Assembling my Baynton Harmonium after moving it.

Expression pallet on intermediate board above the reservoir in the harmonium's chassis. This has been fitted with an extra spring.

Harmonium chassis with bellows in situ.

Underside of valve board showing actuating levers, pallets and springs.

Upper side of valve board showing small relief valve for Voix Celestes, adjustable flap for Sourdine and Tremulant.

Valve board in situ. This screws in. Bellows are now airtight and reservoir will expand.

Lower side of reed pan showing reeds. Voix Celestes rank is at the rear.

Upper side of reed pan showing key pallets.

Reed pan in situ in chassis. This is hinged on the two straps at the front.

Lower side of key frame showing lambskin sound attenuator and adjustable screws to regulate key heights.

Upper side showing keyboard.

Key frame in situ. This has pins through hinges at the rear.

Stop frame.

Stop frame in situ held in with two screws. Instrument is now playable.

Complete Baynton Harmonium with lid re-attached and bench (non original).