A Potted History of GEC Systems at Daresbury

GEC-4000 Series and NSF Controls

Some general information about GEC-4000 system computers mentioning Daresbury as a customer is on Wikipedia


There is a GEC-4400 in Jim Austin's computer collection.

Some more pictures of GEC-4000 computers at Daresbury in the 1970-80s.

More in 1981. These are in the main computer hall. Daresbury and Edinburgh were two of the last sites running these systems, the ones at Daresbury with te OS6000 operating system.

NSF control rooom 1983.

Photo shows operators Brian Blackwell and Jim Finlay at the main console of the NSF. The accelerator was controlled by a complex computer system developed in the Laboratory. This used an infra-red light link to communicate with devices inside the accelerator. All of the operations are performed from this console using interactive colour graphics screens.

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