Imp'40 Diary

Saturday 8th November - hand over of proceeds to charities, NCH and Claire house Hospice. Buffet at the WRC.

Wednesday 24th September - visit to WRC to compare notes and discuss charity contribution was called off as not all could attend.

August - lots of shows and other events, so impossible to catch up on paperwork. Three Sisters' charity day, Tatton Park, Oulton Park Gold Cup, nearly Granada TV series, Goodwood Revival etc.

Monday 11th August - updating this Web site. Also we've got the Three Sisters' charity track day fundraising event coming up on 15th, Tatton Park show on 16-17th and Oulton Park Gold Cup Race and Classic Displays on 24-25th. Be there! No rest for the wicked...?

Thursday 7th August - had to go back to work for a real rest!

Wednesday 6th August - Ron and Bob met to do the paperwork under strict instructions from Lorraine not to do anything else. Supposed to be resting (what's that?). We think we may have made a small profit which will go to the Wirral Club's chosen charities. Bought flowers for Lorraine and Tracey, and Lorraine's were delivered within the hour!

Tuesday 5th August - Both Ron and Bob took until around 3pm to unpack and put everything away. Still people calling to say they'd had a good time. Only a few broke down in the seering heat on the way home.

Monday 4th August - Hottest day of the year so far, those left on site, and there were quite a few, were in danger of serious sunburn. Thanks to Lorraine for thinking to get water supplies and sun lotion. Took the sheds back, but the owner was on holiday... We got everything else home between 8:30pm and 9pm monday evening. Completely exhausted.

Sunday 3rd August - Line up of Imps and other vehicles in the display area with all present able to vote for their favourites. Spares selling and other activities. There were many day visitors, some of whom had come a long way setting off early and arriving home late. Rosemary was able to meet everyone and say a few words to the assembled members, but had to leave before the prizegiving owing to the Ryan Air timetable. The raffle and auction also took place in the afternoon. The auction was a particular success raising 505 for children's charities and hospices to be chosen by the Wirral Club. Special thanks to Andy Shilladay.
Evening music quiz from Grahame Beddoe kept the atmosphere going into the small hours. Despite that the committee, now collectively known as "The Fellowship" were too tired to move and instead ordered in Chinese take aways, beer and wine. We were completely delirious by the end of the evening through a combination of adrenalin, alcohol, tiredness and relief that the event was nearly over. Some of the best quotations happened during these few hours, including the one about "If you ran a takeaway and someone with a mobile ordered 6 meals to be delivered to a field on the Wirral, what would you do?"

Saturday 2nd August - Imps still arriving. Nearly 100 cars lined up for the cavalcade to Liverpool, and Wallace and Graham have got them on film for the video. Lorraine, Tracey and Caroline decided to get heavy with selling the raffle and buffet tickets and T-shirts. Lorraine was particularly "scary" and we needed to get more tickets. Dermot and I got to direct traffic with our yellow vests on. All emerged through the tunnel safely and parked up at St. George's Plateau and The Museum of Liverpool Life. Thanks to all who made this possible, especially Martin Dempsey, Jim and Steven. Oh and of course Paul Morris who volunteered to have his car painted in Chavasse Park by a graffiti artist as part of the Bruhaha Festival. Ron and Martin also waited with him all day. I went with "Scary Spice" for protection in a cash run to the bank, during which Steven phoned up to say that 2 cars were locked in at the Pier Head and 2 more at St. George's after 6pm. Dermot found their details in the file, but no contact numbers. Are they still there we wonder?
Evening entertainment was from Paul and the band with Jimmy on drums. A mixture of numbers from 1963-76. People went to a lot of trouble over the fancy dress, so Lorraine and I did some IMPromptu voting. Marquee full and bar heaving!
Thanks for a great day Jim - you've done us proud!

Friday 1st August - More Imps arriving. North Wales trip was proclaimed a great success and very enjoyable, thanks Bob! Rosemary Smith's plane was late, but she arrived safely and was met by Tony "Chauffeur" Shilladay. Thanks Tony for looking after Rosemary for the whole weekend, I know she appreciated it. Evening "scouse" stew and entertainment from Terry and the dancers. Northern Soul went over a few people's heads we feel, but we enjoyed it anyway. We're thinking maybe modern jazz next year, but may turn out to be more on the ??? line.

Thursday 31st July - Imps started arriving in droves, over 100 by evening. We stopped Martin and Tracey doing registrations at 9pm so they could get food and refreshments. Bob, Dave, Jim and Steven spent most of the morning doing building work and wiring. Shower partitions, lights, marquee, wash stations etc. Wallace eventually arrived with the PA from Standish so that Martin could do his quiz in the evening.

Wednesday 30th July - Ron was late again (don't ask). Ron, Tim and Bob got to the site around 11 o'clock to find wash stations had already arrived, toilets also arrived a bit later. Jim and Steven had been to see a man about a shed, and came back to say we had to go and get it ourselves. Ian and Mark Toon arrived plus a couple of Imp owners, only 1 day early! Water bowser arrived "What do you mean, its empty?" "We're not allowed to transport them full..." Dave van D to the rescue yet again... Got the sheds and erected them for Rally HQ. The Fins arrived in a Chamois Coupe they'd just bought in Nottingham and driven over only to blow the head gasket, which was a job for morning. Very friendly and enterprising chaps, and in the end we decided to give them a special award from the committee. Thanks for the help!

Tuesday 29th July - Barry, Leslie, Tim, Bob, Jim, met the photographer from the Liverpool Echo. Ron was late because of the Thelwall Viaduct (don't ask).We spent the rest of the day transporting cars and materials onto the site. Adrian appeared unexpectedly early with the marquee, but it wasn't a problem. Barry's Sierra broke down - we had told him to fix the belts... Dave and colleagues appeared in the evening to inspect Camp David, set up office and accommodation in Chateau Fairclough and wait for deliveries.

Weekend 26-27th July - Ron, Bob and Dave packing, Jimmy breaks down in Milton Keynes. Angela and Jez putting everything in the goody bags.

Monday 21st July - meeting booked with Liverpool City Council and Police to agree on the cavalcade route. No problems. Ran through the route. Ron phoned to say the company doing the programme couldn't use the electronic MicroSoft Word version. They might have told us earlier... Another panic, and we used PDF which at least is an industry standard.

Saturday 19th July - Jim and Bob get together to go through the arrangements for the Liverpool Cavalcade.

Friday 18th July - Impressions hasn't appeared. Its causing us a big headache because the event programme and map should be in this edition. If you can read the information on the Web, please pass it on to other members and Imp enthusiasts. We'll do all we can to contact people by other means.

14-17th July - Bob working in Edinburgh, but got a sample of the draft programme ready for Lorraine to collect and take to the printers on monday.

Saturday 5th July - Ron, Bob, Dave and Dermot get together to check through details of site arrangements. Dinner in a pub maybe?

Tuesday 1st July - Bob's got a new computer and starting to sort out the programme. Thanks to Angela for collecting input.

Sunday 29th June - Ron, Bob, Bob and Martin attend Imp Club AGM.

In between - lots of discssion with suppliers and planning of the programme, trips to local attractions and associated activities.

Sunday 9th March - visit the caterers on site at WRFC.

Thursday 26th February - committee meeting, Hillbrae, discuss contacting companies for sponsorship, advertisint etc. Discuss day trips and more competitive events over the weekend.

Thursday 19th February - meet WRFC committee, Thornton Hough, to discuss site layout. Everyone is in agreement. Bob is getting the coordinates into the computer to publish the layout on the Web and also for the event programme.

Sunday 26th January - out surveying the site. Many thanks to our surveyor his time and expertise.

Friday 17th January 2003 - first article for Impressions sent in, should hit the March issue deadline.

... Some time passed with various meetings and decisions being made...

Sunday 27th October 2002 - England was hit by hurricane-force winds and six people were killed by falling trees. I had the engine back in my Californian on Saturday and zoomed around a bit to prove I could still drive it. Wonderful! However today there is no point in going outside, so lots more work done on the Web site and related material. Thanks to Si Trickett and Steve Brindle for sending details of last year's event and for setting me up space on the main Imp Club site - we have migrated to

Wednesday 15th October - visit to Wirral RFC to discuss camping arrangements. The RFC committee were very receptive to our ideas and rang back later to say they have agreed to what was discussed. A future meeting will iron out exact contractual details and costs.

Sunday 6th October - another Grand Day Out for the committee. Lovely autumn sunshine as Ron, Lorraine and I set out down the M56 and M53 to Thornton Hough. Met Wallace at Brimstage Hall after enjoying tea and cakes. We did a tour of the proposed venue and local villages stopping for a really delicious lunch (and pint) at The Wheatsheaf and then on to Arrowe Park before returning home. There are lots more pubs and restaurants in Parkgate, so I think the committee may be quite active for the forseeable future.

Wednesday 2nd October - Ron phoned to say he had spoken to the Leverhulme Estate Manager and we have a site provisionally available. Hoping to go to see this at the weekend and follow up with a meeting to discuss costs. Its near to Thornton Hough on the Wirrall. See

Saturday 21st September - Jim and I set of at 10 o'clock from Knotty Ash (yes it does exist) for a whirlwind tour of the Wirral, and Liverpool. In the space of 4 hours, we saw the tunnels, Port Sunlight, Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, Neston, Parkgate (lovely ice cream at Nicholls, but the tide was out), Clatterbridge Hospital, Arrowe Country Park, Royden Park (where we had tea with the rangers, thanks Paul!), Bidston Observatory, some more tunnels (and policemen moving traffic cones), Liverpool City centre, Croxteth Park (and a wedding), West Derby village, Knotty Ash and then home. Now waiting for replies from our enquiries.

Friday 20th September - Jim has contacted Wirral Borough Council. We are off to view Thornton Hough and the surrounding area tomorrow.

Thursday 19th September - some of us met at Ron's again. Had a heated debate about lack of progress, so the weekend is going to be busy!

Friday 2nd August - Unfortunately Croxteth Hall is not available on the weekend we want. Bummer! Plan to get together at National'2002 to discuss progress and take notes. Why not join us?

Thursday 2nd May - all (nearly) met at Ron's for tea and a progress update. Jamie came along to propose a joint venture with the Scarisbrick show. He's taken a lead in the organisation of this event the last couple of years and is an active member of the MG Car Club. So active in fact that the show now attracts some 200 cars - assorted MGs and others. The show wants to move to the Kingswood College site, Scarisbrick Hall, which we viewed last February and so there would be an ideal opportunity to collaborate.
We also discussed progress on meeting with the Liverpool City Council and Tourist Board which Jim if pursuing. He'd put a proposal to them and later in the week heard that they were suggesting we use Croxteth Hall. This is potentially an ideal venue and we await confirmation of this proposal.
Both options are still being investigated.

Thursday 7th March - Bob, Jim and cousin Steven visited Knowlsley Hall and Park. Went in Steven's dad's Merc this time, well actually the loan one while the red one gets fixed - its a long story, ask Jimmy sometime... Created a good IMPression though. Knowsley Park is a fanastic venue, so we are going to check out the costs.

Saturday 23rd Feb. - the posse (later to become known as The Fellowship), Bob, Jim, Ron, Lorraine, Barry, Steven, Bob and Tony (aka Wallace) went to look at 3 of the shortlisted venues. We were somewhat depleted in numbers however as Peter Arnold's roof had lost 6 slates in the gale and Dave, Angie and Pete didn't show either. Wow was that a cold day, with a hat, glove and overcoat-piercing wind and slush and sleet lying across the M6 and M58 in places. Jim had played at a gig in London the night before, set of to join us a 1am and didn't get to Skelmersdale until gone 10. Glad we went in the Volvo and not the Imp! Even more depleted during the day as Jim was too tired to continue, Barry and Steven had to leave early and we finally gave in to the weather and retired to Lorraine and Ron's for tea and map gazing. In other words, we have not made a final decision yet and are on the lookout for other potential venues, so keep watching this space.

30th January - met at Ron's to talk about what we need to do, laugh at Mini owner's jokes, drink tea and start to panic.