ImpCymru is the 2011 Imp National.
It is taking place in Bangor, North Wales.
...This is the un-official Web site.

Here are some pictures taken by RJA before the event at a meeting on 20/3/2011. At this meeting we were planning the layout of the site and access details.

Approach road Entrance to the venue will be via Telford's old A5.

Camp site Checking out the facilities on 20/3/2011/. Pitches are at the rear and will be used for trade stands, marquee and display parking. Camp site

Camp site This area will be reserved for camping and there is an overspill area. The land belongs to the Penrhyn estate.

Breakfast and other meals will be served in the well kept Club House. Camp site

Camp site This is a view from the car park. Start looking forward to some fantastic runs!