Daresbury Main Machine Room - 1965-1980

Some more pictures of main Computer Hall at Daresbury over the years.


The original computer hall in the mid 1960s with IBM 360/65 console on the right.

original computer hall

Photos taken in 1966.

computer hall 1966

Photos taken in 1969 showing the IBM 360/65.

computer hall with IBM 360/65

This area, photographed in June 1967 and known as the "counting room" may have been located in the NINA synchrotron building and connected with the main hall.

counting room


Drum disc packs in 1978.

disc drum packs


Room plan during the Cray period.

computer hall with Cray

Photograph in 1979.

computer hall 1979

Tape drive and PDP-8.

PDP-8 and tape drives

A quiet corner.

a quiet corner

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