Local News

Important local news will be posted close to the event date.

25/7/03 - We have been informed that tha B5137 Brimstage/ Spital Road from the M53 Jn4 roundabout to Spital will be closed for roadworks. That shouldn't affect the event and we will be routing people in a different direction for the trips.

24/7/03 - We believe the M6 Southbound will be closed overnight on 2nd August between Jn26-Jn23.

18/7/03 - Impressions hasn't appeared. Its causing us a big headache because the event programme and map should be in this edition. If you can read the information on the Web, please pass it on to other members and Imp enthusiasts. We'll do all we can to contact people by other means.

1/6/2003 - Congratulations! Liverpool has been named European City of Culture for 2008.