General Computing Books in the Collection

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  2. G.Taylor "Linux Complete" (Sybex, 1999)
  3. J.J.Manger "UNIX the Complete Book" (Sigma Press, 1991)
  4. T.M.R.Ellis "A Structured Approach to FORTRAN 77 Programming" (International Computer Science Series, 1987)
  5. D.Pountain "Object Oriented Forth" (Academic Press, 1987)
  6. D.D.Toppen "Forth, an Applications Approach" (McGraw-Hill, 1985)
  7. G.Shiers "Design and Construction of Electronic Equipment" (Prentice-Hall, 1966)
  8. D.N.Streeter "The Scientific Process and the Computer" (Wiley Interscience, 1974)
  9. W.J.Birnes "On-line Programming Languages and Assemblers" (McGraw-Hill, 1989)
  10. G.S.Noland "Fortan 77 Reference Manual" (NW Universities Computer Services, Nov'1985)