were built by R.F. Vesty and Co. Ltd, London and are of the highest quality, the keys being capped in grained celluloid. The Swell keys overhang the Great, and the naturals are cut away on the underside, the Great naturals are treated in the same manner for uniformity.

"Eminent Organists recognise the Apollo Organ as ideal for Studio Practice and for Small Churches, Chapels, etc."

The Organ nameplate attached to the organ above the swell manual. Their range of large 2mp reed organs and other instruments, Rushworth & Dreaper called "Apollo". This Organ was built in June of 1938.

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