Compute Clusters at Daresbury

This page contains information about various compute clusters. These were built from separate servers mounted in racks and connected by a dedicated high speed network.. Most of these servers could be bought and used as independent computers.

Beowulf II

This was the second PC based Beowulf cluster we built, c.2000.

Beowulf II


Original system had DEC Alpha processors.

Loki original

During upgrade in 2001.

Loki rear view Loki side view 2 Loki from top Loki new nodes


Our North West Grid cluster was built by Streamline Computing using Sun processor nodes. It was installed in 2006.

NW-Grid cluster

Here is a close-up of some of the compute nodes in rack-1.

NW-GRID nodes

SID - STFC's iDataPlex

This is a 40-node IBM xSeries iDataPlex cluster with Intel Westmere (duel 6-core) nodes.


Blue Wonder

Here's the 512-node iDataPlex known as Blue Wonder being installed in the Hartree Centre in 2012. This one has Intel Sandybridge nodes, 2x 8 core and water cooled rear doors to the cabinets.

Blue Wonder

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