Before the Event...

Here are a few photos of the site (click to make them bigger), firstly the Club house and WRFC members' car park:

which will most likely be on your left as you turn left from the B5151 and travel a short distance down Thornton Common Road.
The entrance:
Looking back along the road towards the Club house. Please respect the neighbours' privacy at all times.
Bob Hawes showing where Rally HQ will be, just through the gateway on the left.
The main rugby pitches, these are a definate no-go area and will be roped off! and the proposed display and camping areas extend on the right of this photo. The entire site covers 26 acres!
Footpath to the Club house crosses a small brook and continues between the adjoining field and a preserved 2.5 acre site which is all that now remains of the former Thornton Common.

This is side of the Club house where we plan to have the marquee with internal bar and catering.