What you said...

Here are some comments we've received since the event. We'd like to thank everyone who has shown their appreciation and send our best wishes to next year's organisers in the Stevenage Area Centre.

Dear Bob
Conratulations on a wonderful weekend, I really thought it was one of the best I've attended over the last number of years. The amount of work that goes into organising these events, people just don't realise the amount of time and effort that is used.
Please convey my sincere thanksto Ron and yourself and everybody involved and a special thanks to Tony who was so very kind in running me around all weekend. I really appreciated it. I was only sorry I had to leave so early. I will stay till the monday next year!
Again many thanks. I will be driving a "racing" Imp in Goodwood on 2-7th September.
Looking forward to meeting you all again next year.
Kindest regards, RS

Hi Bob, I really enjoyed the National, thanks to you and Ron and all the team. GP

Dear Bob,
I am afraid that I was not able to attend IMP40. I think that my disappointment was more than matched by my childrens'.
If the accuracy of your records is anything to go by then I am sure that IMP40 was an exceptionally well organised event and I am equally sure that it was well attended and enjoyed by all. Even though I was not there my congratulations to you and all concerned for your efforts.
Kind regards, PH

Dear Bob, just a brief note to accompany the enclosed photo.
Firstly, I hope you've had a good rest from your National labours, and this goes for the others who gave you great service.
Secondly thanks for the super 40th Anniversay celebration, it was very much appreciated.
Just one gripe before I close. Why are all those cars so beautifully prepared? Where do they get their ideas from for improving performance? Where do they find such long-suffering wives/ partners who are prepared to let them work such miracles?
Thanks again and best wishes, DJC

Just thought I'd say well done to you and the team for a great National Weekend. Everybody apart from my bank manager enjoyed it, and even my Imp didn't miss a beat in over 200 miles travelled, only to let the bloody gasket go on a 2 mile trip to the shops on Tuesday morning!
Anyway, thanks very much, I thouroughly enjoyed it, and it was great to have such a laid back atmosphere at the Wirral.
I hope everything went well from the organising team's point of view.
It ranks as high as St. Andrews and the Millennium weekend in my book.

Thank you for all dear Bob (without forgetting Ron). The National this year, was very very fabulous, first thing and secondly the weather was there too. Unforgettable WE !
Only one little criticism, the showers and toilets were not enough and so long way from the campsite.(Fortunately we had our bicycles but not everybody) and to take a shower, nude near others, it's not a French custom! We are perhaps so modest!!!
In all case, we liked to be there, for the sympathy of all memberships, the Saturday night disguised party.
See you next year in Stevenage. Cheers and friendships for you both..

Recovered yet? It must take an awful lot of effort and anxiety. I bet this was one National you were pleased to see finished by the end. Well done. It was a good event and we were really lucky with the weather. It always helps, I remember Weston Super Mare!

Just a very quick note to congratulate Ron, Lorraine, and all the rest of the organisers of IMP40 on the way it all went. We thought it was superb!
Thanks also for bringing Suzy - she enjoyed being looked at by all the people and we were really pleased to see her looking so good. I've attached a copy of the message that we put in our Honda Civic (Katie) over the weekend - it matches beautifully with Suzy's own message!
Now have a good rest! RB

Ron, please pass on my congratulations to all the organisers for the IMP 40 event. A good venue, well thought out and put together.
About 110 Imps on my count in the show on Sunday. The judging worked well and was well balanced and fair. Some cars there that had a great deal of time, care and money lavished on them.
Enjoyed my time there. Well done all, KdeR

Hi Ron, just a quick note to thank you, your wife and the rest of your team for excellent weekend at the Imp40 event. Thanks very much for making me so welcome, I was a little concerned about coming all that way on my own but some people have great memories, Vince Frost and his Clan remembered me from the late 80's when himself, Bob Hawes and a few others ventured the way over here (Belfast) to see us, good times!! and apparently still talked about fondly within his group, maybe we can do that again. I'm going to try and get down to the Historic racing in Dublin the weekend after next - he and a few other regulars are going.
Clan performed brilliantly all weekend and never put a foot wrong, although I do have a noisy exhaust now, I think I blew the rest of the sound defining material out of it during a high speed (7000rpm in top!!!!) run up one of the crawler lane sections of the A75, this is such a good car!!!!!
Thanks again, TMcK

Having been in the group travel business for most of my life, I do appreciate how much work goes into organising such an event. It takes the best part of a year to organise, suddenly the day arrives and three days later it is all over. People come, stay and go and do not always appreciate how much effort and thought went into organising the whole event. Nevertheless, I would like you all to know that I thought it was a smashing event and well organised. I met lots of interesting, old and new friends, learnt a lot and also spent a few bob! Great show.
Kind regards, MG