Imp'40 Sponsors

We are looking for sponsorship.

This event is under-written by The Imp Club.

Trophy Sponsors include prizes with three classes:

  1. Best Hillman Imp (Rootes) pre 1969 - Merlin Motors
  2. Best Hillman Imp (Chrysler) post 1969 - ISP Ltd.
  3. Best Singer Chamois - Imp Speed
  4. Best Sunbeam Imp - Corley Conversions
  5. Best Husky/ Van - Malcolm Anderson
  6. Best Modified Imp - Superflex
  7. Best Race or Rally Imp - Dennis Allt
  8. Best Visitors Car (non Imp) - Lynbrook Insurance
And categories with only one class:
  1. The Rosemary Smith Perpetual Trophy - Rosemary Smith and Associates
  2. Favourite Imp-based Vehicle - J.R. Engineering
  3. Furthest Driven to Event - Footman James
  4. Most Deserving Restoration Project - Classics Magazine

Raffle and Auction sponsors include:

Other sponsors:

If you would like to help make this event a phenomenal success, by providing cash, raffle/ auction prizes or services, please call Jim Crampton 0151 228 9457, Ron Aspinwall 01695 555053 or Bob Allan 01925 267084.

We will be contacting people who may wish to advertise in our Event Programme and help with the event. Any help with sponsorship (direct or indirect) raffle prizes or loan of equipment will be fully acknowledged in these pages and in the programme.

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The Imp Club Limited is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England number 3452604.

Liverpool, City of Culture for 2008. The City Council, tourist board and local constabularies have been very helpful with our plans.

Give someone you love a boost by sending them a Merseycard. Merseycards are provided free by MELT Internet Design Ltd. They are a "virtual sponsor" and have provided many of the quality images on this site. Also take a look at for more images of the area from Simon Jones. You'll need Quicktime to view them as movies.